Mississippi Mania!

I had a blast this trip!  It's hard to put it into words so I'll let the pictures do the talking with just a little help!  I took all of the pictures except of course the ones I'm in.  My mom took Jameil in action shots.  First, the set-up as I prepare to interview my Aunt Shirley.
 Welcome to Mississippi!  
This sign becomes more joyous to me with each trip!
 A rural part of I-20 in Mississippi.  So different from 20 in Atlanta, right??  Hilariously so!
 Flowers in bloom in my grandma's backyard. Love it!
 My grandma with the statue of Medgar Evers in front of the Medgar Evers library.
 Me and my new BFF. My cousin's 2 yo ADORABLE son LOOOOOVES ME! So cute!  He loved me just as much when we met a year and a half ago.  Just as cute then!
 Me and some of my cousins
 Me and my cousins in the interview set-up
 4 generations of women + D who REFUSED to let us take a picture without him! LOL
 Me and my uncle David on our family land.  With the wild boars and deer and bears! Oh my!  Snakes and wolves, too.  You see how uncle dave is running?  This dude was like that all day!  It was awesome!  I loved it!
This picture right HERE?? I was MESMERIZED down there!  This is where my Grandma who called herself "The Pink" and "The prettiest woman in J.asperCounty."  Hilarity.  I could've kept walking down that road forever.  First time I ever felt like I could live part-time in Mississippi.  This is where I'll have my winter home. 
 Me and Uncle Dave at the former site of my great-great grandma's home, Grandma Duck!  This is where my grandfather grew up.  My mom and her brothers used to play in the yard here.
 It was sooo pretty!  And this pic doesn't do it justice.  There were tons of flowers in bloom.
 A lake near my family's land.  Loved this, too.

Oh! And I also hung w/Pserendipity, Aidan, Love Girl & Nerd Girl and we had a blast!  This was a really, really good trip!


GorgeousPuddin said...

True story. Everytime we see this sign when driving in whatever song is on it's our theme song for the trip and we have to dance when it comes on. Can you imagine how many times we danced to

Beautiful visuals. Still laughing about your uncle not having his gun with him.

I love this post!! #nostalgia

*presses like button too*

K. Rock said...

Great post. Looks like a really fun and productive trip. Love the pictures. I hope we get to see this movie one day since we are getting to see it in the making.

1969 said...

I love it!!!! Nothing like family.
That's how I feel when I see the "Welcome to Brooklyn" sign.

The Goddess said...

You're quite the photographer. Had no clue. That really looks like such a beautiful peaceful place. Glad you had a great trip.

C. Nel said...

Trip looks like it was awesome. Why do you have me wanting to visit down south? Lol

Sparkling Red said...

Happy photos! That 2-yr-old kid sure is a cutie.

Not So Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures, and you're hair is fabulous!!

I just think it's so cool that you are doing a film about family...how awesome!

Jameil said...

gp... lol! what kind of crazy theme??? thanks! :)

k... thanks! it was a blast! yes, you'll get to see it!

1969... merci!

tg... awww thx! very peaceful!

c... not down south! you ain't in 3rd grade anymore!

red... :) I know! J'adore him!

nsa... thank you! :) & awww! warm fuzzies!