Monday Mindspacing Vol. 90

1) My appetite for royal lineage and information is MADDENING!!  Mostly because if this was some regular American celeb I would not be able to express my disdain quickly enough!  I console myself by saying, "It's largely about history!" (true-- I started at King George VI and clicked on links and links and links backwards and forwards in his lineage and FORCED myself to stop... after about an hour... SHAMEFUL!)  "I don't care about their exploits," (extra true) and "I don't care about their love lives" (half true-- I like to see where the stories intertwine).  I really can't explain it.
2) Did I tell you I used to love me some PrinceWilliam?  His attractiveness has waned in recent years? months?  I feel like the day he announced his engagement was the day he became the most unattractive man in the world to me.  LOL.  MatthewMcConaughey did a similar thing the day I found out he got his gf pregnant (and by googling how to spell his name I see still hasn't married her... did you see how GORGEOUS she looked at the Oscars??? Idiot. Him primarily...).  But he's still pretty pretty.
3) These Monday Mindspacing things are becoming long enough to almost warrant a blog post sometimes!
4) Tomorrow I head to Mississippi for the 3rd time in 4 months.  This is the most I have been in a short period in my entire life BY FAR.  Previously I think my closest trips were 9 months apart.  It's also the shortest three intervals for my mother who has a notoriously shall we say strained relationship with her mother.  I think we'll both be ready for a break after this one.
5) Rashan hates it when I say tweeps.  Tweeps.  For you twilliterates (that one's free... thought I made it up but it's on the preeminate authority, Urban Dictionary), that's short for twitter people.
6) My tweeps know this but my blog la familia should also know.  I, Jameil Il Fabulosa, flipped a tire!  A 250 lb. tractor tire at that!  I also whacked it with a sledgehammer.  WHAT???  WHO ARE YOU???  My trainer had me going full farmer last week and I felt like I could birth cattle after that!  Okay maybe not PHYSICALLY birth cattle but if I was around a crowning heiffer, I'm pretty sure I could reach in there and yank out a calf w/o blinking!
7) I love that the days of the month are the same in February and March.  I have no idea why.
8) I'm gonna start sayin, "Ya dig" all the time.  I just like how it sounds.  Like I'm a cool cat, ya dig?  Already #winning.
9) Speaking of winning, y'all know I can't watch that foolishness but the twitter commentary?  The MOST. And the best!
10) Can we PLEEEEEEEEASE have a Cosby Show reunion where Buuuuuud Kenny & Rudy are now married???
11) Worst trait of fashion bloggers?  This "cool" distortion of the pictures to the point where I can't see the clothes.  Now I know you like your photoshop tools and that's all well and good but if I can't see colors or patterns anymore...
12) I went to CIAA this weekend and pretty much enjoyed myself.  It'd be better if I could get my friends to be slightly less stuck-up.  LOL
13) I take it back.  Let's all complain about gas prices!  This rise is just ridiculous!  Hate it!  Let's all get crazy!  Take back the night!  And the day!  And the everything! SC is 7 mins max from my mom's church.  I sure did go down there to save 12 cents/gal on gas!  Hmph.


Ladynay said...

Gas *sigh* next subject please!

I'm so "with it" I had no clue the CIAA was in Charlotte! LOL! I didn't have anything to do and could have driven around just to see the sites :-(

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Getting your farm on! That's what's up!

Most attractive celebs lose the sexy after putting a ring on it. I think it's a mental downer for the admirers.

I wish I had an ounce of your drive to research. I can't stand it! Ugh!

Nerd Girl said...

13. I knew you'd come over to Team Let'swhineaboutgasprices. Welcome.

10. That would be awesome. Please contact your contacts and get the ball rolling.

9. I signed up, but really? I still don't get Twitter.

4. Yay. See you soon.

2. Team Harry.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I don’t know what to say about this. I guess I’m sorta like this when I see something historical on TV I want to know more about. I get caught up.
2. When he started losing his hair and looking more like his pops we broke up. OMG! Camila Alves was beyond GORG!!! For her not to be a “star” she looked AMAZE!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Umm yeah!
4. So what’s on the agenda for this trip? More film stuff?
5. I LOVE saying Tweeps! But since I’m still an Twewbie I give myself a pass!
6. DEAD@Jameil Il Fabulosa, DEAD again@full farmer BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GET.IT.GIRL.
7.Hmm…I remember then I forget , but I LOVE March though!
8. WHY??? ?? I want you NOT to start saying that LOLOLOLOL!
10. What an interesting idea! This should really happen! We need to campaign.
11. I think it’s dumb. We stop by to see the clothes…the clothes! not all that stuff.
12. Hmmm…. less stuck up than YOU???? *smile*
13. OMG! OMG! OMG! $4.09???? Aargh!! They are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Count said...

