Movies 2011, Week 8

February 20- 26, 2011
Good movie week leading up to the Oscars.  I also saw the Oscar-nominated animated short "Day & Night."  Interesting... LOL.  I'll be watching the 10th best picture nominee today-- Inception.  I've now seen all the rest!
46) Toy Story 3. 2011 Pest Picture nominee.  So cute.  I really enjoyed it!  This after swearing off kids movies!  I never would've seen it w/o the Oscar nod!  4 stars
47) The Adjustment Bureau. I saw a sneak peek of this film starring Matt Damon & Emily Blunt about a senate hopeful who gets a look at the people who make fate happen.  There were some interesting happenings but toward the end you were like, "Okay hold on a minute now... HOW on earth are you gonna end this film?"  The end was a bit of a head-scratcher.  Not like I didn't get it but like I wasn't completely satisfied.  I'd watch it again.  3.4 stars
48) Get Low.  Indie film starring Robert Duvall about an ornery old man who decides to plan his funeral with him in attendance.  Multiple twists and turns as you find out why he is the way he is.  I would've liked a little more nuance in the story and to get some sort of satisfaction earlier.  I wasn't terribly pleased with the end.  3.5 stars
49) When Strangers Click.  HBO doc about stories of love on the internet. The stats were cute, amusing at first but they became a bit monotonous.  I don't often like essay-style films but I enjoyed this one... and not just b/c of similarities! LOL  It was nice seeing people's love stories.  I've always loved those.  I really enjoyed it. 4 stars
50) Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. Doc about who else but Joan Rivers?  Funny and fun but some moments of difficulty I really didn't expect.  I also didn't expect to see her as a good mother.  Really, really enjoyable because of how open Joan was.  Well-edited, well-directed.  4.5 stars
51) In the Heat of the Night.  Awesome Sidney Poitier movie about a black police officer who ends up solving a crime in a racist Mississippi town.  4.4 stars
52) Too Many Husbands. Amusing Jean Arthur comedy about a woman who remarries when she thinks her husband's dead and has to choose when it turns out he's not.  Yes, this is at LEAST the third time I've seen a version of this film!  Still amusing!  3.7 stars

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