Movies 2011, Week 7

February 13- 19, 2011
Great movie week full of Academy Award nominees and well-known films.  I really enjoyed most of the films I watched!
37) Restrepo.  2011 Academy Award nominee for best doc about a company's tour in Afghanistan.  Company members took cameras with them and the filmmakers also shot there.  I'm guessing people love this movie because of the danger and that it feels like you're getting a clear picture of what life is like for soldiers out there.  Difficult to watch.  3.7 stars
38) Winter's Bone. 2011 Academy Award nominee in multiple categories.  About an Ozark girl looking for her jailbird father and the trouble she runs into along the way.  I mean... okay I guess.  I didn't hate it.  Didn't love it.  3.4 stars
39) Social Network. 2011 Academy Award nominee about Facebook's invention and subsequent lawsuits.  Rashan loved it.  LOVED IT.  Know why?  Because it has excessive dialogue.  Those are his favorite kinds of anything.  He's going online as I type this to call this movie 'smart.'  I'm certain of it.  He should really stop talking about chefs calling all of their food 'nice' since he calls every movie/show he likes 'smart.'  Anyway.  I liked it.  I'd definitely watch it again.  I understand why people love it.  4.1 stars
40) Eat, Pray, Love.  I loved the book but wasn't particularly encouraged by the idea of a movie.  Even despite me really liking Julia Roberts.  Can you tell me why this movie was 2 hours and 20 minutes??????  WHY!?!  WHO WOULD DO THAT!?!  AND DO THEY HATE ME!?!?!  There were moments where I saw glimpses of the book I loved.  But there were longer stretches of cliches and boredom.  2.4 stars
41) After the Thin Man. William Powell & Myrna Loy team up for the sequel to their hit detective film "The Thin Man."  Very enjoyable.  4 stars
42) Night and Day.  Cary Grant stars in this film loosely based on Cole Porter's life.  Not a great movie.  It focused more on the music than on a plot you could actually get invested in.  3.2 stars
43) Waiting for "Superman." Critically acclaimed documentary about the issues in the American education system.  Some really great moments.  More that dragged.  I stared at the clock for periods of this film.  Even though there were solutions, I still felt overwhelmed.  3.7 stars
44) The Gold Rush. Silent Charlie Chaplin film about a gold prospector in Alaska and the woman he falls in love with.  The music became repetitive and annoying but a cute story.  I wasn't thrilled about the ending, though.  3.9 stars
45) Exit Through the Gift Shop. 2011 best doc nominee about/by Banksy that I fully expected to disdain.  Fully.  I entered this skeptical about the idea of a street graffiti artist well-known for his obscurity and pranks making a "documentary" about street art that had the world in a frenzy.  I enjoyed the ride.  4.3 stars


Ladynay said...

Hmmmmm, still not interested in watching The Social Network. No matter what you and the sweetheart think. LOL!

I saw about 30 minutes total of Eat, Pray, Love. Wasn't super thrilled.

The Goddess said...

SOMEONE (husband) put social network in our netflix cue....he denies it. We put it right back in the mail without even watching one second of it. I had absolutely no desire to see it. Now I'm thinking I probably should have given it a chance. Oh well.

I LOVE Cary Grant, but haven't see Night and Day....doesn't even ring a bell.

Jameil said...

lady... you should give it a shot. i wasn't interested either but i enjoyed it. you made the right call skipping the rest of eat, pray, love.

tg... Yeah... you should've given it a shot. I love him, too! It's not one of his more famous ones... b/c it's not great.

Anonymous said...

Agreed @ "Eat, Pray, Love" the book being great and the movie being AWFUL. I wanted to walk out of the theatre.

I liked "The Social Network" alot. I wasn't sure that I would enjoy it, but I did. Hubs has always been the "I'm too cool" for FB type until seeing the movie. Guess who wants to start an account? *lol*

I haven't seen anything else on this week's list.

Jameil said...

I'm excited you saw something! Why was that movie so awful??? Cheesy, boring, long. I would've been HOT if I saw it in the theater! I'm so amused that hubs now wants an account after that movie! Such an opposite reaction! Most people try to go the other direction after watching the movie but are already too addicted. LOL