Monday Mindspacing Vol. 92

1) I'm turning into the person I never thought I would be... the person who never checks voicemail.  It started with me missing calls and just immediately calling said person back and has morphed into me checking vms maybe once a week.  SMH.  Just wrong.
2) I love Rashan.  I never want to spend another week without him.  I didn't see him for 8 days when I went to Charlotte and Mississippi and it was TORTURE!!!!  I'm so glad we don't have to do that on a regular basis anymore!!!!
3) Did y'all forget I have another blog?  Pay attention!  Food & fashion.  To The Record Dish!
4) I love, love LOVE Duke bball!!!  I have for a long time.  And yet I was completely unconflicted when  they played my alma mater, the illustrious Hampton University, this past Friday.  HU all the way baby!  I knew there was no chance but I watched the first half and the first 3 minutes of the 2nd half and I couldn't take the pain anymore.  They eventually lost by 42.  Ouch.
5) Every time I go to my friend's house I leave my phone or almost leave my phone.  What is the problem???  I guess after we've talked for 6 hours or more straight, the last thing I want to do is talk more. *lies*  It also takes me a good hour to calm down enough to sleep.
6) Sometimes I think my trainer's trying to kill me... Friday? I had to gingerly lower myself every time I wanted to get lower than standing.  Such a mess.
7) Guess who got the DVR down to 4%?????  MEEEEEE!!  Now guess who could ignore the tv for a week?  Same.  I'm done with non-All-Stars Chopped and non-new Iron Chef America and non-new Throwdown. 
8) Me and Rah's Valentine's Day was fab!  I should post about it... add it to the list.
9) I had the most awesome week for research last week!!!  I found TONS of my ancestors by searching thousands of pages of online census reports from 1870 to 1930.  It's so cool!  I quickly got over the fact that it being handwritten means you can't search by keywords when I kept finding familiar and unfamiliar but ancestral names!!  So this was one of the cooler ones I found. 
My great-great-great grandfather, Brit Hilton, is on this page!!  He was once a slave who couldn't read or write but his grandson grew up to be a teacher, great-grandson became a preacher and presiding elder, same for his great-great grandson, ALL LANDOWNERS.  And now two of his great-great-great granddaughters are teachers and he wouldn't be able to fathom what me and my sister do! (She's a web and graphic designer.)  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?
10) Have I told you lately how much I don't like "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?  I'm convinced the clothes and Audrey are the only reason people like that movie.  Do you know how upset I was when I found out she was a #glorifiedhooker?  That is not cute, ya dig?
11) I didn't get the hype of the super moon.  It looked like a normal bright full moon to me.  Apparently I wasn't looking at the proper time...  Ah well.  Remind me in 18 years, please.  Thanks.
12) Sometimes I feel bad for being a hater. Then the hatee does something dumb and I think, "This. This is why. I do this for your own good."  LOLOL
13) I have no patience for grown people who need to announce every weekend how drunk they are.  That is foolish.  Please go somewhere with that.


Sha Boogie said...

I am a VM hoarder, lol. I rarely check it, its to the point that you can't leave messages on my phone, ha!

Sparkling Red said...

1) For sure. Everything important is on e-mail these days, right? Except for parents. I get scolded by my step-dad when I don't pick up his messages. I now have a memo posted in my kitchen that says CHECK VOICE MAIL to remind me.

2) That is adorable!

12) and 13) I vote for these items.

Ladynay said...

1)ROFL! That's the only non school thing I check on the regular!
6) It's worth it! Let him/her do her thing!
9) Woot woot! Are you going to try and meet the oldest person still living in your tree?
11) Didn't know about the Super Moon till I saw a bunch of photos of it on FB, LOL! So sad,I know.

Not So Anonymous said...

