Monday Mindspacing Vol. 112

1) I used to be a stan for 112.  I've seen them in concert at least 3 times.  I think maybe 4 but I'm not sure.  (Former stan fail.)  I waited outside the student center when they were at Hampton to take a picture with them and got one w/my fave, Mike! :)))))  I also got Room 112 autographed on another occasion!  I've bought or had 112 (the first album) bought for me multiple times.  Stan.
2) I want a brooch for every occasion.  Love 'em.  I own 8 or 9 now. MORE MORE!!
3) While we're talking about much-neglected accessories... can hats pleeeeeeeeease be worn more???  I'm going to start wearing mine regularly.  They're mostly winter fabrics so I have a bit of a wait but IT'S COMING!!!  As you can imagine from numbers 2 & 3, my grandma and I are on one accord when it comes to accessories.  Last time I was there, she stole my hat!  She probably doesn't remember it's mine so I'm going to have to steal it back.
4) I really want to go to Mississippi so my mom's side of the fam can meet Rashan.  From grandma, to aunts & uncles to cousins, NOBODY on that side has met him.  FAIL.
5) My sister says she knows I'm not preg b/c she wants it too bad and she never gets anything she wants... ROTFL!!!  My father's on again off again gf says my dad can't stop talking about grandchildren.  Please go sit down.  If HE knew not to tell me that, you should do better and not spread that around.
6) Y'all know I don't know anything about hip hop and Rashan is Mr. Hip Hop, right?  Well I've been diligently researching when the Tribe doc will be in a theater near us b/c that's his favorite group.  We saw a trailer this weekend and I now want to see it more than ever!  Because we live in a one doc a month town (okay it's not QUITE that bad...), we have to wait until September.  Sigh.
7) I'm trying to get Rashan down with us going to the movies every week.  HELP!
8) This man saved a corner of tequila in a 750ml bottle.  I don't even think it's enough for a shot.  It's been there for more than a month.  You, sir, are a failure.
9) I am apparently officially an old lady and I'm still not even 29.  8 DAYS TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!  I slept wrong on my hip in some crazy position and it hurt to walk for two days!  This cannot be.
10) Speaking of my birthday, I bought myself those spoon straws (and a silicone whisk)!  Love 'em!  I have also decided I would like to see 4 or 5 movies in the theater for my birthday.  I found more shoes, too in 7.5 -- black or brownThese in black.
11) Why did we try to go to a 'seafood fest' here and there was NO MORE THAN 10 yards of street blocked off, a 'band' of two people with one person (their brother?) taking a photograph and no one else paying attention, and 15 people max there for the 'fest.'  -_-  Oh!  And they were charging $5 per person to attend.  That is not a festival and you are out of your mind.
12) We would've gone to beer fest down the street but it was $35pp.  Ummm.... Rashan definitely doesn't like beer enough to go for that.  Per person though??  It would've been nice if it was cheaper because it was walking distance from the house.
13) OMG I looooove Whole Foods!  Every time I go there I find something that's cheaper than it is at Harris Teeter or cooler.  They have a wine/large beer bottle chiller that chills your beer to ice cold in 7 mins.   AWESOME!!  Goat cheese, blue cheese crumbles, feta crumbles, fresh herbs, baguettes, frozen cranberries = all cheaper at WF than Harris Teeter. #win #win #win Also doesn't that list sound like the start to an awesome wine and cheese??????


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

112 & brooches..who are you?! lol I love, love, love Whole Foods! Every time I'm in there I tell the hubby I need an unlimited grocery budget so I can do ALL my food shopping there.

Nicole said...

You guys HAVE to see that Tribe doc. It's a great film, period. Even if you're not a Tribe fan. And if you ARE a Tribe film, it'll not only be great, it'll be face-melting great.

Nerd Girl said...

2. I wish I could give you my grandma's jewelry box - she was a stan for brooches!
3. How do you get a hat on top of your locs? Seriously.
4. Note to self, prepare to pose as a long-lost cousin!
6. I so want to see this - it'll probably never come here.
10. Brown.
13. Mmmmmm...cheese.

Sparkling Red said...

2) Neat! I was feeling sad the other day because brooches haven't been trendy for some time now, and yet it is a jewellery form with so much potential for coolness and sophistication.
3) Yes hats! I have 7 fancy hats (i.e. not wool toques) which I wear almost all the time, weather permitting. I get spontaneous compliments from strangers on the street at least twice a month on my hats.
11) Mega lame.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I liked 112 but yes YOU are a stan!
2. I saw a brooch in the Sept lucky mag advertisement and I swear I thought of you. I have 3 brooches that I never wear. One I think is adorable and have never worn...but it may debut this fall.Two others worn on pasts Easters.
3. THIS was hilarious!! I do enjoy a good hat from time to time. You are such an old soul. LOL!
4. You must fix this immediately!
5. Wow! That’s a LOT of pregnancy talk..I don’t know with you. You may bust out with you've been pregnant for months…In December or something… Surprise!
6. I heard the Tribe Called Quest documentary is Awesome!! I'll be checking it out as well just cuz.
7. From what I understand going to the movies every week IS a married couple thing.
9. Oh Lawd! LOLOL!
10. Nice!
11. When you mentioned the Fest on Twitter I was excited. This right here is truly a FAIL!
12. Yep these prices are out of hand!
13. And on the opposite end of that spectrum WF is soooo expensive here. I still go because it’s close to me and I like the food but yeah a major FAIL on the prices. Now Trader Joes SWOON! The produce, frozen fruits and veggies and fish and chicken make me dance in the aisles!

