Monday Mindspacing Vol. 110

1) There's this girl I went to middle school with who was held back once, her older sister was held back twice when she had each of her babies... in middle school.  Both very nice girls.  Just rough around the edges.  The younger sister has made such open-minded strides!!  I love watching her evolution and her beautiful family on facebook!  I know there's no way to tell her I'm really glad she's progressed beyond middle school without sounding condescending so I'll say it here and continue to tell her how cute her kids are!
2) How excited am I that "Clarissa Explains It All" is back??  VERY!!  I even enjoyed a little "All That."  Can I please get some "Salute Your Shorts" and "The Secret Life of Alex Mack"!!??
3) Fb is not LinkedIn.  It should used to build professional contacts.  If we don't really know each other?  What would be the point?
4) You know how there are people who would NEVER leave the house w/o earrings w/o feeling naked? I am not of this ilk.  I never have been but now that I have hair long enough to cover my ears?  Psssssh.  Chile please.  Now part of this is definitely that I don't have enough everyday earrings but the other part is I don't care that much.
5) I started a new page on the blog called 'Thankful' to try to help me out of my tendency to complain far too much.
6) I continued stretching my teaching muscle with some stimulating reading this week and it was awesome!!
7) Have you seen the Animal Planet show "Too Cute"???  IT'S TOO CUTE!!  Me & Rah were all up in those cute kitties!!
8) I got a free Martha Stewart Living subscription, right?  Why did I get three in one week???  Umm... June, July AND August... in July???  Where do they participate in that activity?  Behind the preposition at?
9) I'm trying to cook up a storm this week.  I'm aiming for at least 5 meals.  One down!  Wish me luck!
10) My brain tells me I'm fat sometimes.  It's not even predictable.  It happened the other day and I started telling Rashan I need to change my diet and pinching my sides.  He blank stared at me.  Then I looked in the mirror and said, "Oh... it doesn't look that bad."  More blank stares.  More Jameil chatter.  Another look in the mirror, "What is wrong with me? I'm not fat!" Rashan, "I've learned not to get in the middle of your crazy."  LOL I've married a smart man!
11) Speaking of which, Rashan and I have been married one month today!!!! :)  What a joyous month!  One of the girls in my program sent a note wishing us "eternal marital bliss."  Beautiful!!


K. Rock said...

8. "Where they do that at?" is a great saying. It has so many uses. Dont fight it. It doesn't even have the same meaning using the word participate.
10. Very smart. We will sort it out within ourselves usually. Just sit back and watch the show.
12. Whoop whoop! Friday! *raising the roof whie doing the Hammer. Do I look crazy doing this?*

Mrs Count said...

2. Kenan and Kel is bringing me so much joy.
8. Everytime somebody takes a slang term and makes it proper, I howl. This was no exception.
11. yayyy!
12. Standing tall. Thursday will be a day of greatness!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Yup, there's no way of saying that that doesn't sound like a back-handed compliment.
4) I did not know that. Humans continue to surprise me with their weird neuroses.
5) Maybe I should do that... Nah... I too lazy.
10) Rashan is hilarious!
11) Muchos Congratulationes!

Trish said...

1. Too bad Hallmark doesn't make a card for that!

2. I had no idea! I'll have to watch too! I loved Melissa, in fact, I watched Sabrina and I watched Melissa and Joey now, I'm a fan, what can I say??

4. My hair is long enough to cover my ears mixed with a combo of I don't care either.

5. I try to catch myself when I notice I'm doing this a lot.

9. What time is dinner served??

10. Isn't it funny how we see things that aren't really there sometimes?

11. A month has passed already?! Goodness, I swear this entire year has blown right passed me. One month down, many, many, many, many, (you get the gist)to go!

The Goddess said...

1. Aww, that's sweet I'm sure she'd be happy to hear that and I'm positive you'd be able to say it in a way that doesn't sound condescending.

2. NEVER liked either of those shows.

4. It's funny because I'm THAT PERSON....Lol I don't have enough everyday earrings but I will still do it. I know it's because of the length of my hair because when I had long hair it was never an issue. I'm so special sometimes. Lol

5. I know I could definitely take a lesson in not complaining so much. It brings my energy level down so I really need to find away to not complain and let others stupidity affect me so much. UGH!!!

6. Reading. YEAY!!! I need some new reading material.

10. My brain tells me I'm fat multiple times a day. So annoying! I've concluding that I'm not fat...but I am chubby. Lol. I really need to get some exercise in.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.That situation could have gone either way. I too enjoy when people triumph over adversity.
2. Nickelodeon is EVERYTHING!!! I love MJH and even watch her current show sometimes.
3. You are hilarious! Why won't these people get the message?
4.I LOVE earrings!! I only feel naked without them if I don't have them on at work or church. Other than that no big.
5. I truly need to join you in this endeavor! I don't feel thankful at all! :(
6. TEACH! *Yelled out like at church when they say PREACH!* :)
7. There y'all go with those dang cats again! SMH!
8. That was funny! Martha wanted you to be all caught up! That happened with my subscription for Lucky mag.
9. Well...get your cook on Wife!
10. Rashan is funny LOLOL!
11. Congrats!!!
12. People born in August are just...

Anonymous said...

Happy One Month Anniversary, Babies!

Adei von K said...

2. the original episodes of Clarissa or a re-make? I loved that show! I was actually thinking of Ferguson the other day! (I met a red head)

4. there are more earring crazies out there than I thought! ILK ILK ILK!

5. That's a good idea. we need to count our blessings cause we truly are blessed.

10. i don't like when your brain does that. kinda scary. as long as it doesn't tell you to kill people...

awwww, one month down, ETERNITY TO GO!!

Anonymous said...

4. Yep, me without earrings in naked! I'm the exact opposite of you though - when my hair was long, I didn't really care so much. Now that I wear it really low, earrings are a MUST.

7. Your love for those beasts continues to amaze me.

8. Hilarious to me!

Jameil said...

k... 8) It amuses me to say it like that... so I will. And if you see below, it amuses Mrs. Count, too.
10) LOL
12) Very.

Mrs. C... 2) LOL. I've since tired of Clarissa but K&K were quite amusing.
11) YAY!!
12) Wheeee!!

red... 1) Indeed.
4) I know LOTS of people like this!!
5) LOL #fail
10) He is!
11) Merci!!

trish... 1) LOLOL
2) Get on it! You must not be on twitter. LOL. It's been all... atwitter for over a week now.
4) Yes! Another illustrious club member!
5) Yes ma'am!
9) Varies... but usually around 9:15.
10) Slash crazy!!
11) :))))))))))))))

tg... 1) I'm almost certain there isn't.
2) You're old.
4) LOL I think when my hair was shorter, I was a psycho about it, too.
5) Let's do it!!
6) Love reading!

gp... 1) Yay her!
2) LOL Never seen her current show.
3) I really wish they would.
4) Depends on the outfit.
5) Do it!!
7) Hush
8) That is ridiculous. I can barely get thru one mag/month let alone three from her and my 2 other subscriptions.
9) I need to get a move on.
10) SMH
11) Thanks!
12) AWESOME!!!!!!

Jameil said...

Anon... thanks!

adei... 2) Where have YOU been? Original eps.
4) IDK what ILK means but go saddown.
10) Really?

mrstdj... 4) that's the same as me. my hair is longer, i need fewer earrings.
7) lolol as does your fright of them!
8) i'm on that magazine reading STRUGGLE.