Monday Mindspacing Vol. 113

2) Netflix doesn't even know me anymore.  It's been flat out wrong on multiple ratings after something like a 100-film streak.  SMH  Oh and my main issue with the Netflix thing is that it was ALL OVER Twitter for a good 2 hours before they sent an announcement to customers.  Fail.
3) As you're reading this, my mommy and I are en route to or in Asheville for my birthday!!!  YAY!!!  Did I mention it's tomorrow???  I'm so excited!!!!  She wanted to spend a whole day with just me since "it was just the two of us that day."  I said, "And daddy. You want me to invite him?"  LOLOL  She declined.  I could cry about being a child of divorce (their 30th anniversary would've been today!) and ask her to reconsider.  Really bewilder her!  :)  In case you're worried, I've been okay with my parents divorce since before it was finalized more than 10 years ago.
4) Please make Rashan stop "talking" to me in his half sleep.  He's really mumbling about nothing and can't remember what he said the second after it leaves his mouth.  Sir...
5) I was thinking the other day I just can't imagine Brad Pitt still being a sexsymbol when he's old and gray.  I'm not saying it won't happen but I would be equally unsurprised either way.  I could see him just looking old.  Now George Clooney?  That man will be delicious till he dies!  I can't call no nother man delicious... (7:35)
6) You know the most shocking thing about meeting people in person you've known on the blog?  Height.  Unless they talk about it all the time or you happen to see an 8 foot tall brother, you never know.  Because I will forget in a minute!  What I'm trying to say is K. Rock, how tall are you?  You look short.  & I don't want to get shocked.  LOL
7) Since the pregnancy post, Rashan has asked me like 4xs if I'm pregnant.  -_-  I'm going to ban him, too.
8) I've been watching 'The Office' reruns on Netflix nightly or near nightly for like a month.  I can't stop.  The wedding episode nearly makes me cry every time!  But Dwayne & Whitley was the best tv wedding of all time!!!!!  I don't nearly cry, I bawl!!  Simp.
9) I have been doing terribly with my teaching progress in the last week but don't you worry your pretty little head!  Even though it's my birthday week, I'm going to gift myself with a great job search and some achievements!
10) I'm a psycho with an active imagination looking for disaster around every corner.  Son... why do I prefer to listen to Rashan snore breathe loudly b/c at least that way I know he's alive?  If he's quiet, I watch his back to make sure it's rising & falling or touch him.  It's so crazy and I really want to stop.  But now it's become a habit.  Ugh.
11) Did I mention tomorrow is my birthday??? To celebrate, I'm going to have ELK for the first time!  How exciting!!!! :) 


K. Rock said...

1. Yeah! I will save my wishes for the day of.
3. Mommy daughter birthday? Sounds fun! Hope yall do some cool stuff. Shopping, eating, etc...
4. Lol! I can SO relate to that.
5. While neither one of them particularly do "it" for me, I am going to have say that I think Brad Pitt will make a lucious old dude. I love the beard he has been sporting lately.
6. Ha! You look short too! We should clear up all our questions about each other before we meet. Starting now. I am 5' 3". Not dwarfishly short but could be considered short.
7. Sounds like he needs a lecture too.
8. Yesss!!! I mist at Jim and Pam but I bawl at Whitley and Dwayne. The best wedding ep ever made! And considering that I had a major drush on DW, I just imagined it was me up there. I do! Bye Byron!
10. I'm kinda like that with my Dad. If I see him taking a nap, I will go over to make sure he's breathing. It's not like he's sick or on his death bed or anything, I just wanna make sure he's all right!

Nicole said...

1. Happy day before your birthday!
2. Netflix be slippin' yo!
4. At least he doesn't elbow you or kick you in his sleep. My guy seems to always be fighting in his dreams or something. And I bruise easily. People are going to think he beats me!
5. I think Brad Pitt will look handsome as an old man. I dig his unruly beard and current old-man trajectory.
7. Think you have it bad? Try telling people you're never having children. So, for me, it's not just questioning, but people trying to convince me to have children. Um, stay out of my womb please. My uterus, my choice.
8. That wedding episode makes me cry and laugh hysterically at the same time. It's the best kind of hysteria. Micheal's proposal episode also makes my eyes leak.
11. Happy day before your birthday, again!

akima said...

