Movies 2011, Week 11

March 20-26, 2011
A good week for movies and I started on Thursday!
59) Unstoppable. Denzel Washington is trying to stop a runaway train.  Pretty awesome.  My biggest qualm is with the portrayal of media coverage with shots people would NEVER have and a company that would NEVER release that much detailed information.  Even non-news people can see that.  Clearly Jay Pharoah was playing in my head AD NAUSEUM during the film and I couldn't stop laughing! LOL  In spite of the ridiculousness, still enjoyable. 3.6 stars
60) Bachelor in Paradise. Bob Hope stars as a writer who finds himself the only bachelor in a community full of married people.  He's welcomed by the women and hated by the men.  Amusing enough.  3.4 stars
61) The Departed. There are no words.  Awesome, awesome movie about a rat in the police department (starring every white actor ever). LOL  Extremely violent so prepare yourself if you've never seen it but worth every Academy Award it was nominated for and then some.  5 stars
62) The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. Film about a psycho who vows revenge when her husband and her baby die within weeks of each other.  Pretty good.  I'd seen part of it before but always missed the crucial beginning.  3.8 stars
63) Inside Job. 2011 Academy Award-winning documentary about the economic collapse of the last few years.  OMG eye and ear wash!!  Why are there so many people in this film?????????  Way too much information.  2.4 stars
64) Protocol. 1984 Goldie Hawn movie about a cocktail waitress who accidentally saves a dignitary's life and finds herself caught up in a compromise that uses her as a political pawn.  Amusing enough to watch and be entertained.  3.4 stars


Babs said...

LOL! I watched Protocol a couple of weeks ago. I remember seeing it when I was younger and loving it. It was still pretty entertaining.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Scorsese is a genius! The Departed was ALL that! I loved the final scene. That was some gansta ish!

The HandTRTC was a movie that made me want to fight her...it further solidified the folks that WON'T be allowed in my house. And I want a nanny. Such a conundrum...

Jameil said...

Babs... LOL! Rashan enjoyed it as a kid, too.

gp... That whole movie was IT for me! I loved it! The Hand didn't do all that for me. You could come across an unstable creature at so many junctures! How do you i.d. the people you won't allow from that movie? Women posing as someone else instead of telling you they're out for revenge? LOLOL

1969 said...

I love the Departed. LOVE. When your boy gets taken out in the elevator? So not expecting that!