*Whispers* Seven Days

Were any of you frightened by "The Ring"?  I WASN'T!  I thought it was hilarious!  And kind of boring.  The first time I watched it, my friend got mad at me because I fell asleep and she was too scared to watch it alone so she had to turn it off.  ROTFL!!  My mom gave me the gift and the curse by not letting me watch scary or R-rated movies basically until I was in high school.  One or two may have slipped in while at friends' houses (Jason's Lyric aka the first movie that ever made me cry) but in general, she's the reason there are tons and tons of films I had never seen.  But the gift?  I wasn't regularly terrified by things my little brain couldn't handle and now NOTHING scares me!  LOL  I don't like gory movies because they're just unnecessary but regular old "scary" films?  Bah!  I do like a good story that feels like it could happen to me with frights and startles at every turn.  Those are the BEST!!!!

What's my point?  My sister said she's gonna start calling me today whispering, "Seven days..."  LOLOL!!  DO IT!!!  Also, she was approved for her vacation and she'll be in town several days before the wedding!!!!  YAY!!!!  WE SO EXCITED!!!  For a minute it looked like she'd have to drive down Thursday night.  The last 24 hours have been AWESOME!!  Everything's falling into place!

My line sister and I went to the Mac counter to get my eyes done and it was AWESOME!!  It took far too long at over 2 hours but it came out marvelously!  Minus the brows.  My brows were near Groucho Marx territory.  I have kind of sparse brows (she get it from her momma) and she overfilled.  Then my other product junkie friend went with me to Clinique and Sephora then Walgreens.  I learned so many makeup terms my head is spinning!  Actually the second one wore me OUT!!  I literally had a headache and had to go home and take a nap!!  LOLOL!  Then I asked my future SIL, a long time makeup artist, to do my makeup and she said, "I'd be honored!"  Awwww!  Extra sweet!

The two places I went didn't have any of the colors I was looking for but OPI was buy one get one half off so I got two colors, one for the fingers (pinkish white) and one for the toes (bright purple)!  Did I ever tell you I hate manis?  I never ever like how they shape my nails no matter what I tell them.  I want my nails to look NATURAL. Not rounded, not square, just like they grow out of my nail beds!!  (My nail beds suck... NAME THAT MOVIE!!)

I asked my sister to do it and she looked nervous.  It will come out marvelously.  I'm not worried!  She does a great job!  And I know the style I want with pictures so everything should be fine!

Rashan, God love him, has been working my nerves with his attire.  We discarded any of the clothes he owns and decided to go the tux rental route.  Until we got to the place and he HATED all of the vest options.  He decided to just buy something... a nice suit most likely since tuxes can be so expensive.  I saw some of those same tux vests online the next day and was like Oh heck no. Right decision for us.  When I was looking for makeup Wednesday, I also decided to look for suit or tux options on sale for Rah.  Yesterday, we hit the jackpot!  Tuxes were on sale for $100 at Belk!!!!!  FOR REAL!?!?  The tux shirt, black tie, black bow tie, button covers, & cuff links came in a box set also on sale.  The bright tie he'll wear in lieu of the black one?  ALSO on sale!  When the dude rang it up, we saved $183!!!  And he spent just a little bit more than the cost of a rental and looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He said, "Does this mean I have to take you to the opera now?"  "IN NEW YORK!!!"  LOL  Porgie & Bess or Carmen, please!

The list is shockingly shrinking as we get closer to the date.  There are currently less than 30 people and that is how it will stay.  MARGARITAS FOR EVERYBODY!!!  Did I tell you we're doing a three-course Mexican dinner?  I CAN.NOT WAIT!!!  Rashan said I need to get someone on margarita duty if they're not strong so I don't have to yell at people to get better margaritas.  I need a volunteer!  LOL

My aunt left me the most awesome message this morning!!  (She still doesn't know I'm not an earlier riser and thinks I'm just avoiding her calls when I'm asleep... LOLOL)  She said essentially, "I'm so happy for you! Make sure you let me know the next time you're in Savannah. In the next week, things will get very hectic.  Most of all, enjoy your day."  AWWWWWWW!!  LOVE HER!!  SO the reason she's one of my favorite aunts!!

These doggone flowers have been the bane of my existence.  I finally decided on Tuesday when I was told it was too late to special order............... that I'm just gonna have to give these flowers over to God and let him handle it.  The next day a dozen roses were on sale at Harris Teeter for the week for $5.  Thanks God!!!  So I'll be buying my flowers there on Tuesday.  They better make it last forever!  OR ELSE!  Or else nothing... if I can't get decent looking flowers, I'll really just have none and nothing will happen.  I'll still get married to a marvelous man!

