Guest Post: She Get It From Her Momma

Most of you know Rashan dropped out of the blogging world almost a year ago (because he's a punk).  He claims it's because it takes him so long to write a blog post.  Waaa waaa.  Anyway, I asked him to write a guest blog post and here it is.
The more time I spend with Jameil and her mother, the more it becomes obvious why she is the way she is... She get it from her mama! For real, all these things I thought were Jameil-isms are really Ellen Fay-isms. And it cracks me up. The little things that Jameil does that annoy me, annoy her when her mom does it. Par example...

Jameil likes to question EVERYTHING!!! It may or may not be a real question, but Jameil is gonna ask it. She may already know the answer, but that won't pre-empt the question. She may be actually telling me what to do, instead of asking, but she'll frame it in the form of a question, as if that's more palatable.  On a daily basis, I can expect to hear. "Why are you looking in the refrigerator?" "Where's my lip gloss?" "Why are you so handsome?" Well, maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch, but you get the point. She constantly asks questions. Come to find out, her mom does the same.

Saturday, Jameil and I were sitting in the living room and her mom came downstairs. Moms immediately started asking Jameil "Why is such and such out?" "Why are you doing such and such?" "How come Rashan is so handsome?" I cracked up. Jameil was getting so annoyed at the inquisition... which is how I used to feel when Jameil interrogates me... I mean before I learned to meditate... and chant... and do yoga... and put myself into a trance... and dru-.... What was I saying again? Oh yeah, the questions are hereditary... And that's not all.  

Jameil and her mom don't so much talk to each other, as they speak to the room and if the other happens to acknowledge the other, then that's a bonus...  It is almost impossible to follow along when they are conversing. A conversation can start off being about an old church friend, jump without warning to what they had for dinner August 12th, then dip into a discussion of something funny and handsome that I did, then 5 minutes later back to the old church friend. I've seen this conversation pattern many times with Jameil and her friends, but to see it happen with her mom gave me some more insight. THEY BOTH DO THAT!!!! So instead of the normal 4 conversations at once that I'm used to with Jameil, with her and her mom, it's like 8 convos at once. Lemme find out Jameil get that from her Mama too. 

Oh yeah... neither of them EVER finish a story. You'll be all into the tale, then they'll leave you hanging by changing the subject or just plain forgetting to tell the end. I was dying laughing at the similarities between Jameil and her mother. Well, at least I know what I'm getting into for the rest of my life.

I died laughing the first two times I read this!  Because it's so true... except no one mentions Rashan's looks as much as Rashan mentions Rashan's looks.  And another thing, when I'm talking, YOU BETTER BE LISTENING!!!


Not So Anonymous said...

LOL. Jameil, reallly you don't finish your stories? I can't. I always need to know the ending.

And, I think it's hillarious that you jump to four different convos in one...I do that, too.

pserendipity said...

I think the question that begs asking is "Why is Rashan so handsome?!"

Anonymous said...

The convo hopping I can get with. I tend to do that with a few of my closest friends. But you leave folks hanging by not finishing stories???? Bad bad Jamiel and Mama Ellen. *lol* We need the endings!

Thanks for the informative post Rashan.

1969 said...

And he loves you anyway! So cute.

And why is Rashan so handsome????

GorgeousPuddin said...

I have to jump on the bandwagon!

WHY OH WHY is Rashan SO handsome??????
Please tell us NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Really funny post. But Jameil, why don't you finish stories??? I would have to redirect you all the time to get the endings. It would drive me nuts not to know.

This was the most funny because I will ask 16 questions at once and expect the answers LOLOLOLOLOL!

Sha Boogie said...

That is so funny! Mainly because my husband says the same thing about me and my mom, LOL

Jameil said...

Sometimes I just forget to finish my stories! If you remind me, I'll pick right back up where I left off!

nsa... LOLOL. multi-tasking!


mrstdj... You'll get an ending! Just remind us!

1969... he better! smh

gp... stop it! i get sooo frustrated when people ask me a litany of questions w/o letting me give any answers! MADDENING!!

sha... LOLOLOL!

Naima said...

I forgot to comment on this one earlier, but it had both Bakari and I DYING laughing! Pure hilarity!!

Jameil said...

LOL! Hush up Bakima!

The Goddess said...

How cute. Yall should do this more often.

So many people have stopped blogging...I blame FB.