First, let me just say how much I love that some of you guys didn't know whether to believe me! It truly warmed the cockles of my heart that we have become such delightful pranksters that you're never quite sure no matter how matter of factly the facts are presented!  I LOVE ALL OF YOU FOR THAT!!!! 

BUT, no matter, YES, this is real, YES we are actually getting married in 23 days.  ACK!  Let's talk some of the FAQs.  There wasn't really a proposal.  It was more the fact that we've wanted to get married for more than a year and we ain't gettin no younger, we might as well do this.  KIDDING!  We did not use Jagged Edge logic to make this decision.  But we decided last Thursday that we don't want to wait.  We want to be married now.  Tomorrow even.  We almost went to the courthouse Friday.  But I have this thing about going through a metal detector on my wedding day... I don't wanna.  (Plus a few days before that I had a dream about getting married on the spur of the moment and being sad because I didn't have a pretty wedding dress... so I was gonna need a dress!)  There's also not a traditional ring at this moment.  Just another expense.  We're doing simple bands, I LOVE MINE (and his LOL) and getting the prime time diamond later.

Why so soon?  We don't want to wait anymore!  We said we were getting married in 2011 and having a longer engagement is just going to make the guest list balloon out of control.  More on that later.  Plus I love the idea of spontaneity!  Like you just want to get married.  All other forces fall to the wayside!  We are ready for the next stage in our lives!

Where?  Most likely Charlotte with a restaurant dinner party afterward.  Our moms will host receptions in their respective cities in the months after the wedding to get in all the people they know and love who can't be there.

Dress.  I bought one.  Classic, timeless.  YESSSS!!  You most certainly will not be able to squint at my wedding pictures and say with a self-satisfied smirk, "Hm... 20...11, right?"  Rashan asked me if I cried when I put it on.  LOLOL!!  Stop watching so much tv!  I couldn't stop smiling!  And my mom and this other lady who was there with her future daughter-in-law couldn't stop talking about how awesome I looked in it.  Wheeeeee!  That's all I'll say about it since Rashan wants to be completely surprised.

Bridesmaids.  Not having any.  It's just 70 million more details to think about and more money to spend.  But I have plenty of friends who want to help.  Too bad I don't even know what help means.  I mean really.  I haven't told my two friends from middle school I still keep in touch with who originally would have been my bridesmaids because they haven't bothered to call me back since Sunday.  Makes me delighted that I'm not having bridesmaids, though.  With this timeline, I absolutely cannot be the bridesmaid wrangler.

And of course the little girl who's loved weddings her entire life (come on... you're not actually SURPRISED I'm that girl are you??) needs daily talks from Rashan to keep this thing small.  Only I would go from our moms to 40 people in 3 days.  And can I say thank GOD I have someone who will do this?? And help with the budget?? THANK GOD!!  Can you believe I'm trying to figure out how to cut this guest list and there are just 40 people with 0 members of my LARGE extended family (8 uncles, 5 aunts, 36 first cousins to recap, not to mention their dozens of SOs and children)?  Can you believe I still have only told the one uncle I wanted to marry us (can't, too short notice) out of all those people?  I haven't put it on fb because I don't want to deal with all the people who aren't invited.  Awful.  I'm avoiding the inevitable.  But by not having ANY aunts, uncles or cousins, it makes it a lot easier.  Also, all of our parents and grandmothers and my godmother are completely excited and support our decision 100%.  HUGE help. 

Details.  I've always told people I will not care about wedding details when the day comes.  That I'll just care about a dress and a big party and it turns out no one believed me!  And I'm so serious!!   OMG!!!  Y'all!  I do not want to haggle over 19 shades of white.   JUST PICK ONE!  I don't want to fight with you over ANYTHING that is immaterial to me becoming Rashan's wife.  #cmonson  At Crate and Barrel I was going back and forth between the shape of two wine glasses for MINUTES and then I was like, "WHO CARES?!?!  No one is going to look at my wine glasses and say, 'Can you believe she picked the slightly peaked bowl instead of the ever-so-slightly peaked bowl??? The horror!'"  After that, registering became fun again.

Know what I love though?  One small and silly thing and then one other, less small, thing.  Picking out our stationery (sending hand-written invites because I love my handwriting and so do many others... plus I thought I would have far fewer to write! LOL)!  I loved ordering something with our names together!  And I found the perfect embossed stationery for us together after we're married and for me with my new last name.  Oh yes, professionally I'll have both last names (not hyphenated, though) and I will not, cannot, care about whether people call me by two or just the new last name.

The best thing I love?  In 23 days I will be Rashan's wife.  EEEEEEEE!!!  I'm SO excited about that!!!!  And that's really all that matters!


K. Rock said...

OMG. I am just so tickled pink by this! I am utterly excited for you guys. Really doe! I totally understand not wanting a ton of people or details. I just wanna be this man's wife!! Amen sista. And it's coming so soon which makes it even better! No waiting til 2012 for wedding pics. We get them in like 3 weeks. Suh-weet! Major congrats to the blog homies.

Pserendipity said...

I'm so excited that you're so excited! I'm glad that you have the support that you need and you're not sweating the small stuff. At the end of the day, everything will have turned out perfectly, no matter what! Yay!! Can't wait to see pictures of the marvelous DRESS (and your Mexican wedding dinner sombrero)!!

Not So Anonymous said...

I must have missed a post or two. I'm so darn excited for you two!!! And, very sad that I haven't recieved my invitation. That's right the person you've never met wishes she was invited.

Seriously, though...I'm so happy for you guys! I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

I'm heading to my email now to get some informaiton from you...


