Please don't arrest me!  I'm soliciting!  One day only!!  (Okay two days...)  I'm looking for some DIY stuff that costs less than $10 to decorate a ceremony or reception site or just general wedding stuff.  Yep.  I said that.  Less than $10.  Total.  Not per table.  Total.  The theme is peacock but don't get too crazy.  I don't want it to look like a peacock exploded.  The colors are turquoise, magenta, royal purple.  Basically colors of a peacock and that would complement a peacock.  I want it bright and beautiful!  I don't need it to look like we went to the country either.  (Even though the ceremony is in the country.)  And I promise I'll talk about something else on Monday! LOL

Before you go, though, from the some people don't know how to act files: one of my mom's friends.  I knew there was gonna be a problem with some church folk who have known me for almost 20 years.  If I can't invite my family (some of them, gladly), I can't invite you.  It's not necessarily (depending on the person) that I don't want you there and don't care about you, it's that I am not having a big wedding.  I really want people to get out of their feelings on this.  I really, really do.  Or at least stop making it clear that you are so put out that you, along with at least 100 other people I know, weren't invited.

The point.  One of mom's friends does flowers.  Mom said, "I'll ask her if you want me to."  I said, "I don't feel comfortable since she's not invited."  She says, "I think she would want to do it."  I say, "I don't know..."  She says, "I really think it will be okay."  So I finally agree to let her ask.  Mmhm.  You already know.  My mother is a lot less skeptical of people.  As is Rashan's mom.  Rashan and I are both far more cautious of people, him sometimes to an extreme, in other circumstances, I'm the more cautious party.  But anyway, the friend after asking why we're getting married so soon, to which my mom replies, "She's not pregnant." Mom... SMH.  You really don't need to throw that out there if it's not offered. Friend: I wasn't even thinking that.  Me (in my head): See? But NOW SHE IS!  I've really got to focus... this is like my blog posts used to be in the good old days.  I can't believe September makes 6 years since I started blogging.  That's insane to me.

The question of why so soon is irritating to me not so much because of the question but because of the implication behind the question.  There's always a real question beneath.  Does it matter why so soon?  Are you coming or not?  Our families may have looked or sounded shocked at the closeness of the date, but they've also known we were going to get married for over a year now.  It's not really a surprise.  Our next wedding (notice I said wedding, not marriage), we're inviting everyone to a big party and not telling them what it is.  If you come, you come, if not, you missed ANOTHER wedding.  LOLOL  This is to stick it to all the people who couldn't act right.  And don't think this is your warning!  Nope!  We will throw frequent parties.  :P

Friend!  So friend starts asking about all these details, what flowers (says one of them isn't in season now, she doesn't think, even though I know it is... also if one more person gives me the 1997 "tip" that flowers in season are cheaper...........................), what colors, what color ribbon do I want around my bouquet?  I'm thinking this is done.  One more thing to cross of the list.  Matter of fact I think I did cross it off.  You know what's coming, right?  My mom asks me the details she doesn't know, calls friend to report back, friend doesn't answer the phone.  Friend doesn't call for three days.  Friend finally calls to say she doesn't work with live flowers.  You know what?  If I cursed, I would be cussin you out right now.  Y'all don't have to cuss in the comments on my behalf but you're more than welcome to do so on your side of the screen.  Are you serious with that?  Really?  You knew FROM THE BEGINNING that you didn't work with live flowers.  You just want to be able to say you know something that nobody else knows so you can spread it around.

RASHAN DON'T READ THIS PART IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED ABOUT MY BOUQUET.  *snicker*  Like this will make any sense in his head anyway.  So all of the internet knows as well, I'm having white peonies and roses with peacock feathers, wrapped in a purple ribbon.  Take that, friend.  Ugh.  UGH!!!  Why do people act like that?!!?  I'm not at all insinuating that she's trying to ruin my day but she is most certainly making part of it about herself.  You're all up in your feelings so much that you have to basically steal time from me?  #cmonson  That is so unnecessary!!  I am planning a wedding in 4 weeks.  Why?  So I can start my life with my husband!!!  BECAUSE I LOVE THAT MAN AND HE LOVES ME!!!  But you want to get petty.  And do silly stuff.  I could've had those flowers ordered elsewhere at least a week ago.  Now I'm two weeks from my wedding with no flowers.  But you wanted to... you know what?  I'm done.  Wait.  I'm not done.  And when we have this big surprise party wedding, you, friend, will be the only one not invited.  NOW I'm done.