1. I've been that person for a year now. I currently have 22 vms...I wish it would just start deleting itself.
2. Precious
3. I do forget...I will check it out soon...I need to just put it on the blog roll so I don't forget anymore.
4. Boo Duke! Hater in the house.
6. I hate when I have to slowly lower myself onto and off of the toilet...the worst.
8. Happy belated Vday!
9. Sooo awesome!
13. ugh.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I hate that! People call back and I have to ask did you get my message and they say no! Grrr
2. Aaahh love! Truly a beautiful thang! LOL!
3. Way to advertise LOL!
4. WOW!
6. She is gonna make you have the tightest body EVER! Wait so you were ouching in the bathroom huh???? LOLOLOLOL!
8) Awww! I can’t wait to hear!
9. Productive researching is AWESOME!!! You’re gonna have a masterpiece! And yes that is pretty freakin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! He would be so proud!
10. No LOLOLOLOL! Do you know I have never seen this movie?? I know about it, seen parts, but never actually watched it. Glorified hooker? That's a must see!
11. Apparently it makes you act a complete fool and all outside your normal character! LOLOL!
12. Ummm okay but who are you hating on??
13. Then you are gonna hate my B-day post! But wait you said every weekend this was just one weekend hopefully to never be repeated again. So we’re good LOL!

pserendipity said...

I absolutely LOVE the name Brit. I'll bet he was awesome and that he rode a horse.

I didn't get the Supermoon, either. I read an article that said it was supposed to look close enough to reach out and touch. I didn't have that experience, which is what I really wanted. FAIL.

Now, I really think your firstborn should be named Brit. I'm gonna go try to convince TM.

The Goddess said...

I'm guilty of never checking voice mail. Everyone that knows me knows this. I've gotta get better.

Awww....so sweet. Being away from loved ones is tough. So glad yall are in the same state and living together now. Just waiting on....well never mind. Lol

Ok...apparently I'm one of the ones that need to pay attention because I had no clue about the other blog.

I need a trainer something horrible. UGH!!! I've felt that pain before...no fun!

So cool that you've found info on ancestors online. It's so important to know your family history. We've been trying to research lately...how did I not even think to check census reports. Silly me!!!

I missed the super moon but it sounds like I didn't miss much.

Jameil said...

sha... such a mess! people like you make me a cutter!

red... 1) lol right! my mom ALWAYS asks if I listened to her msg and gets mad if the answer is no... do you want me to listen and call you back or what???
2) :)
12 & 13) Yesssss!

lady... 1) you win! lol
2) :)
9) this wasn't my goal. i already know these people.

nsa... 1) smh. i think they do after a month.
2) :)
3) lol
4) NOOOO!!
8) TY! You said you'd remember! SMH
9) I know!
13) ditto

gp.... 1) you are an old lady for that. see response to sparkling red.
2) ain't it? :)
3) merci *bows*
6) I already silence foes w/my bulging biceps!
8) Maybe Friday. We'll see.
9) It's going well! I'm excited!
10) I mean... like I said, I didn't enjoy it but I think you should see it so you can have something above the people who have Breakfast at Tiffany's bridal showers but have never seen the movie. You're having a hooker bridal shower. CLASSY.
11) i didn't hear that one crazy
12) various and sundry LOL
13) we shall see

p... LOLOLOL He was indeed all of those. pass on a child named Brit but I'll gift the name to you! I wanted it too and I was like, that's it? I've seen bigger moons than that in my sleep!

tg... do better! lol and pay attention! my trainer is the B.E.S.T! Family history is AWESOME! I'm glad I can help! To me you missed nada!

Naima said...

#8. Awww, yay!! And yes, yes you should!
#9. That's pretty damn cool. How exciting!
#10. I tried to watch that movie because I felt like I should, and I couldn't get past the first 10 minutes. Hated it.
#11. Ditto!
#12. LoL!!

Jameil said...

nai... 8) hmmm... I was supposed to do that for Friday and forgot.
9) Thanks! I'm psyched!
10) I wanted to turn it off!!!! But I was in the middle of my 750 films so I couldn't stop myself.
11) what was the big deal??