March Goals

Let's go ahead and call my lack of achievements a complete and total failure for February.  Except working out!  I also read one book, struggled through three more simultaneously (which may be part of the problem).  I did some transcription but not nearly enough.  I joined mint.com and like it so far but it's a very involved process but I'll keep me up to date on my spending this month. We'll just repeat my goals, WRITE THEM IN A VISIBLE PLACE and #win!

1) Finish transcription (typing out what everyone said on camera) for both Mississippi trips, complete first rough draft of script, begin editing.
2) Send out at least 10 applications.
3) Apply to at least 5 more film festivals with my last film.
4) Read at least 45 chapters in the bible.  That will bring me to 730 total chapters read out of 1189!
5) Continue to work out AT LEAST three times a week.  I feel myself getting into the mode of exercise becoming second nature and something I want to do more than 3xs a week.  FABULOUS!
6) Plan more meals.  I still have horrible eating habits right that make my body feel less attractive than it could with the amount of work I'm putting in.
7) Make AND KEEP a budget.  I have never been good at budgeting.  If I manage to come in under a budget one week, I use the excess the next week.  This will never do.  This month I want to get this under control.  If any of you have any tips, please leave them in the comments!
8) Read at least two books.
9) Complete at least one 30 Before 30 goal.  I have my eye on the bull ride!  LOLOL  Or a dance class!  Something!


GorgeousPuddin said...

Great goals! I'm interested in hearing more about the bull ride. I must go read the 30/30 again.

Right now I'm not focused. No goals at all. LOL! But thanks for the reminder. I may get focused and do one thing on my previous list.

K. Rock said...

Goals schmoals.

You're doing fine.

Jameil said...

gp... LOL. I'm interested in that, too! All of them really! I'm ready to accomplish something off this list again! Goals are so fun!

K... eh... no.