Monday Mindspacing Vol. 103

1) When all of your status updates are about your delighted materialism... I just get the feeling you really aren't as happy with your life as you'd like us to believe.
2) I often crack a bone in my foot when it's out of joint... but it's a bone that seems like it should never be out of joint.  Like why and how is it out of joint?  It's halfway between my big toe and ankle bone.  Extra weird.  But it feels good to crack it.  I'm a disappointment to myself.
3) Speaking of weird things... Rashan thinks inhalers sound like death... BWAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE YOU BABY!!
4) Now he's trying to declare a moratorium on Bwahahahahaing.  He insists only hahahaing.  #nobodycarestho
5) People who limit their meat or eliminate meat from their diets are almost always shocked when I say I never had a meatless meal until after college.  (Not counting cereal for breakfast or something like that.)  Lunch and dinner always had meat.
6) Me and Rah were apart this weekend for the first time in over a month, and before that, it had been months since we were apart.  No mas!
7) We were apart for good reason, though.  I was in Charlotte buying my wedding dress!!  We're getting married July 1st! Yes. 2011. LOLOL :)  And no, I'm STILL not pregnant!!  Y'all just don't know how to take good news.
8) My mom cooked popcorn every day when I was there and never offered any to me ONCE!  Hmph.  So when I got home, I cooked a bag and didn't share any with Rashan.  That'll show her!!
9) My DVR got up to 40% over the weekend.  I tried not to have a conniption fit.  It worked.  But I wasn't happy about it!!!  The high DVR, not the lack of fit.
10) I had a burger that was quite good this weekend!  It was topped with flash fried feta (AWESOME) with a side of fried pickles.  (If you said ew about fried pickles and have never had them,  you should live your life much better.)  But I felt ill at the end of it and decided to give up fried foods this month.  Let's see what this does for my complexion.  It better be amazing.
11) I haven't had oysters in over a week.  I should really get my life together.
12) I had an AWESOME workout last week!! Can't wait to fill the rest of my month with them!  Go me!!  And go you if you did it, too!  Two of my favorite bloggers, Aretha & Nineteen69, are competing in triathlons soon and I'm SO excited for them!  Go ladies, go!


Wifey615 said...


Naima said...

#1. Agreed.
#2. Once you crack, you'll never go back!
#4. Veto! More Bwahahahahaing for everyone!!
#7. *cheerleader kick and somersault* Congratulations!! I CAN'T WAIT to see your dress! I know you're going to look fabulous!! And yes, #babyfree.
#8. LoL!
#9. Flash fried feta sounds delicious! And fried pickles are the truth.

Nerd Girl said...

7. Congratulations!!!
1. Yep.
4. Bwahahahahaha!
5. I go meatless a couple of times a year. Smoochy can't wrap his mind around it. At all.
8. Um, logic is not necessarily my strong point, but er, um...

Hurry up Wednesday.....

Sparkling Red said...

*checks calendar* It is not April 1st. *double-checks* It is still not April 1st.

Fantastickerifico! Congratulations, you two crazy kids! Once you're married make sure you move into a house with at least two bathrooms so that you can farm oysters in the second bathtub.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

What! What! YAY! Where the hell is my wedding invite??! **digging through my mailbox** How exciting! I can't wait to see pics, WOOPPEEE!!! I love when friends (in my head) get married *swoon*

Anonymous said...

WOW! Yay!! Congratulations!

...wondering, was it spontaneously July 1st or has this been in the works for a while? Whichever one, I'm happy for you!

GorgeousPuddin said...

7. I just can't with ya'll still. Congrats!! Yay!! Whoo Hoo! but my emotions just can't take it. This better not be some ole belated sick twisted April fools day joke. I can believe you might be getting married but you will have a wedding at a later date right?!? I'm deleting the rest of the comments. You know I usually do my bestest to comment on ALL of them but I'm just so distracted and confused. You really struck me as the type that would share every step of the way like the proposal, choosing the dress with lots of pics and the planning blow by blow. I JUST FEEL SO ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if this is REAL here's my heart felt CONGRATS!!!!! If not....you're lucky we live in different states because I would wet you with a hose! LOLOLOLOLOL!

Kali said...

The person above me said it all. Congrats. Yippee. I know there wil be some delicious food July 1st!

Minerva Exertion said...

I haven't visited the blog world in a while, but OMG!!! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and Rashan!!!

K. Rock said...

7. Was there a proposal? WIll there be pics? You have made us so skeptical I dont know if you are crying wolf again. So to cover all my bases,Congrats!!!!! and See...you play too much.
10. Flash fried feta sounds awesome. Fried and cheese is my kind of meal.

1969 said...

Congratulations to you both! YAY! Can't wait to see pictures.

Jameil said...

Wifey... thanks!

Nai... 2) nooooo! don't say that!!
7) Wheee! Thanks!
9) It was pretty awesome! As were the fried pickles!

NG... 7) Thanks!
4) LOLOL Indeed!
5) For how long? ROTFL @ smoochy! I just try to do it at least once a week.
Wednesday's here!

red... LOLOL! Indeed, not April 1st! ROTFL @ our bathroom oyster farm! Aweeeesomeeee!!

sha... I love weddings too!

janeen... Pretty spontaneous! Thanks!

gp... For real? You had like 8 assurances on twitter. Please get it together.

kali... LOL Thanks!

ME... thanks!

K...LOLOL You guys are the best!
10) I know, right?? I was so sad my body didn't like it.

1969... thanks!

Not So Anonymous said...

3. I agree.
5. Go Meat!
7. Well, here it is...How did I miss this post...I was traveling all day Monday. I'm cheesing from ear to ear for you two!
8. LOL...crazy.
12. 3 more days...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hot damn! Did you just slip a WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT into your Monday Mindspacing??????? Like GP, I'm not even able to comment on anything else. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!