Monday Mindspacing Vol. 105

1) My right hand is still killing me.  Please make it stop.
2) I know two nail polish nuts and I asked them what colors I should wear for the wedding.  SON!  They came through with a vengeance!  So awesome!
3) Close your eyes, MrsTDJ & GP!  Vicarious kitty makes her triumphant blog return!!  That Charlotte... LOLOL Love her!!  LOLOL
4) I let my inner foodie run wild on one of our registries!  I added fleur de sel, sea salt flakes, grey salt, black lava salt, truffle salt, SAFFRON(!!!) and nutella!  LOLOLOL  Man I love the internet!!  Someone (probably multiple someones) will look at that and go WHO IS HE MARRYING??? The rest will say, "That Jameil has crossed a bridge... there may be no way back..."
5) Mrs. TDJ and GP, can you escape Charlotte's eyes?  Or is she still staring at you? Tee hee hee!!!!
6) You know that wedding ring shot where the rings are balanced on/one tilted on top of the other?  Yeah... about that.  Mine is a size 5 and 2mm (see: skinny), his is a size 10 and 6mm (see: wide)... they look kind of stupid next to each other.  LOL  Mine fits inside his with room to spare.
7) I never get it when people are either cooks or a bakers...  Isn't it all following a recipe until you learn?
8) I WANT TO WIN SOMETHING AWESOME!!!  Either one of those fashion giveaways or magazine giveaways or a trip or like cold hard cash.  Can we please make this happen???  Please???  Doesn't anyone love me enough to make it happen????  I've been entering contests furiously (at least 5 contests per week) for weeks now (and several times a week for almost a year I'm sure) and I WANNA WIN SOMETHING!!
9) I hate those family connection things on fb... but when Rashan's mom wanted to add me as her daughter... I just felt pressured so I added everyone who asked.  I had like 4 lined up and I'm sure there are more ignored somewhere.  Ugh.
10) I know it's been weeks since K. Rock hated on exclamation points but I have been called to speak in defense of exclamation points.  PEOPLE!  You need to express yourselves more fully! We've already spoken about Happy Birthday.  Or the even worse HBD.  LAZY.  'Congrats' is the same.  DRY.  If you're happy for someone, use an exclamation point!  Or don't communicate on the internet.  Then it will be clear how you really feel.  Yes.  I threw down the gauntlet.
11) Rashan cracks me up!!! LOLOLOLOL  And I love the way he stares at me amusedly when I start cracking up uncontrollably. :)  We can so often tell what the other is thinking that we are confused when one of us says something cryptic and the other one has the ill blank stare.  LOLOL
12) Y'all. Some of the responses to terrible Terrible Father's Day statuses are as bad as the statuses themselves. You can't make people say what you want them to say.  And are you really territorial about this Hallmark holiday? I couldn't count on some of my most frequent bad baby daddy ranters yesterday but others came through in spectacular fashion!  There were even some unexpected ones!  Some examples if you will:

A. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and to all the moms who had to be dads. Response: Um, Mother's Day already happened. They got their due. :)
*Note: That smiley face doesn't make your response less unnecessary, just makes it passive-aggressive.

B. Happy Father's Day and much respect to all you daddys out there! And not to be too bitter but happy fathers day to all the moms that act as daddy too. And also to all the men that act as daddy to a child even if the child not their own blood.
*Not to be too bitter? But you're SO bitter every other day... Come on! Have some fun! Live a little!  Also, it's daddies. Not daddys.

C. I refuse to say happy father's day to single moms. You are not a father. If anything give that child's grandfather, uncle, cousin or some male role model in that child's life some love. Women can't teach a boy to be a man and every girl needs a positive male to teach her about the knuckle heads to stay away from.
*Le sigh

D. Happy fathers day to all the real fathers not sperm donors or baby daddies!
*Hey! You don't know! That baby daddy may be better than your daddy!
13) If you have 'stay fly' or 'swag' or anything else like that in your name, I don't care how long we've known each other, you can't follow me on twitter.  FB?  Maybe.  Twitter? Absolutely not.
14) 11 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adei von K said...

3. Charlotte says, "crate and barrel? I'm so there!"

4. You better DO IT on the registry! Get that grey salt!! Fab, fab, fab!

6. Those ring sizes sound like a little person is marrying a giant!!!!!!!!!

7. But cooking and baking are two different things. Related b/c they are chemical rx with food/products but that's it (to me).

12. That happy face after a response like that would've gotten her removed from friend list. FOH

13. STAAAAAAAMP! Or if you write with numbers in your words! Like th3 (the)! Whyyyyy?! And someone mentioned me in a retweet to a mutal follower and used the phrase "tonyt" (tonight)


Naima said...

#2. Win!! (I'll be asking you for recommendations in a few months, mark my word!)
#3. Yay, vicarious kitty!! She loves seeing herself on the internets!
#4. LoL! You never know unless you ask for it, I'm just sayin'...
#6. Concentric ring shot maybe? I'm kidding -- that would be kind of lame.
#8. Me too!! BUT I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! *sad face*
#12. Wow...
#14. WOOHOO!!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I am a cooker darn it! Not a baker..lol. Don't get me wrong... I can make a cake, cupcakes, etc.. and I'm told that its good. But, I don't think I bake with as much flair as I cook with. Maybe i'm just being hard on myself..hmmmm...

