People Please

Just a thought: Writing me two lengthy (error-riddled) emails bringing up all of your grievances over the last seven years is not the way to show me you could care less about not being invited to my wedding and are a grown woman with better things to be concerned about.  Rude.  I really hate that weddings bring out the worst in some people.

However!  I have a fantastic blog la familia!  You guys have shown us such love online and offline and our house is filling with the love!  So sweet and amazing!  I had a quick, rather funny post fully written about my cousin who thinks she's showing me by reading my blog (umm... it's not a private blog and I hope you know enough about Google to be able to find it) and not pleased with statements I've made about her over a year ago... (email me and I'll send the post to you LOL) but I'm getting married to my beloved in 9. DAYS. (EEEEK!!!) and I'm so excited about that!!!  Y'all... we got our license Monday!!

So excited that whatever else happens between now and then, all that matters, as my dad says, is that me, Rashan and the officiant will be there.  Many of the people who love me best will also be in attendance and you guys most certainly do care about and love us and THAT IS AWESOME!!  We really appreciate all of your support!


Jazzy said...

I guess this wouldn't be a good time to send you and error-free email to tell you how mad I am that I'm not getting an invite since it was ME who convinced Rashan to man up and admit his interest in you all that time ago???!!!! NO??? Not really?? lol

Weddings do bring out the worst in people. Which is why I'm having mine in Vegas (an Elvis can marry me!). Anyone who can make it out there is more than welcome to come.

All kidding aside. I am soooo happy for you and Rashan. I normally hate countdowns, but every time I read your countdown, I'm excited for you two all over again.

send me that email about the cousin.

*~~~waves to cousin reading the blog :)*

Anonymous said...

This post was so cute and sweet that I have almost completely forgiven you for calling me old and posting cat pictures on your blog. *lol* Don't you love how I made this about me? No seriously, enjoy these next 9 days before the next, great chapter begins. Anybody who's not happy for you? Ignore 'em and keep your happiness!

Not So Anonymous said...

You're excitement jumps off the page! We have to get you guys a celebrity couple name now that it's about to be Officially OFFICIAL, lol.

Rameil or Jamshan? Hmmm...I gotta keep working on it, lol.

Monique said...

Yay! Congrats on the impending wedding. Exciting times lie ahead!

laughing808 said...

9 days, wow...........well I'll send my well wishes now and again in 9 days, ROFL

Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness!

The Goddess said...

9 days....WOW! I can tell you are just bubbling with excitement. Lol

I still cant understand why people feel the need to complain about NOT being invited instead of just being happy for you guys. Major irritation!!!!

And I'm gonna need to see more than just an envelope after Rashan's twitter comment the other day. I'm gonna need to see the ACTUAL license PLEASE? Thank you very much. Actually, I'm kidding...I'm certain this is SO official and you wouldn't EVEN play with us like that. Lol

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

That date is coming up faster than a stripper on a pole! What? Anywho.. EEEEEEk, is right! How exciting!

Uhm.. you know we...(namely "I") want to see exerts from that email..haha!

Ladynay said...

All I'm saying is I am going to need you post a few pix so I can get my cry on over the net. Mmmmmmkay? Great! Thanks! LOL!

Adei von K said...

This is a time to be joyous!! Bump all that bitterness and a clear case of sour grapes! "I don't wanna come anyway..."



GorgeousPuddin said...

I'm so nosy I wanna see and laugh too! But that's evil *hangs head in shame*

Stay up Cain don't let em do it to you!

Completely DEAD at Not So Anon. celebrity couple name!

RaJashanmeil LOL!

Jameil said...

jazzy... lol. this would be a BAD time to do that! does it help that you are not alone and that there are at least a dozen other bloggers who would love to be there? my mom hates countdowns, too but she's in it all the way!

mrstdj... lolol!! i always love when people make it about them!! i have had moments but especially as we get closer, i'm DELIGHTED!!!

nsa... lolol we're between Jamshan and Rashmeil.

monique... thank you! :)

laughing... thank you!! :)

tg... i really am!!!! many of the "i'm not invited???" complaints have been from pretty shocking corners. like where is this coming from??? more than an envelope... hmm... what about a corner of a non-identifiable white sheet of paper? LOLOL

sha... really!?! that fast??? HILARITY!! and you so nosy!!

lady... oh you already know there will be pics!! and full details!!!

adei... super joyous!! I CAN'T WAIT EITHER!!!

gp... i am becoming a broken record! do better!! your celebrity couple name is unacceptable!!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Well if this is the place to complain about not getting invited, well then...


Okay I am done!

BTW Rameil flows better...