Monday Mindspacing Vol. 114

1) If asked to make a decision and I like all options, I always ask, "Can I have both?"  I love to split the difference.  If I don't have to choose, I see no reason to choose.  If at Sonic I could have fries AND tots, I would really be a happy person.  As such, I usually choose tots b/c you can get fries everywhere.
2) My cousin is the most disgruntled pregnant person right now and it is HILARIOUS!!!  She's mad at the whole world because she's uncomfortable but she says it in such a way that all you can do is laugh.  Love her!!
3) Shopping in traditional or easily accessible stores is becoming increasingly difficult for me.  The clothes all look the same and many are too expensive and/or made from poor quality fabric.  So not awesome.  Can I get some unique, well-made, inexpensive clothes??? I'm gonna have to learn how to sew, aren't I?  Or how to recruit design students who will work for food...
4) My fashion blogs are undergoing another upheaval.  If you have ill-fitting clothing, I must unfollow.  If you promote terrible items just to say you had a giveaway?  I must unfollow.  If you basically wear the same thing all the time... SAY IT WITH ME!! I must unfollow.
5) I took a break from "The Office" in favor of "Parks & Rec" and LOLOL.
6) I adore Rashan most when he's sleeping.  I love him tons when he's awake but when he's sleeping?  He's so QUIET!! That dude talks too much.  As evidenced by his thrice daily blogging.  Wait... that's somebody else's husband.  He's not that quiet when he sleeps but he's adorable!  Tis why I adore him.
7) The internet is DETERMINED to make me a bad speller!  Determined!!  And I won't have it!  I just won't!  This is why I'm reading books again.  So I can remember how to spell.  Otherwise I think I have to give back my 3rd grade spelling bee victory.
8) I found a list of baby names from only God knows how long ago when I was home.  This was apparently during my "I hate my name" phase because I wouldn't use a single one now.  Grace Alexandra, Thaddeus Phillippe, Tahara Sarai, Charlotte Ann Elizabeth, Eli David.  Oh and there was also Amari Kani.  Yes.  Like Karl Kani.  But the name of all names and the one none of us will ever forget, Nautica Alexis!  Thank God I wasn't a teenage mother because I clearly had no sense!!
9) We watched "Love Jones" Friday night.  I said, "How does Nia Long look the same age today?" Rashan said, "She doesn't look the same age. She looks two years older.'  LOLOL
10) I hate when people make heaux singular and leave the x.  If you don't know French, don't try to conjugate a fake Franglais verb.  And if you pretend to know French and leave the x, you're the lamest of all.  Toast!
11) It makes me uncomfortable when people call work 'the plantation' or any of its derivatives.  There's no comparison.
12) Let's all applaud Rashan for making a change in his life!  When people sneeze, he now says "Bless you."  Yay!!!  I used to always sneeze and then look at him like, "Cad!"  He's a very polite person so I was confused by this thing.
13) It's official... unless I want to eat 90xs a day, I can't be a vegetarian.  I'm always hungry no more than 4 hours later but usually about 2 when I have a vegetarian meal.  Tis sad.
14) Aaaaand I've been cooking up a storm lately.  If you need some recipes, take yourself on over to The Record Dish.  There's plenty there and plenty more coming this week.


Not so Anonymous said...

1. I'm with you on splitting the difference...I want it all!
3. The fabric is what kills me...I swear quality is a thing of the past.
5. I've watched P&R a few times and I like it because it's funny and because of the local government setting...they even have a City manager...I love that.
8. Nope...not even going to comment on this.
10. I'm so lost...

Naima said...

#2. I normally get tots too, and for that very same reason. I get them at the Vortex too. Mmmmmmm...baby potatoes...
#6. Awwwwwww!! :)
#7. I've been saying the same thing for the longest! I'm gonna get back to reading actual books post-wedding.
#8. Nautica Alexis? Bwahahahahahahaha!!
#9. LOL!
#10. Agreed!
#13. I sang a song last night about loving meat to the tune of Baby Got Back...after a delicious burger (and a margarita). I couldn't do it!

Nicole said...