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

How exciting!! I am SO with you about simplicity. Hubby and I kept it UBER simple. Church, immediate family, dinner.. thank you and good night! lol

I pray God continually blesses your union and I am SO happy for you. Welcome to the club, homie!

Anonymous said...

I said congratulations in your other post because for some crazy reason, I believed you. LOL
Well congratulations again!!
And I'm with you on keeping it fun and simple. None of the fluff really matters anyway. I know a lady right now breaking her pockets for things that wont last past the day. And I'm thinking, is it the excitement of a "show" or are you really in love with this man? Oh well! Best wishes to you and yours and God bless.

Babs said...

I am so excited about this whole post and the type of wedding you are (or aren't) having. This is just great! Congrats!

Erica A. Gordon said...

Congratulations!!! I've been a lurker for years. I don't think I have ever commented here before except for once when I cosigned on your opinion of Club 935 here in Charlotte. Even still, I wanted to take the time to tell you I am happy for you and Rashan and I love the quick, small intimate wedding idea. Less details and stress from others, and it keeps the focus on the what it's really about- You and Him. Congrats!!!!!!

Enigma said...

Godspeed!! I pray that you have a wonderful, exciting and joy filled marriage.

Nerd Girl said...

I am really quite happy for y'all! I love that you're doing it your way and in your own time. Peace and blessings now and in the years to come.

Ladynay said...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!! My eyes are watering!!!! YESSSSSSS!

Congrats hun! You and Rah are one of the cutest couples ever! I "say" that all the time but still!


Adei von K said...


Kali said...

AAAAYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEE ha ayyyeee <--thats my mexican squeal!! Congrats on the marriage. Does that mean you and Rashad will do a combined blog now(just thought I'd throw that out there)?!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I sent an email


I guess once I see the pics I'll be completely sold. Nah...I believe ya'll LOL!

It's Lurve!! and I'm happy for you! :)))

laughing808 said...

coming out of lurking to say congrats to you two........and have it your way!!!!! that way you wont have to fight to remember anything, ROFL

Congrats again and I hope you'll share a photo or two of your special day!

kisz4tj said...

This is wonderful news!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

Los Angelista said...


This is the BEST news EVER! OK, I have TEARS!!! I'm so happy for you both...black love for the win!

Los Angelista said...

And can I just say, when I saw the Fashion Challenge, I just had a feeling it was coming soon! You don't let a man you don't plan on being with forever send you out the door in clothes he picked out! Whoo hoo!

12kyle said...

*steps in the room for the first time*

Congrats to both of you!! I'm happy for y'all. I'm gonna have to tell Rashan about the "institution" of marriage. I've been "locked up" for nearly 11 yrs. LOL!

Congrats again

Tiffany In Houston said...

I've been lurking her for sometime now but did want to extend my congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Best wishes for a wonderful and blessed marriage!

Jameil said...

All of your are so AWESOME!! At the risk of sounding corny, our hearts are full!

k... YAY! Thanks! I promise you it's a good thing my dress is at my mom's or I might put it on daily! LOL

p... i go through small stuff sweating sometimes and usually can snap out pretty quickly. If I have a sombrero on my head at my wedding... lolol

nsa... the best wedding ever for us would include our closest blog friends, too whether we've met them or not! you're among the people we'd love to have there if we were inviting even 30 more people!

sha... thank you very much! good night everybody! LOL

janeen... you believed me b/c you haven't had years of being tricked by me! LOL if we had it to throw around, we probably would, too. well... i would and rashan would say, really? lolol

babs... thanks! :)

e... lolol @ lurker for years! well welcome! and thanks!

enigma... merci mille fois!

ng... thank you!!!

Jameil said...

Lady... awwww! that's so cute! thanks a bunch!

adei... to the corner.

kali... ALL MEXICAN EVERYTHANG!! LOL! As far as the combined blog, since he doesn't blog anymore and I'm having a hard enough time keeping 2 blogs afloat, I'ma go with no. LOL

gp... i'ma beat you!!

laughing... thanks a bunch! we'll definitely share more pics than most will ever want to see. lolol

kis... long time no see. thanks!

liz... awww! you guys are so sweet!

12kyle... Thanks! I'll let you continue to enjoy the company of my future husband on wednesdays from 9-1030 aka the time where I'm only allowed 4 sentences per hour. LOLOL

tih... thanks lady!

akima said...

I don't comment much here but I just wanted to say "CONGRATS" to you two. I'm really excited for you all and for my money, I think you're smart to have a small wedding soon.

I'm in the process of trying to have a small wedding (less than 50) that's still a few months away and it has caused a lot of problems that might not have come up if people found out afterward... Ugh. I really, really (really) wish we had gone the route that you all are.

Anyway, I wish you both loads of happiness.

Jameil said...

Thanks girl! It's kind of sad how stressful weddings can be. And frustrating. We just want to get married!

Miss B said...


1969 said...

Loving this post and your sheer excitement. Enjoy every unplanned minute of it :)

Single Ma said...

I was recently introduced to your blog and it looks like I'm right on time. Congratulations!! I wish you both many years of marital bliss!

Jameil said...

thank you ladies! :)

Tasha said...

I'm late to the party, and it's been forever since I've stopped by (I've got a bad case of "I just dont wanna blog right now") but I'm glad I did. Congrats!! I've read your blog here and there in lurkdom over the last few months (or is it years?...whatever). You and Rashan are the cutest!! Congrats to you both.

Marriage is the most rewarding hard--at times--work you'll ever do. Enjoy every spontaneous moment! And I just saw the date; tomorrow's the big day. Yay for you two! I'm praying for the most blessed fantastic lifelong union for you. Congrats again!