Monday Mindspacing Vol. 93

1) My program has an intramural softball team and I'm on it.  Everybody was so shocked!  Haters.  Can I help my flyness?  That'd be a no.  But that doesn't mean I'm not a fierce competitor!  I had 3 hits in 4 at bats.  Yeah!  2 singles and I was batted in twice!  I slid in at 2nd and 3rd on one of those.  LOL Also, we were down 1-9 at one point and came back to win 13-9.  WHAT!?!?!  Get like us, son.  Get like us.  I had a ball!  Game 2 tomorrow night!
2) Funny thing about that game... one of my classmates said he'd never seen me run before.  I thought it was hilarious that he's known me 3 years and never seen me run.  Why would he?  IDK but it was still amusing to me!
3) Some days I want to just put my head under my pillow and not be bothered with anybody.  Wednesday was one of those days.
4) FB status of the week comes from Sha Boogie, "When my son becomes a teen I'm going to wake him up at 5am and make him sit at the kitchen table and watch me eat apple sauce, so he can know how it feels. One day.. Lol"  ROTFL!! DO IT!!
5) 4D ultrasound pics are super creepy to me.  Why does your face look like that???  That right there?  Not a baby.  That is an alien.  I'm content with waiting to "see what he looks like" when he's fully developed and out of my womb.  Don't say I'll change my mind when the time comes b/c you don't know that!
6) We haven't discussed lately that I'm ready for graduation.  That would be because I'm quite content to stretch out the time a slight bit more so I have more time to do this film.  Not add time, mind you, but just make the days feel longer.  I mean WHOA!  I know time sneaks up on you and all but YIKES!
7) I find misspelled words irritating, too, but it's obnoxious to correct them on fb & twitter.  If they don't know, you can't help them. If they do know, you're being what? Obnoxious.  Now is it obnoxious for me to point out the obnoxiousness? 
8) Too many of my friends are in relationships that are imploding or have imploded.  DO NOT WANT.
9) Ummmm... this whole monthly emotional roller coaster is REALLY annoying.  I seriously hate the mood swings.  And the ridiculous strength of each emotion.  And the even more ridiculous tv comedy-ness of it all.  Someone make it stop.  PLEASE.
10) I love "Say Yes to the Dress." However... that dress is not gonna be the thing that makes your life worth living.  $50,000 on a dress?  Are you serious??? Let's be real.  I don't want to spend $1,000 and when the time comes, I'm getting mine custom made.  So it's not a firm number but for that much money, I'm gonna be unique!!
11) I love talking to my mom about the Bible!  I love that she knows exactly what I'm talking about.  Ex: We were making fun of how my grandma says a Bible verse after the grace.  Actually we were making fun of the fact that for two days she used "Jesus wept."  Really Grandma???  The shortest verse in the Bible??  So I said, "She should recite Psalm 119."  Mom, "Oh Lord. We would be here all day."  LOLOL!  119 has 176 verses.  I just liked that she knew that we would be there all day... and not just because she talks slow...
12) Ever since Rashan told me Guy Fieri doesn't like eggs, I haven't looked at him the same.  Regular people get side eyes when they don't like eggs but a food person?  Suspect.  I can watch you but I'm looking at you sideways.  SMH 
13) Chopped All-Stars is AWESOME!!!!  It should ALWAYS be professional and extremely experienced chefs.  It's magnificent to behold!
14) Have y'all seen the 5:45 tsunami video (UPDATE: It's been taken down. :/ But here's a shorter CNN version.) of the ocean calmly rolling in and taking out everything in its path?  Riveting!  I created an entire narrative in my head watching it without sound.  For the record, this video falls in the category of things I could not do.  I have an inherent need not to risk my life needlessly.


K. Rock said...

1. Congrats. Softball is fun and I would love to play too. Sounds like you did a great job!
3. I can relate to that.
4. She is a nut!
7. People dont always proof on fb and twitter so be content that you know what they meant.
8. So dont let it implode on you.
10. Love that show too. They do sometimes go overboard though. But if you got it, spend it.
12. How could you not like eggs? I swear I have seen him eat eggs on his show all the time.+
14. Video's gone :(

Nerd Girl said...

1. Sounds fun!
4. Hmmm, I may not wait until the teen years, love it!
5. To me anything beyond a side profile looks kinda creepy. I cried after looking at Lovegirl's ultrasounds - I was convinced I was housing an alien.
9. Should I tell you now that it gets worse as you get older? Surprise!!
10. I can't watch those shows. they piss me off. We probably didn't spend much more than 1K total on our wedding.
12. Side eye away. Eggs=Blech!

Sha Boogie said...

