Monday Mindspacing Vol. 111

1) I like the number 111.
2) There is not a single company I want to hear from daily. They have got to get their email subscriptions under control.
3) I hate those days where I wake up in a bad mood. It's like, "Really? Who hurt you in your sleep last night?"
4) I never iron.  It just seems like an extra unnecessary step.  But once I deem something unwearable without ironing and actually iron, I am suddenly in the mood to iron.  And it has a calming, almost therapeutic effect.  Repetitive motion or something.
5) I know it's supposed to be hot in the summer but this unrelenting heat over 95 degrees every day is evil.  I want it to stop.
6) Me & Rashan are going to Atlanta for a wedding in September and WE'RE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!
7) Next on my unsub list: Groupon & Living Social.  I NEVER see anything I like on there.  Going on a year w/groupon I've bought ONE.  The deals of even remote interest come less than once a month.  In months, I've never seen a deal on Living Social that I wanted.  That was short-lived...
8) I don't really like soy sauce.  I eat eel sauce with my sushi if anything other than wasabi.  And I almost never eat Chinese food but when I do, duck sauce.
9) Facebook status of the week: Just watched inception... I'm now highly concerned I'm currently asleep and don't realize it.
10) The worst hashtag attempts?  Things like #move it or lose it sister.  Sigh.  The point of a hashtag is to put an entire phrase as one word.  It's #moveitorloseitsister.  (We won't discuss the ill-advised usage of that particular phraseology in 2011.)  Surely you realize that.  You HAVE to have seen it enough places.  If you can't comply, just don't use hashtags.  Merci
11) Can everybody do me another favor?  Don't post anymore blurry photos on fb.  On your camera phone they probably look a "little" bad but blown up on my screen, my eyes try to compensate.  Make that stop.
12) I went to M.adewell this weekend and got a pair of jeans...  They were originally $115.  I got them for $19.99.  And it was tax-free weekend.  And I had a $25 gift card. *pats back*


Naima said...

#4. I don't either. I'm severely limiting my wardrobe because I have a number of things that need to be ironed and I don't wear them because of that. I need to do better.
#5. Just rude.
#6. Yay!!!!!!! *gasps for breath* Yay some more!!! We can't wait to see ya'll!!!!
#9. LoL! That's pretty funny.
#12. Score! Go you!!

K. Rock said...

2. I dont do email subs for anybody for that reason.
5. You can't complain about it! Winter will hear you.
6. Yeah! So we hooking up or what?
7. See #2.
10. Move it or lose it still has modern day uses. It should not be banished.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I love when you tell people (not suggest) how to use social networks, LOL!

Nerd Girl said...

4. Gasp! I iron every day. Booo!
7. I'm thinking about giving them the boot too. The only thing I've ever purchased were 2 for $9 movie tickets. And then I remembered - I don't go to the movies often at all. Oops!
11. My bad.
12. Awesomeness!

mrstdj said...

5. It's been consistently over 100 here in DC. I hate it.

7. Groupon and Living Social have been great to me. Sorry that the good stuff in your area isn't stepping up.

Bwahaha! Lord, you need to me a teacher of social networking etiquette and decorum!! I love it!

Sparkling Red said...

Ironing is calming? Hmm... nope I don't see it. Washing dishes, yes. Folding clean clothes, yes, but not ironing. It requires too much vigilance.

Way to pick up the bargains!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I’m intrigued by these dates 9/10/11 and 11/11/11 I wish the last one was my wedding day... Is there still time? LOL!
2. I talked about my shopping alerts. LOVE it!
3. “Who hurt you in your sleep last night?"<<<THIS had me dying!
4. I hate ironing, love the finished product! My repetitive motion is vacuuming! I could vacuum all day. I like the finished patterns on the carpet!
5. I’m hating! It’s back cold again! I have to go find the sun every weekend.
6. Yay!
7. I like many of the deals I see on Groupon.
8. I like it as an added ingredient in recipes yum, and I do eat good Chinese food so it’s a great enhancement on fried rice but only a tiny squeeze too much ruins everything!
9. That was funny! It would be something if I was too! LOL!
12. That was a SCORE!! I love shopping trips like this! Makes my whole day! I feel all savvy LOL!

Jameil said...

naim... 4) and if i'm honest, sometimes i wear wrinkled clothes if I deem it not too wrinkled. we are a mess! lol
5) so rude!
6) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Us too!! :)
9) lolol

K... 2) yeah... i'm not all the way off yet.
5) i'm sayin! 95+ is not the move!!
6) oh le do it!
10) BANISHED when in tandem with sister. Unacceptable.

sha... LOLOL Almost daily!

ng... 4) oh noooo! that's my husband, tho. that man IRONS!!
7) lolol sad
11) lol
12) yes!!

tdj... 5) so gross!!
7) you're mean for living in the DMV!!!
you know i want to include that in ALL of my courses! no matter the course i taught it to everyone!

red... washing dishes isn't calming for me. it always takes too long. no matter how many dishes there are I'm always like WHY AREN'T I DONE YET!! Folding I can kind of give you, too.

gp... 1) I'm going to weddings on both of those dates! :) There's time! LOL
2) blech
3) LOL
4) vacuuming can do it for me too but i don't really like carpet.
5) you can have it!!
7) again... you big city gals are TAUNTING ME!!
8) i've had it in recipes and liked it but as a dipping sauce? no indeed.
9) lol not funny like in the movie tho!
12) wheeee!! right!?!