The Goddess said...

1. I was a stan for 112 also. So much so that when Slim came out with his album I was super excited to hear it. I have to say there was only 2 songs on the entire album that I cared for. Still love 112 though.

3. I ADORE hats. I can only wear them for some reason when my hair is long. I cant wait until my hair is longer so I can really get back into them.

4. Awww cute! That's going to be so cool when you guys can make that trip so your family can meet your hubby.

5. I've got NO comment. Lol

6. Wow, I didn't know you didn't know hip hop. Why am I sooo surprised.

8. Drink up! Hee hee!

9. Not quite 29 and YOU'RE old??? Thanks, now I feel ancient.

13. I love whole foods also, but hate how much money I spend every time I shop there.

Not So Anonymous said...

1. I went to one of their concerts a looooong time ago, I think I was 20...anyway, I was never a stan...that leader singer's voice got annoying after 5 minutes.
2.You have to go to the Clinton Library and check out the Albright collection....I used to love her brooches.
5. LOL.
6. oooh...it's here and i was thinking about seeing it, but yeah..i haven't yet.
9. It's all downhill from here, lol.

K. Rock said...

1. Giirrrrrlll 112's first CD was all the business. One of my all time fave R&B cd's. They fell waaay off after that. But yeah, you=stan.
2, 3. Accessories scare me. I'm not ready yet.
6. I heard it was good. I'll catch it on Netflix.
8. What you want him to do, throw it away! You dont do that Jameil, you just dont! It will combine forces with the next bottle of tequila and form a full shot. Just wait for it!
9. Yeah for your birthday!!
13. I have never been to whole foods.

sayitlikethis said...

I, too, have an autographed copy of Room 112. I saw them when I was in college. Somehow they ended up at an after-hours spot that we were at and got it signed.

On the ATCQ documentary, it is a must-see. Hands down. If you know nothing about hip-hop, you will get schooled.

I used to go to the movies every week when I dated this guy in high school. That was life before a son, law school, etc. Tell Rashan to do it while ya'll can.

Jameil said...

sha... i am madam awesome! omg i would LOVE an ultd. grocery budget!! that would be the best ever!! and a chef to cook it for me on those days i just don't feel like it!!

nicole... I KNOW!!!! Why do I live in this torturous city????

ng... 2) I wish you could, too!!!!
3) I wear hats that perch up there and pin them. It helps that my hair also looks thicker than it is.
4) LOL Come on, Cletus! I've seen you guys more in MS than most of my family so you count!
6) :((((( Mississippi fail!
10) Decision made! Thanks!
13) cheeeeese

red... 2) exactly!!! brooches for everyone!!
3) awesome! joining your hat party already in progress!!
11) seriously.

gp... 1) indeed.
2) brooooooches!! send them all to me! brooches are to be worn!
3) i wouldn't consider myself an old soul but i def. like old fashion!
4) It'll happen as soon as possible but not immediately.
5) Really? This again?
6) We'll be there opening weekend.
11) Yeah... excitement fail.
12) I mean truly.
13) It's definitely an expensive place if you don't know your prices. But when you do, and you follow sales, you can get the serious come-up. I'm a TJ fan but we don't have one here.

tg... 1) yes! i had a feeling i wouldn't like a Slim album. never even gave it a chance.
3) hats!!!!!! i would be so sad if i ever felt like i couldn't wear them.
4) i know!
5) *scowl*
6) IDK. That is very well-documented.
8) LOL. Exactly!
9) When I sleep on my left side funkily I am!
13) LOL I always feel proud when I get out of there spending less than $20. The days I spend less than $10, I skip! LOLOL

nsa... 1) OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!
2) OMG! Sounds awesome!!
6) Go see it!

k... 1) w/you on 112's first cd but for real????? how could you not like the 2nd??? And really, the 3rd one was also awesome! Do better!
2 & 3) Don't be scared!
6) I def. don't want to wait.
8) DRINK IT WITH YOUR LAST DRINK. Why did you save that??? Wasted counter space and a tease to whoever comes thinking there's something in the bottle.
13) FIX. Granted you need it less than me, being in ATL, but fix anyway.

say... Ha! Yes for twin autographed copies! I don't mind getting school. LOL @ do it while you can.