K. Rock said...

That was really dirty of her. I can't come up with not one reason in my head of why she didn't come forward with that info from the beginning. But the good thing about close deadlines is that it will be hectic for the next few weeks but it will all be over soon. Keep yo head up.

Adei von K said...

i got mad all over again. that was utter foolishness. petty foolishness.

Babs said...

Simpletons. Really.

Good luck with $10 decorations. *scratching my head*

Would you be open to blog donations?

The Goddess said...

Love the colors. Can't help you with any $10 ideas but I'm sure you'll come up with something.

And....WOW!!! So if she didn't work with live flowers why the comment about the particular one not being in season. Just RIDICULOUS!!!! I don't curse either, but I'm sure I'd be feeling the same way as you. People need to GET OVER THEMSELVES!!! Everyone cant be invited...they need to just deal with it and keep it moving!!! It really shouldn't be that serious.

Naima said...

Paper lanterns maybe? They should be fairly cheap. That's all I got, sorry!

That's ridiculous! And sad. That woman needs to get over herself, fast.

Kali said...

That lady was shiesty with a capital S!! That flower lady and her fake flowers should kick rocks!
There is a site called chocolatebrides.com you go on there and post what you need and if there are brides in ur area with those decorations, they will give them to you to have or borrow. It sounds unbelievable but it true!

InnerDiva said...

The hell? What do you even mean you don't work with live flowers? Why not just say that from the start? People kill me with their foolishness.
I agree, paper lanterns or tissue ball poms (the Martha Stewart kind) should be under $10.
Part of me is glad we went to the courthouse...but i miss having a big party. I'm so happy for you two!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Jab! Jab! Jab! What a 'simpleton' as Babs said. I can't stand nosey old ornery folks. Don't you worry yourself about folks that got a million and one questions and opinions about what YOU'RE doing with YOUR life. Hmph..

I'm having another 'wedding' too! WhooPee!! Who says you can only have one wedding? Haters. Thats who!

Oh and just like my baking skills my arts & crafts skills are questionable too..lol

Ladynay said...

That was pure bs!

Moving on....

I am a cheap person, but not a creative crafty type person :-( Wish I could help.

Don't laugh, but some dollar stores have some pretty stuff and Michaels have really great sales from time to time. I am sure an associate in a store like that may give some great suggestions *shrug*

Trish said...

I so know what you mean about the unsolicited advice. I've pretty much decided the next time I condiser marrying someone, that it will be something small, less stressful.

Your mother's friend was a real piece of work for pulling that stunt. I will never understand why some people are like her but screw her because "one monkey don't stop no show!"

Jameil said...

k... for real! i was like maybe someone will come up with a good reason for it! so glad it'll be over so soon!

adei... seriously.

babs... awww! i love that you would even ask that! rashan is open to it, it makes me feel slightly weird!

tg... thank you! i really have no clue why she needed to even know the flowers if she couldn't assist.

naima... hmmmm what could we do with those in the sanctuary? very sad.

kali... so shiesty & ROTFL @ that word! love the throwback! I went to chocolate brides and I was a tad confused on there but found some great music suggestions! thanks for the site recommendation!!

ID... EXACTLY! it would so be fine if you would JUST SAY THAT!! i know if we did the courthouse i would be sad about the party, too!

sha.... so crazy! it always slaps me in the face when people react w/anything other than joy (crazy... i know). lol @ your baking & arts & crafts inability!

lady... cheap but not crafty??? well share some of your cheap tips!! i will definitely go pick an associate's brain! good idea! i wish i had more people here who had time to look at stuff w/me before i burn all the way out!

trish... small can still be shockingly stressful BUT I'm sure nothing like a bride with 150+ guests and 8 months to plan. LOL @ one monkey don't stop no show.

Tiffany In Houston said...

Do you ABSOLUTELY have to have real flowers? I understand if you do, but my flowers were fake, from Micheal's and turned out fairly well if I do say so myself?


If you can't get the exact flowers you want, perhaps concentrate on the colors and pick flowers that way.

Just a thought..

Jameil said...

TIH... I definitely want live flowers or none at all. I want roses or peonies and they look so obvious when they're fake. I'm to the point now where I'm leaving those flowers to God. I'll call on Tuesday/Wednesday to see what's available and make it happen. It will all work out.