June Goals

First, let's talk about May. Ummm... I should've paid more attention to May goals before yesterday!  I read 68 chapters, my goal was 65.  Forgot I wanted to finish Acts along with Ezra & Judges so I didn't finish that but that's fine.  I'm slightly off of the workout goal because of the ankle issue.  My ankle feels good now but those few weeks that it didn't.  Blech.  But this month?  I'm back!!  Oh and I also DID THAT with the books goal!  I wanted to read 3 and I read 7! Oh and I am challenging myself sartorially!  Yay!!!  I had Rashan dress me and it inspired me even more to dress myself!  Yay!  So for June, let's renew the goals with slight tweaks!

1) Read 65 more books of the Bible to reach 961 .  I'm including the completion of the books of I Chronicles & Acts.
2) Increase my weekly workouts to 4 times per week.
3) Track my meals to ensure I'm eating better.
4) Make and keep a budget.  Guess how I'm already fixing this?  By actually writing a budget.  Boom.
5) Read at least 4 books.
6) Watch at least 5 movies on the AFI list.
7) Complete at least two 30 Before 30 goals.
8) Challenge myself sartorially.


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I am constantly chasing after #1 & #4.. reading the bible regularly and sticking to a budget. I think I've made about twelve-ten budgets this year #FAIL, lol. The one I'm sticking to now is actually working, YAAAS!

Not so Anonymous said...

Boo on ankle issues...I'm glad you're feeling better, though.

Way to go on the writing a budget, lol. That's the first step.

And, it should go without saying that I admire your dedication to the Bible reading goal. I need to channel you on that one!

Jameil said...

sha & NSA... you know what helps me? not allowing myself to do anything else before I start my day. Not even getting out of bed. only the most urgent bathroom break. but then i come right back. it's too easy to get distracted otherwise.