Uhm boo! The youtube video you linked is gone :((

And yes I will be waking him up at the crack of DAWN in 13 years and strap his butt to a chair and watch me eat, LOL! Do you know how tired I am?! And he is bring eyed and bushy tailed. Boy, bye! lol

Guy Fieri doesn't like eggs?? ::side eye:: hubby doesn't like them either. They are not living. You can't have a breakfast burrito without eggs! Duh.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. LOL - I already got fussed at for trying to explain why they would think Ms Fashion wouldn't get down on the athletics. I'll hold my tongue this time.
2. You run like a little kid with mad energy.
3. I get like that too, but I hide it better than you.
4. LOL -
5. You'll change your mind when the time comes. I DO know that.
6.It's getting close, shawt.
7. I find it irritating that the grammar na.zis never check their own tweets and/or statuses for mistakes.
8. Don't Want Either
9. Here, have some chocolate.
10 You'll see them soon on TLC's "Bankrupt and Divorced" coming July 2011
11 #BibleNerd
12 Hey, I finally see my name...
13. it should always be All Stars instead of those egocentric jerks who have very little skills
14 I'll have to watch this... who am I kidding.. I'm not gonna watch it.

GorgeousPuddin said...

a. I’m shocked too! Lol
b. No I guess you can’t help your flyness.
c. dying@ Get like us, son. Get like us.
d. Well under what circumstance does one run?? Exercise or escape! LOL!
3. You are preaching to the choir , mother’s board and ushers on that one!
4. That’s hilarious!
5. I completely agree. My friends friend said Oooo you can tell he looks just like me. I was like, can you?? O_O!
7. I do to. But I’m so guilty lately…
8. I hear you!
9. Umm...Imma need you to stop throwing out like that. Some of us (me) stew and then say something. Some of us (me)think people are talking about them some of us(me) know we can be real theatrical sometimes. Don’t judge me. And if you not talking about (me) Ooops!
11. Cracked up at this...my aunt says a verse for grace and it is always "Jesus wept" when she’s real hungry and..."Thou shalt have no other God before me"...when she’s not. LOLOLOL!
12. What is breakfast without eggs?? I’m appalled!
13. It is much more entertaining with the skilled chefs. They are doing some amazing things!
14. I hate I missed your link. It sounded exciting...but what concerns me is the account was closed. Hmmm...I wonder why??

Sparkling Red said...

1. Awesome! Softball is fun. I was on a team in gr. 5 and 6. I wasn't very good, but I caught a pop fly once and I was so proud of myself!
4. That is perfect poetic justice!
5. I fully agree. I have given fake compliments to the vague grey blobby-thing that is a friend's baby to be. I couldn't bring myself to admit that I couldn't figure out which blurry bit was the face. (The baby is now 8 months old and has received many proper compliments. I can find his face no problem now!)

Naima said...

#1. *raises hand to admit to being shocked* That's awesome, go you!
#3. I know that feeling all too well.
#4. Hahahahaha! Yes!!
#7. Of course not. Pet. Peeve.
#12. Umm...yeah...eggs. About that... *dodges side eye*

Los Angelista said...

1) Go 'head with your softball self!
3) I'm having one of those days. I
think tomorrow will be like that too.
4) You HANDS DOWN win FB status of the week this week! Still dying over that mess. Good thing I didn't drop my laptop!
6)Whoo hoo! Graduation!
10) In 100 years, folks will unearth Say Yes to the Dress footage and be really confused.

And why is the captcha "cootagil"??

Mr. JOB said...

Guy Fieri is done for a couple of reasons. FIRST - the obnoxious rolled "R" when he says his last name and SECOND - compile that with the fact that his name is really Guy Ramsay Ferry.

Jameil said...

k... 1) Thx! We didn't fare so well on game 2 and I pulled a muscle! Fail.
4) she is!
7) exactly.
8) i'm not at all worried about that. i'm saying i don't want that for THEM.
10) i'm the hater judging the chick w/5 kids b/t her and her fiancé spending 25 or 50k on a dress.
13) And so is that. SMH

ng... 1) yeah!
4) lololol DO IT!!
12) sadness.

sha... that is so wack! but please record it when you do it to baby boogie! HILARITY! you! poor you! how do you survive w/a man who won't eat eggs???

R... 1) thanks so much!
2) lolol
3) SO!
5) You know nothing.
6) I. know. Ack.
7) FOR REAL!!!
8) So much drama in the LBC.
10) mess
11) YAY!
12) eye roll
13) FOR REAL!!
14) jerk

gp... what kind of numbering system is this??
1/2) Don't be shocked! LOL This is why I can't be too weirded out that they haven't seen me run.
3) lolol not the mother's board!
7) LOLOL You really are. I refrain from correcting you.
9) I am talking about myself, dear heart. SMH
11) No ma'am!! LOLOL
12) A WASTE.
13) RIGHT?!?!
14) And I was wondering how did said person eventually escape?? So crazy!

red... 1) LOL! I love that it's still bringing you joy 20+ years later!
4) right!?
5) LOLOL I'm SO glad you can now locate his face!

nai... 1) Lolol. Merci!
7) LOL

Liz... 1) Thanks!
3) Oh no!
10) LOLOL more detail please! why will they be confused??
B/c... well IDK. LOL You tell me, captcha!

job... That sounded really bad when I read that but it was his original family name! I can't hate on that!

Anonymous said...

5. I'm a fan of the 3D, but I was creeped out by the 4D too.

12. Ugh! I didn't know that about Guy. Thanks for the info. Hmm, yeah, he's definitely deserving of a side eye for that one.

13. I've got the epis on my DVR but not time to watch them. Booooooo!