I LOVE Parks and Recreation. They have some of the best characters on that show. It took a little while for it to get good. The first season was just okay, but once they found their groove (in the second season), it turned into a great show.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I do that too! LOL! All they can say is no, but I usually get a yes! Score! I finally found the Sonic it’s in Hayward about 20 miles from home 10 from work! Yay!
3.Online shopping is becoming my friend for unique clothing. Quality in general is at an all-time low on affordable clothes. *sad face*
5."Parks & Rec" is hilarious!
6.It’s wonderful to be adored and have someone to adore. *smile*
7.Absolutely agree!! I’m also becoming illiterate, hard of hearing and confused.lol I can't wait for school to start to feel smart again!
8. Hilarious!
9. You said that like it was your first time seeing it? Not the number one favorite Black love story of ALL time!! It must have been a LJ weekend because somebody in my TL was tweeting the what and why of Darius’ actions LOL! When asked what mine is I say “Brown Sugar” to be different, but it really is. Oh yeah, Nia is absolutely gorg and holding it down for the chocolate drops. My name for pretty brown girls.
11. Agreed! I won’t even go into my long why!
12. I stopped saying it to people at this job because they don’t but that’s not me so I started back 3 weeks ago.
13. You must have a really high metabolism... I’m actually considering vegan days of the week
14. Get it! Get it!

K. Rock said...

3. You are such the fashionista. I must be such a neanderthal because I am so far from this feeling.
6. My hubs is much more fun awake. The snoring does not help the "cute sleeping hubby" case.
8. Thaddeus Phillippe! Awesome! I think I knew a chick named nautica. I am sure ther are some running around here.
14. I am loving it!

Sparkling Red said...

3) So it's not just me. I thought I was getting pickier, but clothes truly are getting crappier.
6) Tell you what - get some of that talkativeness and send it to me for my strong, silent type guy.
11) It makes me feel uncomfortable when people say "I'm starving". No one I know is actually starving, but millions of people really are. Like you said, no comparison.
12) When I was a kid, my hippie dad thought it was uncool to say "excuse me" after burping. Fortunately his second wife re-trained him.

Trish said...

2. I had an elementary school friend who was the same way. On FB I could always look forward to a great laugh.

3. I'm starting to feel the same way about shopping.

5. This is one of my fave shows. The Office has fallen off. I also enjoy watching "Happy Endings."

11. LOL!

Jameil said...

nsa... 1) Yes!
3) Not necessarily but you certainly have to pay a lot more for it.
5) LOL You would notice that!
8) What does that even mean???
10) So instead of saying hoes, fancy people like to say heaux.

naima... 2) oh yeah! usually i get tots, rah gets fries.
6) :))
7) LOL Yay books!
13) I cannot w/you!!!

nicole... Right?! I agree with this whole comment!!

gp... 1) Yeses are very frequent! I remember my grandpa saying no. That jerk. And it's now the only memory I have of him.
3) I'm still not comfortable buying unfamiliar clothes online. I know I won't be the one to return them.
6) It is :)
7) All that!?!? LOOL
9) Umm... I have no idea how you got that from what I said. Seeing it again is not the same as seeing it for the first time. You notice different things.
11) Right. I figure people get exactly what I mean if they think about it.
13) I guess. I'm gonna pass on vegan. I'm only usually accidentally vegan.
14) Okay!

k... 3) LOL Poor thing.
6) LOL I love him asleep and awake! He snores infrequently and it's never loud enough to keep me awake... unlike both of my parents & my sister.
8) LOL I'm sure there are plenty!!

red... 3) it's definitely not just you!
6) lolol he's definitely not talkative. i'm the chatty one in our relationship.
11) i never thought of it like that. :(
12) LOLOL Thank you 2nd wife!!

trish... 2) LOLOL
3) Le sigh.
5) Oh The Office. I'm hoping next season will fix last season. Never seen Happy Endings.

sayitlikethis said...

My cousin's daughter is named Nautica. *gag*

Nia Long is #1 on my girl crush list.

Love Jones is my absolute favorite movie.

Coworker claims she has a fashion blog but all she does is post pics of other people wearing crazy stuff. Not to mention she comes to work looking crazy FIVE days a week!

Jameil said...

say... LOLOL! Nautica FTW!! Nia Long is so gorgeous!! Dead @ that fake fashion blog!! People slay me!! Does she even take the pictures??? Why do I want to read that???