1) Happy (early) birthday!!

3) I want to visit Asheville so bad but it's like 8 hours by car from DC which just doesn't work for me. I hear it's pretty and I love your mother's reasoning. So sweet!

4) At least he doesn't act out his dreams. I may have had my arm used as a stand-in for a robotic arm during an IN-DREAM presentation once! Of course, it woke me up and I sat there as my arm was waved and listened to the OUT LOUD presentation. WTF!!!!

8) My favorite television line ever is in that episode of ADW. "Die, just die." I say that about once a week.

Nerd Girl said...

1. It's a shame that you're so low-key about your birthday. You really should try to get just a little hyped about it!
3. Yay for mother-daughter road trips! Tell your mother I said howdy.
4. Smoochy does that. Ugh!
5. He and his partner irritate me. I don't like to look at either of them.
6. So, who've you met and were shocked by their height?
11. Happy pre-birthday!!!

Sparkling Red said...

Have a fabulous birthday! Party on, dude. And have a wonderful, stupendous, healthy, abundant year.

Naima said...

#1. Yay!! Happy Birthday Eve!
#3. Awwwww, how cute :)
#5. Nor can I. George though? ALL THE LIVELONG DAY! *fans self*
#10. The fiance usually snores, so when he doesn't I get all worried and poke him until he moves. Glad I'm not the only crazy, LoL!

sayitlikethis said...

I. love. me. some. George. Clooney. Ocean's Eleven? Up in the Air? Michael Clayton? ER? Chile....we'd have to fight for George. For real.

LOL at your image of bloggers!

As for the Different World wedding? My sister & I know ALL OF THE WORDS to that two-part episode. I had it recorded on VHS FOREVER! I probably still have it taped.

And since I'm commenting on the 23rd, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I hope you had a blast on your burfday!

The Goddess said...

1. Happy Birthday AGAIN!!!

2. Netflix has continually been ticking me off lately. I keep debating cancelling. They need to get it together. UGH!

3. Aww. I need a mommy and daughter day. I hope you all have fun.

4. I cant picture it either and as SOON as you said it I thought George Clooney. Lol

7. That's HILARIOUS!!!!

10. Ok...I'm glad it's not just me. I do that with my husband and the little guy. I'm constantly touching them when they sleep. I'll do something to little guy just to make him move and put me at ease. Insanity!!!!

11. Did, I say happy birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Lol

Jameil said...

k... 1) merci!
2) it was great! and we did that!
4) lol
5) blech! the beard is what made me say he might don't make it!!
6) lol. I'm 5'1 and you better not say that makes me dwarfishly short!!
8) Sorry Byron but you can't fight fate!!
10) lol

nic... 1) thanks!
2) for serious!
4) i think twice i've been hit in his sleep and he was AGHAST both times and extremely apologetic!
5) oh i can't stand that beard!!
7) lolol sparkling red KNOWS this pain of which you speak!! people and their nosiness!!
8) great laughter indeed! rah loooooves michael & holly so we both enjoyed that ep.
11) merci!

akima... 1) thank you!
3) it was pretty and hippie-ish. i wanted to try millions of restaurants!
4) OMG!!! I HOLLERED!!! THIS WAS SO HILARIOUS!!! LOLOLOLOL Comment of the month!!
8) Yes! I love that phrase!

ng... 1) let me work on that.
3) yay & she said hi!
4) they need to get it together!
6) there's always something physically that throws me off. i don't think you were that much taller than i expected you to be.
11) danke!

red... thank you thank you!!

nai... 1) thank you!
3) :)
5) GEORGE!!!!
10) LOLOL I am so glad I shared this!!!

say... giiiiirrrrl! george is MMM! and just gets better with age! all of the words??? dedication! lol thank you for your words of joy!!! the celebration continues!!

tg... 1) thanks!
2) ticking you off how?
3) yay! we did!
4) lol yes!
7) don't start!!
10) smh. i heard of moms doing this but never wives! no one ever told me!
11) thanks!