Monday Mindspacing Vol. 104

1) You guys, I LOVE the outpouring of support y'all gave us!  It's so sweet!  Rashan, however, does not love you.  He was going to give me $3 to tell y'all on Friday that we broke up and we're not getting married.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM!??!  I might have considered it... But I love y'all more than that!
2) I sent a request for well wishes to our Prez and I'm hoping he sends us a nice letter!  I will be SO excited!  It'll be framed with our wedding photos! :)  BUT when I did that, Rashan said, "You're just like my grandma."  .... Just what every bride wants to hear.
3) Speaking of brides... I want one of those bride tank tops that just has bride bedazzled across the chest.  Ooh! And a Mrs. MyNewLastName something or other.  Shirt, apron.  IDK.
4) My decision to hand-write our invites?  Oh my haaaaand!  Okay.  Enough wedding talk.  If there was more time, I'd start a wedding blog.  This thing is working hard to consume my life.  Raise your hand if you wouldn't mind hearing about it.  More importantly, raise your hand if you would mind.  Look at our stationery!!!
5) I love talking to people who don't like children.  I like them in small doses when they're well-behaved but I totally get people who don't like them and their conversations amuse me!
6) If I'm ever making potatoes for us, I should just make at least 8 servings because 4 is never enough.
7) Please tell me to stop using recipes that don't have amounts on them, just the ingredients!!!
8) I want some really delicious food!  That I don't have to cook.  Thank God I'm going home Thursday!  Get to work, mom!
9) I'm starting to like tomatoes.  Whaaaaa??  Like raw tomatoes w/some salt and pepper.  When I tell you I NEVER thought this would be me, I mean NEVER!  But they do remind me of these (sometimes) sweet little old ladies from my church, a now deceased mother-daughter duo, who were some of the most awesome cooks and bakers ever!!  Always served up raw tomatoes with fried chicken and homemade biscuits.  They were awesome.  Sometimes I really miss them when I go home.
10) Have you ever watched Match Game 74 on Game Show Network?  It's like the celebrities on that show are drunk!  It can be pretty funny.
11) Have I told you lately how much I love Dwight Shrute?  Watching old eps of 'The Office' from my fave season (2) is cracking me up!!!


Nerd Girl said...

1. $3? Smoochy's been playing me cheap all these years - I usually participate in his madness for the low-low of a quarter!

4. Girl, write about whatever you like! I'm not going anywhere. Wait, that made me sound weird and stalkerish...

5. I totally understand! I'm the same way :)

8. I made the WORST blueberry muffins Saturday night. I was truly pissed at how tasteless they were. Dadgum allrecipes!

9. I like 'em cooked. Raw? Blech. But I've been told if I ever have a good raw tomato I'll change my mind.

Nost So Anonymous said...

1. LOL...at least you love us.
2. I hope you get one, too! That would be so cool grandma...haha.
4. Write about it or not, your fans wills till read.
6. I love potatoes...LOVE.
9. Welcome to the right side of sanity...I could eat tomatoes like apples...I eat a tomatoe a day...it's bad and expensive.

Pserendipity said...

1. We would not have believed it! We're totally ALL IN for the nuptials!! yay!!

2. I had no idea you could do that.

3. How long is it politically correct to wear the bride one after the wedding?

4. I'm not sure if my hand should be up or down. See #1 above.

5. You're saying this after you've met Aidan? The best kid ever in life ever??

6. Especially if cheese is involved.

7. Please stop using recipes that don't have amounts on them. Thanks for your compliance.

You're getting married! Yay!

laughing808 said...

love the stationery.......and I dont mind one bit you sharing your wedding adventure.

Sparkling Red said...

Yes yes! Post the wedding stories! Having just gone through it two years ago I can both relate to the joy of it all and feel the soothing relief of "thank God I'm not in the middle of that madness anymore!". It's a nice combo.

Anonymous said...

I'm raising my hand because I wouldn't mind hearing all about the wedding plans. I love weddings!

Trish said...

I don't blog in a couple of weeks and you and Rashan get engaged??!! CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy for you guys. I definitely don't mind hearing details. If anyone can pull off a wedding in this time span, you can do it!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I not surprised you said this at all! LOL! It's been noted...

2. Every since I heard you can do this I want to write him so he can send me something. I hope he responds to you!! I heard his people are good about it. I wonder would he respond if I sent him a baby shower invite o_O!

3.Do it! Do it!!!!!!!! Get it! I love that kinda stuff! *excitement*

4. I'm sure the sentiment will be appreciated. Keep telling us!!

6. I love potato's!! Love! Love! Love! So I get that!

8. Food Mmmmm!

9.That's a very special memory and tomatoes are great!! Welcome LOL!

10. No.

11. I'm getting into the Office now and it is funny!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I lOVE raw tomatoes. But, not more than fried green tomatoes -- delish! And I absolutely do not mind the wedding talk.. more! more! You'll hear plenty from me in about 3 years when I renew my vows and have the wedding ceremony I didn't get to have, when I got married.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww congrats!! The president does write back! The white house sent me my reply! So excited for you!!!

K. Rock said...

Heeyyyyyy where's my post I wrote yesterday?

Jameil said...

ng... 1) A QUARTER!? Aw heck naw! I can get more than that in the couch cushions! or at least on his desk!
4) lol merci
5) lolol
8) Man! Allrecipes usually hits for me!
9) IDK where mine's coming from!! So weird!

nsa... 1) tis true!
2) lolol hush up!
4) thx boo!
6) ME TOO!!
9) okay that's too far. come back from the edge. apples? no ma'am, sam.

p... 1) yay!!!
2) yeaaaah! go get yours!
3) idk but i'm guessing i won't want to wear it too long after. i can gift it to the next one.
4) *beaming*
5) I adore Aidan... and still there are millions of unAidans so YES.
6) mmmmmmmmmmmm
7) wizack!!

808... thx!

red... i shall do it!

janeen... lol. i should've known all of you would be all for it. i think the dissenters kept quiet.

trish... lol. y'all know you can't leave like that! i'm gonna have to! the caterer is set!

gp... 1) lolol
2) i think anything you send.
3) me too!
4) i shall
6) potatoes? lololol us too!!
8) drool
9) i can't be like aretha tho. TOO MUCH!!
10) if you have it, watch!
11) LOLOL it really is

sha... EW! I CAN'T STAND FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes renewal in 3 years! WE SO EXCITED!!!

mrs.p... thank you!

k... idk. what did you say? :(