8. Please don't.
9. Twitter commentary makes everything better.
12. Said the most stuck up of the stuck up crew.
13. I still refuse to complain about the gas prices. We'll see how I feel next week

Sparkling Red said...

1) Really? That surprises me. I thought only Canadians followed the royals from North America, mainly because the queen is still on our money and stamps. It's kind of hard to ignore that.

5) I used to hate the word "tweeps", but I've come to accept it. Same for the word "blog", actually.

6) Girl you rawk!

13) Word. Those gasoline tears are being shed here too.

Not So Anonymous said...

2. I still think he and Matthew are soo dreamy :)
6. You Rock! You're going to be carrying cars soon, lol.
9. Winning, duh!
10. Wouldn't that be awesome!!
13. I drove by this morning and it's at $3.33...I'm so confused.

I hope you're having a blast in MS

Sha Boogie said...

I'm so done with you and number 8, LOL! No, I do not dig! #winning, haha!

The Goddess said...

Ya Dig? Lol. Too funny. I feel like I'm in the 70's, especially with the cool cat comment. Cracking up over here.

I don't usually fawn over non-black men...but Matthew Mcconaughey....Sigh!!! I SO loved him for awhile.

Funny you mentioning cosby show because we've been watching that on netflix for the past month. Rudy and Kenny used to crack me up.

Gas prices!!!! UGH!!!! All I can say. If I could ride a bike to grocery shop and pick up my daughter from the bus I would. lol. I can just see her on the handle bars. LMAO!!! That's 24 miles a day...Hmmm....I'd definitely get in shape then. I may have to rethink my anger and start biking.

{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After said...

Galen would be oh-so-jealous of number 6! He loves unconventional work outs like that, and there's some UFC {mixed martial arts} workout that includes flipping tires that he's been wanting to do.

I definitely wouldn't be up for doing that with him, so kudos to you, girl!

K. Rock said...

3. Yes. YOu could post one of these for every day.

6. Great accomplishment. The farm workout actually sounds pretty good.

8. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Matthew M's girlfriend was gorgeous. Simple hair and that great black dress!

Jameil said...

lady... You had no clue it was in Charlotte??? Where are you from??? And where have you been?? Research is awesome!!

NG... 13) :*( I don't wanna be there! And I'm off your team now that things seem to have stabilized.
10) LOL. I have contacts?? No one told me!
9) This is sad.
4) Wheeee! It was fun!
2) Alone.

gp... 1) You don't have to say anything if you don't know what to say...
2) That's when I broke up too! Idk how I didn't notice until then. Camila was awesome!
4) Yep!
5) Don't say twewebie. That's bad.
6) Doin it!
7) Weird.
8) Oh but I will ya dig?
10) YES!
11) Extra wack!
12) Yes.
13) That ain't even right.

Mrs. C... 8) Too late, ya dig?
12) You really would've thought I was the chillest person in the world.
13) Good for you!

red... 1) LOL IDK why I'm like this!!
5) LOL
6) Merci!
13) SMH

nsa... 2) Wills? NOT dreamy.
6) ROTFL!!!
10) SO!
13) It was like $3.50 at the time. NOT AWESOME!! I had a great time in the sip!

Sha... DIG IT!!

Goddesss... LOLOL Cool cats! MM is quite fawn-worthy! I've been cosby-ing it up via DVR! Please document how your daughter feels about this decision! LOLOL

JeLisa... LOLOL. My trainer would be DELIGHTED to hear that! I hope your at the time 10+ mos preg self wouldn't!

k... 3) LOL Don't get carried away.
6) Thanks! I felt so proud!
8) Know what I like? That you're using exclamation points again!! :)

hnb... YES!