Monday Mindspacing Vol. 75

I took the suggestion of some of my amusing bloggers and decided to make this a joyous make-up post since I missed this one a few weeks ago!

1) I HAD AN AWESOME TRIP!!!  I feel really great about the footage I gathered!  I also went to the courthouse & found my grandparents' original marriage certificate and the deed to our family land.  My great-grandfather paid $2200 for 160 acres in 1945.  I feel so awesome for seeing those things!  It was actually one of the first times I saw my grandfather's signature.
2) At Bablu in Jackson (a tacos and tapas joint), I had a foam for the first time.  I was super amused since anyone who watches Top Chef knows Marcel uses foams exclusively.  He once served beef foam with celery root foam topped with chive foam.  LOLOLOL!  J/k!  But at the restaurant I had a margarita with salt foam.  MMMMM!!!  That's CLEARLY the perfect place for a foam!!
3) I think brown eggs are so beautiful.  But I refuse to pay more when they taste the same.
4) Happy Valentine's Day!!  I love Valentine's Day!  Even when I'm not attached.  Really?  I like just about every holiday! :)  You don't have to hate Valentine's Day if you do.  I'll be your Valentine!  You should've let me know and I would have sent you a card!  If you still want your card, email me your address.  :)
5) I've now been working out 3xs a week for the last 7 weeks!  45 more to reach my goal!  :)
6) I want to go to a concert... but I don't know whose show I want to see.... Hmmmm...
7) I'm screening my first film at my aunt's church Sunday and I'm really excited!  The last church screening was awesome!
8) I have a new bed & I'm overjoyed about it!  No more sleep issues!
9) My hair is getting long!  I should do a post about it soon... I'll be late for that. LOL
10) You know how weeks ago everyone was all up in arms about their zodiac signs?  Since my birthday's August 23rd, the first day of Virgo for most astrologers, I'm considered on the cusp.  That means you have traits of both signs.  And I do have a lot of traits of Virgo & Leo.  So even if I were inclined to care that much, I was pretty well-prepared to make any transition.  Seeing as I might read my horoscope if a newspaper is open to it on that day... I think I'm okay either way. LOL
11) Y'all had me & Rashan ROTFDL during the Grammy's!   LOLOLOL!  True hilarity!
12) I have a goal to try 100 new recipes this year.  I had 12 in January!  Already up to 16 and where I need to be for the month!  Wheeeee!!


Not so Anonymous said...

I love Valentine's Day, too!!! Happy Valentine's Day! I'll remember to tell you on March 14th as well :)

Anonymous said...

2) LOL @ you trying the foam. Yes, anytime someone on TC use foam, I bust out laughing. It's so comical to me! Glad it was tasty on your margarita.

3) I think brown eggs taste a little different and I'm not really a fan. Hell, I'm not a big fan of any eggs actually.

10. I refuse to change my zodiac sign. Period. Cancer the Crab for L.I.F.E!

12. Big goal lady! Please share some of the really good ones with us.

Nerd Girl said...

1. Glad you got what you needed!
2. Mad you've been and I haven't. Now I'm on two missions: foam and durian.
3. No comment.
4. Oh happy day!
12. You still posting on your food blog? I need to head that way...

Ladynay said...

Happy 2/14!

Guess I should google foam, LOL!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.That sounds amazing! Each time I read a post about Miss. I want to go, do and find these things in my family.
2. Foam like the stuff that dish soap makes?? Everytime I see that on a plate on food blogs I'm like WHY? Dieters everywhere should just eat foam!
3.Beautiful?? That's hi-larry-ous!
4.Thank you! You are soooo funny! I should send you my address! Since you read my blog you know I like candy too! LOL!
5. Get it! Get it!
6. Me too! Rihanna is touring LOLOLOLOLOL! Speaking of her what the heck she have on??
8.Congrats on that For Real!! There is NOTHING like a new bed! NOTHING! It makes EVERYTHING better!!
9.Longer hair gives you more options.
10. um ok
11.I need to change time zones. Oh but when Cee Lo came out in the bird suit?? DEAD! LOL!
12.Color me excited!
Disclaimer: Umm I didn't mean it like you were a Debbie Downer. You're NOT! I meant it like...well really nothing. I just wrote it.

K. Rock said...

2. FOAM!!! I need it in my life. It has eluded me thus far but I will make my Top Chef dreams a reality.
5. COngrats on that! Really! Keep it up.
7. I am sure it will go great.
9. Yes please. A hair post would be great.
11. The Grammys was my first live twitter event and I really enjoyed it too.
12. YOu are on track. I am excited about seeing all of them.

Jameil said...

nsa... Awwwww Thanks! We're doing the 13th this year so we get a full day together. (It's a Sunday)

mrstdj... 2) LOL! I always want to smack Marcel! But in a cocktail? Perfect!
3) Be still, heart! I LOVE EGGS!!!!!!!
10) LOL Oh emotional one. You responded with a level of fervor appropriate for your sign!
12) Well... I post monthly, yearly and 30 before 30 goals on the blog. The 30 before 30 has its own page here.

ng... 1) me too!
2) Wheeeee! Do it!
3) Thank you!!! LoL!
4) :)
12) LOL! Get it together!

lady... thanks! you should b/c i can't describe it or how it works!

gp... 1) do it! it was great!
4) You should! Not as much as you like coke. Cokehead.
5) *whistles*
8) Thanks! I bought accessories today and AWESOME!
9) Really? That was clever...
12) What color is that???? :)
Disclaimer: LOL. I was amused. Not offended.

k... 2) RIGHT?!?! I was so excited!! I was like oh I'm DEFINITELY getting that!
5) Thanks! :)
7) Danke!
9) I'll have to remember!
12) I'm excited about eating them! :)

Sparkling Red said...

I do apologize for being so late to comment on Monday Mindspacing, but since you went to all the trouble of posting Vol. 75, I feel it's better late than never.

What's up with foam? I don't believe I've ever consumed foam, except the odd time I drink beer.

Jameil said...

Red... It is! Foams are food or spice flavored... bubbles I guess? Exactly what they sound like but they taste like things. Very airy. I wouldn't want it on my plate but in a drink? Perfect location!