Ladynay said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sooooo I can't follow you by cuz of my name LadyPrettyGirlSwayNay???? Oh come ON!!!!!

Did you put in for all those win a honeymoon somewhere exotic type deals, I see those quite often :-)

The Goddess said...

Oh my goodness! Your fingers are teeny. Lol

Ok, I can cook but for some reason I don't do so well at baking. Maybe if I try more often....My cookies used to come out looking like mini muffins. Lol

Hope you win something. That'd be a great wedding gift. :)

K. Rock said...

4.What in da world are you gonna do with dang black lava salt?!! I really hope somebody gets it for you so you'll be forced to think of something.
7. Cooking and baking are very different. Baking sucks.
10. As an advocate of Exclamation Point Moderation, let me say that it's people like you that make it hard for people like me to truly be excited when the time is right.
14. Yeah!!

Sparkling Red said...

SAFFRON!!! Yes I am with you there. Nutella? Er, is that a delicacy in the U.S. or something? Here you can pick it up in any grocery store.

Los Angelista said...

2) OOH, can't wait to see what colors. I wore wet-n-wild silver. I think it's discontinued now. Boo.
4) Saffron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8) I used to enter all kinds of stuff till the spam overran my inbox. Fingers crossed for you.
10) Those exclamation points are for K.Rock!!!!
12) Folks were TRIPPIN on father's day.
13) Now it's 10 days!

Anonymous said...

3 and 5 - You're on my list today!!!!!
4 - Love the food registry and it almost makes me forgive you for the cat pic.
7 - Nope, cooking and baking aren't the same at all. Most are good at one of the other. Few have mastered both. Baking is exact and cooking is experimental and subjective. You can compensate for too much garlic, but for too much baking soda? Not so much.
10 - Viva la exclamation point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 - Awwwwwww!!!!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I'm sure the sentiment of the hand written invite was worth it.
2.I hope the colors are teal or purple. I will be emailing my unsolicited suggestions.
3. My eyes are closed...but then I can't see to type! I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! WHY?????????
4. Really?? Nutella too?? As an eatie umm yeah...no interest.
5. I can't!! Why does she KEEP staring at me ARGH! But seriously I hate cats but my fear is not like Mrs. TDJ's lol
6. Then that's how you should style the picture LOLOLOLOLOL! (o) lol
7. So wait! Is that what makes you a chef because you don't have to follow a recipe??
8."I WANNA WIN SOMETHING!!" me too! Good Luck!
10. I gave a fully spelled out Congrats!!!!! LOLOL!!!!!
11. One mo gin AWWWWWWWWWW!!
12. I made my 2 comments then I just took a break! It was all too much and overwhelming!!
13. What?? Oh now a rule just when I was about to change my name to SwaggalicousGP
14. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the word veri's are getting to long shoo!

oh and to re-visit last Mon. I don't like toes on the end of my potato's I don't even care if it's wrong LOLOLOL!

Jameil said...

adei... 3) LOL
4) Yasss!!
6) LOLOL I know!
7) I mean technically I know that but it's all still the same to me.
12) LOL! The smiley face is what killed it! A total stranger. Friend of a former coworker.

naima... 2) Wheee!
3) And I love seeing HER on the interweb!
4) Tis true!
8) :((((((((
12) Yeah.
14) WHEEEEE!!!

Sha... LOL You probably are. You just have to be very exact with baking.

Lady... that is true!! I've entered us for some trips but no honeymoons.

tg... lol. that's what i've been hearing my whole life and still they don't fit in those lilliputian vintage gloves that are everywhere and make me nuts!!!

i'm so intrigued by the non-bakers! mini muffins sounds like too much baking soda or powder. I forget which one. I hope I win something, too!!

k... 4) Hilarious that you asked! I have a crudo recipe I really wanna try that calls for Hawaiian black lava salt!!
7) I enjoy both!
10) And people like you make the world feel so dry and sad. but we really all can be ourselves and me? i'm effusive and excitable. STOP TRYING TO KILL THAT!!

red... lol it's in more stores now.

liz... 2) i shall reveal all soon!
4) yassssssss!!!
8) thanks!!
10) LOLOL extra thanks!!!
12) per usual.
13) now even less!! 8 days!!

mrstdj... 3&5) What I do???
7) I know the difference between cooking and baking. LOL
10) Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
14) :))))

gp... 1) i guess lol
2) lol okay
3) lolol i like cats!
4) do better!!!
5) lol her like you!
6) do better i said!!!
7) not necessarily...
8) thanks!
10) :)
11) awwwww!!
12) so so much
13) and you will get unfollowed! lol
14) yay!!!

ma'am. you can't change spellings. ever. i have to say it again??? DO BETTER!!!