Friday Fourteen: Reasons We're Getting Married in Exactly Three Weeks

1)    My daddy said we can’t be livin in sin no more.
2)    Rashan’s in the family way.
3)    I had a dream that the world was gonna end on July 2nd and I didn’t want to leave this earth unmarried.
4)    Rashan bet me $7 I couldn’t plan a wedding in under a month.
5)    Because neither of us has faced charges in the last week and we were really starting to miss the courthouse staff. (Word life, if one more person asks why we don’t just go to the courthouse, I’ma scream!  Do you think we didn’t consider that as an option???  You’re working my nerves. Go that way.)
6)    Rashan needs a green card.
7)    When you get a good murse, you lock him DOWN! Do you know how well I lived while I had a sprained ankle???
8)    One of us… we’re not saying which one… is gonna take out a HUGE insurance policy on the other…
9)    Rashan wanted to crush the hopes of every last one of his stalkers.
10) And I had a hankering to become the newest object of their obsession. (Please don’t kill me, crazies… Oops. I mean loving women… and men.)
11) We lost a bet. WE HATE YOU KEVIN GARNETT!!
12) For our new reality show... title TBA.
13) Because Rashan finished reading, “Think Like a Lady, Act Like a Man” and/or whatever else Steve Harvey’s peddling these days.
14) I always said I don’t believe in 3-year relationships. At that time it’s time to go or get off the pot!  We’ll have been together 3 years July 18th!

All of these are tongue-in-cheek so I don’t want any of you coming along worried about us or writing us offering your support and telling us we don’t have to rush into marriage. LOLOLOL It’s hilarious that it must be said!  But experience tells me… IT MUST!!


Not So Anonymous said...

LOL...you're a nut. I can't wait to see you dress. I just know it's fabulous.

Jazzy said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you both!! I can't believe people are writing you about "not rushing it"! Three years isn't rushing it. I'm so happy for you two.

This list is hilarious. My favorites are - #9 (snickering!!!! you know some of them stalk your blog yo!), #10 (loving women...AND MEN! *snickering even more*) and #13 (you didn't finish it...but he did! lolol I always knew Rashan likeDED Steve!)

Naima said...

LMAO!!! All 14 of these are very valid reasons!! What are you going to do with your $7 when you win?

Los Angelista said...

lol! I'm snickering to myself here at work. TOO funny, especially #13! ;)

GorgeousPuddin said...

Girl I hear you!!! LOCK that murse DOWN!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!

Sparkling Red said...

It's all so fantastic! I love that you're keeping it simple. Ken and I did our wedding kind of like that - give it a short time-line and you can't help but keep it simple. It's so good to hear that you're enjoying the process and not freaking out over the details! You guys are the best.

The Goddess said...

Oh my goodness. This is the most exciting news I've heard in a long time. You guys are the cutest couple....next to me and hubby of course. Lol I'm so happy for you guys. Congrats. Cant wait to see wedding photos. YEAY!!!!!!

The Goddess said...

Oh...and he bet you $7??? Why such a random #. Too funny.

1969 said...

Uh...July 2nd is mu birthday. The world betta not end.

Jameil said...

nsa... tis! :)

jazz... thanks! they totally stalk my blog! not only did i not finish it, didn't even start it! lolol

naima... i think i will buy myself 2 cookout milkshakes, one in his fave flavor and eat them both for dinner while he has oatmeal.

liz... lolol you're welcome.


red... thanks lady! it certainly cuts down on some of the crazy but i must admit to slightly freaking out over the details and not exactly loving the process. i'm ready to be a wife!

goddess... thanks for being excited for us! b/c he's random, clearly!

1969... it was all a dream... -Biggie

kisz4tj said...

This is sheer hilarity!

Anonymous said...

Ditto 69. That's my birthday too. The world shall remain intact until at least 7.3.11.

Jameil said...

kisz... lol

mrstdj... well... for your sakes I hope you're right!!