Monday Mindspacing Vol. 106

1) I hate tweets simultaneously posted on fb. I said this at least a year and a half ago when it first started happening frequently as everyone was getting on twitter.  It's starting to worsen again as the late adopters join.  -_-
2) I always get this look when people say we're living in the last days.  You have no idea when the last days are.
3) Please give me a warning when you're going to talk about bowels so I don't read that part of your post!!!!!
4) For future reference, makeup artists, when I say I want a nude lip, I mean nude for ME, not for a red-haired white woman of a certain age.  Thank you ever so much.  Also... I won't be filling in my bottom lip so that the pink part disappears in the center.  That's how my lips are and it's fine every other day.  So shall it be on my wedding day.
5) I love Giada's recipes.  Howsomever... I can't trust her on the best fried thing I ever ate.  I just don't believe her.
6) Y'all... I'm getting married on FRIDAY!!!!! THIS FRIDAY!!!  Picking up Stace and the flowers on Wednesday (after looking at Whole Foods' selection, it clearly trumps the selection at HT so I'll be going with them!) and heading to Charlotte.  Thursday Rashan's family gets into town.  THEN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7) Rashan has never had pork rinds... WHAT?!?!?! What kind of fake Southerner are you?? Trust and believe this will be fixed ASAP ASAP.
8) Savannah's Broughton Street thrift stores? OVERPRICED!! I am not paying $20 for a shirt that has already been washed and worn 30 or 40 times!!!  Or $35!!  I was hot.  This was weeks ago and I'm just remembering it with disgust.
9) Please stop making me say this. If you watch awards shows, you MUST get on twitter before the next show!!!  If you only use it for watching awards shows LIVE, GET ON TWITTER!!  It is hilarious!!  I would never ever watch an awards show w/o it!
10) But stop calling it an honor to present... or even be at the BET awards.
11) My DVR is oppressing me. THERE'S TOO MUCH STUFF ON THERE!!!!


Ladynay said...


that will be all :)

K. Rock said...

3. I feel a light stab. I know youre talkin' to me! Just like the real world, bowels can pop up anywhere. I am trying to teach you to be prepared.
6. Yippeee!! I am so excited and I cant wait to hear about it.
8. Thrift stores tend to be a little cheaper. It's the consignment stores that can have crazy prices sometimes.
10. Aww. It's still an honor. Dont be like that.
11. Bowels!!

Nerd Girl said...

4. Nude/natural/simple - I've decided these adjectives are not in most MUAs vocabs

5. Whatever you posted on FB the other day looks delicious! I've got to go back and look - you've inspired me. I'm cooking something new for this week's Sunday dinner.

6. Yay! Yay! Yay!

7. Stick to your guns Rashan.

8. I successfully thrifted a pair of jeans for $8 in LA - I'm so psyched! GAP Long and Lean, 100% cotton - no stretch. Love 'em. My first thrift ever :)

9. Oh, alright.

10. They were horrid. But I still watched.

Not So Anonymous said...

2. Usually the people that say stuff about the last days just annoy me in general.
3. Please give me a warning when you're going to talk about people talking about bowels...yuck.
4. I love the nude lip.
6. Friday...party time!
7. What?? I used to love those things as a child...next he's going to tell you he's never had a hot sausage; pickled pigs feet; or pickled eggs...he's like an alien. lol.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Yay Friday!! *doin the cabbage patch*

Twitter was hilarious yesterday! But, I had to chastise Rashan for saying watching True Blood was optional. What?! Scuse' me sir?!

Trish said...

1. I've been trying to stay away from FB, so many of my "friends" are angry it seems.

2. I agree!

3. Ick, I don't ever want to know. I guess the Statute of Limitations expired on TMI with my besties, they share TOO many bathroom details.

6. Yay!!! I'm so excited and I'm not even invited! Lol!

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. Now you know you coulda posted the face! I'm imagining it in my mind and it is straight comedy!!! LOL!
3. Agreed! Every time I read a post and I know you are reading it too. I say uh oh!
4. Yeah some can be straight up WHACK with their color palette. Wait so they painted you up like a Helen, Susan, Edie, Diane?? LOL
5. Yeah she ain't ate NOT. A. THING. fried LOL!
6. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! You're getting married??????? LOL! Yes WF flowers are EVERYTHING!! That's what started my tulip post.
7. I must say I can not believe this to be true! I believe it but Whaa? Yes remedy that! Mmmm pork rinds.
8. That was madness I mean thrift is 5-6 dollars tops!
9. This is the TRUTH!! I just hate they won't get it together for the West coast Boo!
10. Now why can't they be honored?? This maybe the ONLY award some of these hoodwranglers ever receive.

The Bookness said...

Fun to read. =)


Delurking said...

6. I absolutely love that you are planning your weedding the way you want it and are getting married in such a short period of time. Not that my opinion truly matters :-). It's fabulous that your family supports you and isn't pressuring you to do something more elaborate. I wish the best to you and Rashan.

1969 said...


I need pictures STAT!

Sparkling Red said...

I never want a nude lip. I've been wearing lip colour since I was 13 and I probably will until I die. That's COLOUR with a capital U.

$20 for a used shirt? I can find you a brand new one for $15.

Anonymous said...

5. Actually, this is the only thing I actually believe her about. Those doughnuts looked delicious! *lol*

9. NO NO NO!! Fingers in my ears and hands over my eyes!!! NO NO NO!


The Goddess said...

Friday!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!

No you didn't call him a fake southerner! LMAO. Classic!