Monday Mindspacing Vol. 91

I just made it!  Did you miss me!?
1) I can't eat green bananas.  GROSS!  But because bananas taste better when the skin has some brown, they are softer and I can see why people hate bananas.  I can always taste when a banana is too green even in recipes.  Not cool.  Banana-flavored things?  Nasty.  Especially alcohol!
2) My mom really irritates me in the car on long trips.  We can't escape each other and she has to nitpick.  Then we get to Mississippi and she won't let me be without her!  If I leave the house, she wants to come, too.  -_-
3) Was last week really spring break?  Because I got very little break.
4) I need another good sleep like I got Wednesday night.  That sleep was AWESOME!  So marginally uninterrupted.  Even at grandma's.  Le sigh.  Come back to me!  I love you, sleep!
5) Rashan and I want VDay on a weekend and I was on a shoot this past weekend (our originally scheduled time) so we're celebrating Saturday.  He's planning everything!  Wheeee!  I'm so excited!  :)
6) I used to love my middle name.  In middle school (at the start), I decided the name I always hated, Jameil, was OUT.  I asked my mom, fully expecting a denial, but she said yes I could go by my middle name.  Took all the fun out of it.  Know what else did?  The 100 or so people from elementary school who'd known me 2-7 (it was a K-6 school at the time) years who couldn't stop calling me Jameil.  :/
7) My tweeps (TWEEPS!) kept me SANE w/o internet and cable at grandma's in Mississippi!  God bless you all for @ replying to me!
8) Son... if I don't workout at least twice before Wednesday?  Bad for business.  It is a ..S..T..R..U..G..G..L..E.. to get it in before the end of the week, ya dig?  STRUGGLE!
9) I hit the grandfatherlode while researching my granddad at my mom's house. WOW!  I found his birth certificate and at least 9 pictures of him I'd never seen before.  When I first started this, I only remembered 2 pictures of him.  I'm now up to about 15.  Maybe at this rate I'll see 30 pictures of him before I turn 40... LOL.  But seriously, I'm psyched!
10) I'm a room-filler.  Not just with my personality, though that, too.  I spread my stuff out all over wherever I am.  It is seriously a struggle when I travel to wrangle my stuff to keep it from spreading.  NO matter how little stuff I have.  SPREAD!  It's nuts.
11) My Uncle David took me to our family land.  Son.  He says, "We're going down here and I don't have my gun."  SKRRRRRRRR! Nervous laughter. "Why do you need your gun?"  "There's all kinds of animals down here. Bobcats, sometimes snakes-- moccasins, wolves, alligators."  For real?  More warning please!!  LOL  Yes, I went down there anyway.  Partly b/c I've never seen the land and also because I had a camera.  So if anything happened, at least it would be preserved for posterity.  YES I KNOW THAT'S CRAZY!!
12) Rashan and I have given up on a Winston-Salem restaurant with good service and better than good food.  We're headed to Greensboro ASAP.
13) I kind of halfway got sucked into "My Fair Wedding" at my aunt's house.  Sorry, Nai.  BUT my dvr is near 50% and that will never do.  You know I like mine to stay below 10.  Yeah.  I can't.  Sorry another wedding show Rashan is delighted to not be consigned into watching or being in the same room with.  A week away is a killer.  Plus I don't like how uninvolved the groom is.  Tasting w/o Rashan?  Do you know how important food is to our relationship???  Shooooo.


Sha Boogie said...

If you need a gun that is an automatic 'no ma'am' in my book! lol Researching your granddad sound pretty awesome, I grew up not knowing either of my grandfathers and one day I'd like to find out about them.

Sparkling Red said...

1) I'm not a big fan of bananas at any stage of ripeness. I'm not sure if green is worse than brownish and slimey. Even the perfect banana cannot steal my heart.

6) My middle name is Ann. I don't think I'll be switching to that anytime soon.

11) I guess your family doesn't have to worry about trespassers. They'd be eaten or snakebit before they got far.

Mrs Count said...

1. I hate bananas, but I love banana candy and popsicles.
9. That sounds like a lot of fun
10. Me too. I used to get kicked out of MrC's dorm room because I took over with my things. Now he's surprised when I do it at home.
11. Uncle David- do better. Keep that gun at all times.

pserendipity said...