I almost forgot music!  If you have some good, jazzy music suggestions, we're open.  We like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald kind of jazz so if you have some good love songs or romantic sounding instrumentals, leave your suggestions in the comments.  Also... I do not like Billie Holiday so leave her off of your lists.  Thank you much!

Y'all... I can't wait!!!  In a little over 7 days, I'll be his Mrs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adei von K said...

I watched the Ring with the skeptical face as well. It wasn't scary, just a creepy Japanese movie. My BF at the time would call and whisper 'seven days' as well!! Boooooo, lol

I can't wait to see what Hydrangea will do make-up wise! I think make-up artists are fab!

What's the name of the purple you got!?!?

Your sister is going to FREAK your hair! She does good styles!


You didn't think the guest list would shrink? I did.

Supportive family *swoon* I love it.

Girl, you better go to Michael's and grab you some peonies! Stop perkin!

I told Lyds you're getting married next week and she said, "Who!? What?! Oh that is soooo nice! Aww, tell them I said congratulations! That's sooooo nice, awwwww! *more gushing*

I told her what your colors are... *evil laughter*

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

You already know how I feel about that Mexican feast... FIESTA!!!!!

*whispering* seven days until I welcome you into the sacred club..lol


Ladynay said...

Maybe I'll look The Ring up online. Haven't seen it, didn't want to when it was in the theaters....

Saved $183????? Shut your mouth! That's my kinda wheeling and dealing right there!


Monique said...


Not So Anonymous said...

The nail colors sounds awesome! I can't wait to see pics.

Great job on the tux!

I'm an Ella fan as well. She has so much to choose from: The way you look tonight; They can't take that away from me....those two are great in my mind.

7 more days!!! yay!

laughing808 said...

I dont like scarey movies, #immapunk, LMAO

Glad to hear the wedding details are coming along. And what a great steal 183 for a tux!!!!

there's always a long wait for the mac counters near me, so I grab my lip pencil and keep it stepping

Trish said...

I'm so glad that everything is moving right along. I for one hate scary, gory movies. I never enjoyed horror movies as a kid and I still don't.

That is so cool that your sister will be in town and able to help keep your stress down. I really love how you're getting business taken care of with such ease!

Let's keep the count going!!!

Kali said...

*whispers..............six days! Yay

Sparkling Red said...

"The Ring" ruined me. I slept with the lights on for a week. *shudder*

That's a lot of makeup time and effort! I'm sure it will be worth it; you'll look like a supermodel.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Scared me near bout to death!! Just watched it THIS year on HBO and wasn't scared! I know... But when I read the title I cracked UP!

Yay!! Fun sister DID SHE DO IT??

Awww Agreed!

Hello! Mean Girls! LOL! Love that movie! Yeah! What's the name of the purple?

Just so excited...can't wait to see!

Okay so ya'll came out like some G's on that!! Player's price fo sho! LOL!

Arriba! Arriba! *does Mexican fiesta dance*


All My Tomorrows, Kenny Lattimore this made me cry! I decided to spare you my other choices.

Congrats Mrs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1969 said...

How exciting! The Countdown is on. Congrats in advance and enjoy every last second of it. I LOVE LOVE!

Jameil said...

adei... lolol @ calling whispering that! hilarity! i can't wait to see what she'll do, too! the purple is 'plugged in plum.' my sister is the bomb diggity with the hair!!!! extra faaaancy! so awesome! i thought it would shrink but not quite this much. supportive family is the joy of me! awww lyds! so sweet! can she send me a ghanaian wedding dress real quick? white and gold? yes?

sha... OLé!!! Lol the sacred club.

lady... i would watch it for the experience. $183!!! it was so awesome!

monique... :)))

nsa... i can't wait to show the pics! ella is the bomb diggity! the way you look tonight has been added! great suggestion!

laughing... lol! i love watching movies w/people like you! mac service is so much better at off times.

trish... me too! gory movies are gross. particularly at this point, i'm not trying to stress out about any details. whatever happens is going to happen.

kali... lol!

red... lolol! love it! ton of makeup time and effort. I do NOT want that for the wedding day! Too much!

gp... lolol ol punk! she did it. lol 'plugged in plum' is the nail color. FIESTAAAAA!!! not a mrs. yet... but soon!

1969... WHEEEE! I WILL!!!