Thank you for not discussing the hotness or cuteness of our children in this post.
1. Not a fan, either. But LOVE banana pudding. Ooooh, I wonder if Dani can make a banana pudding cupcake?
2. Awww, that's so sweet!
3. I seem to be doing very well with my Aidan gone break.
5. And not strange at all.
12. Just move to Jackson!
13. Yes, we've heard. :)

GorgeousPuddin said...

Wow! That was close LOL!
1. I like slightly green bananas. I can't eat the ones with even a spot of brown. Right when they turn that bright yellow after being green is perfect!! Banana flavored is BOSS! Girl, Laffy Taffy and NownLaters?? Yum, although green apple is the best.

2. I swear I get this! In the car is one thing, being out around family I’m not really familiar with. I’m all on your back LOL!

4. Dear Lord please bless Jameil with the sleep she desires…

5. I’m excited with you!! LOL!

6. How did you expect them to all of a sudden start calling you something else?? Hilarious! My first name is unique my middle name is basic and lots of people have it. Only one person in my family ever called me by my middle name. I felt special.

7. Can’t remember if I @Jameil but you’re welcome!

8. I’m more of a weekend warrior. So starting on Wed is cool for me. Now if I’ve done nothing by Friday I’m soooooooooo sad!

9.That’s wonderful!! I’ve only seen 2 pics of my grandfather. I hope there’s more.

10.Well I need to SEE all my stuff so I spread it out. I’m not ashamed and you bet not touch it! LOL!

11.DEAD@ uncle not having his gun! The pics where pretty. I had no idea you risked your very life to take them. LOL!

12. Happy trails to you! I love the adventure of finding good food!

Anonymous said...

11. I HATE snakes. Once he told me there were snakes, I would not have went. I would have flat out refused.

Trish said...

1. I hate 'nanas! The closest I would ever get to eating them is when I was younger and I'd eat some of my Dad's cereal and he'd have them all in there, it took forever picking around those things.

2. My mom and I took a road trip and I was so greatful to have my cell phone.

3. One of my professors gave us a break from homework and one did not. She was such a jerk for that.

4. Some of the best sleep I've had has been at my Grandparent's. One thing I love about that place is that my Grandfather loves heat as much as I do and has the temperature on extra hell!

5. Valentine's Day Observed this weekend sounds like fun!

8. I too am a part of the struggle, I just can't get my tail to the gym!

10. My Sister is a room-filler too!

13. I just got into "My Fair Wedding" too. I am also addicted to "Say Yes."

Jameil said...

sha... lolol! researching him is so cool! you should definitely research yours! gather as much info about them as you can from people who knew him.

red... 1) lololol. this is hilarious!
6) lol poor thing.
11) LOLOL! And yet we had to sue somebody to get them off of our land!

mrs.c... 1) banana popsicles are THE.WORST!
9) it is!
10) LOLOL he better recognize!

p... you're welcome!
1) b pudding and in one of her cupcakes??? don't tempt me! i'm bout to get in the car RIGHT NOW!
2) :)
3) lolol for shame!
5) you're gonna have to go back in the archives to find the reason behind this one. PAY ATTENTION!
12) I can't even do it shawt!
13) lol

gp... I KNOW!
1) YUCK. Banana flavor eq. DISGUSTING!
2) She can be so annoying!!!
4) AMEN!
6) HUSH!
7) LOL I think maybe once.
8) I'm so weekend lazy!
9) I hope so too!
10) LOLOL It's most problematic when I'm in multiple locales in one week.
11) Lol. Thanks.
12) Thank you!

epsi... LOL It's not that simple for me. It's my family land and I'd never seen it before.

trish... 1) lolol! that is a mess!
2) i had mine and it still wasn't enough... this is our 3rd road trip in 4 mos. sigh.
3) lol. i'm sure she was grading your work over break, too!
4) no way! my grandma is up slamming cabinets and banging pots at 6 am! it's so annoying!!
5) :) it was great!
8) do it!
10) she's awesome! lol
13) Love say yes! def. not on addiction status for 'my fair wedding.'

Naima said...

#1. I can't eat bananas period. Unless they're plantains. Those don't count, right?
#6. Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't already know this, but are you going to tell us what your middle name is??
#8. I hear that!
#11. Crazy indeed. Hahahahahaha!!
#13. I miss my David. *sheds a tear*

Jameil said...

1... Def. don't count! OL!
6... Nope! LOL
8... Word life son!
11... this can't be life!
13... I would gift him to you if I could!