Movies 2011, Weeks 29-31

July 24-30, 2011
119) Midnight in Paris.  I really, really enjoyed this Woody Allen film about a couple (Rachel McAdams & Owen Wilson) who begins rethinking life after traveling together in Paris.  Great writing and great acting all around.  If this is playing near you, definitely go see it!  If not, put it on your queue!  4.4 stars
120) The French Connection.  Gene Hackman & Roy Scheider star as two NYC cops who stumble upon a drug deal with a French Connection.  For the first 20 minutes, I tried to figure out why this was lowly rated for me on Netflix.  I never figured out why.  This was an awesome movie!  It had intrigue, some confusion, high-speed chases.  "Move calmly, move cautiously and you'll never be sorry." Awesome quote.  Great music.  4.4 stars
121) There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane. HBO doc about the wrong-way driver with a .19 blood alcohol content who in 2009 who killed herself, her daughter, 3 nieces and three other men.  Good family access, graphic crime scene photographs.  I felt like the story moved a bit slowly and redundantly.  Rashan liked it more than I did.  A good movie for doc ethics classes.  3.5 stars

July 31- August 6, 2011
122) Lincoln Lawyer. My old boo Matthew McConaughey stars as the titular character in this film about a lawyer who has to defend a rich playboy (Ryan Phillippe).  The lawyer finds himself and his family at risk when he learns the truth about his latest case.  Lots of awesome twists.  Really enjoyed it!  I'm shocked it hasn't gotten more buzz!  4 stars
123) Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Amusing 1957 film starring Tony Randall & Jayne Mansfield about an ad man who accidentally finds himself the object of affection of a Hollywood star to the chagrin of himself and his fiancée.  That annoying squeal they made blondes do back then (see: Monroe, Marilyn) was supremely annoying but not enough to get rid of the charm of the film.  3.5 stars
124) Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.  The first Star Wars movie.  I intentionally avoided it for more than a decade.  I don't know that there's a point in my life that I would enjoy it but... this ain't it.  Just not my cup of tea.  Rashan even liked it less than he did as a kid which of course made him a bit sad.  3.2 stars

August 7-13, 2011
125) Shane. Western about tyrants in the west trying to run farmers and their families off of their claims... until Shane comes along.  I really liked it!  I was wide-eyed throughout and wanted to call my dad AKA Mr. Western and tell him I watched it!  LOL  4 stars
126) Steam of Life.  Finnish film about men who take steam baths and the stories that pour out of them in the humid air.  I enjoyed it but found it a bit sad.  I met the filmmaker at a festival last year and he was very cool.  3.7 stars
127) Modern Times. Cute Charlie Chaplin mostly silent film about a poor man who can't catch a break until he falls in love.  Awww!  I liked it!  He really was a great filmmaker!  4 stars
128) Midnight Cowboy. Dustin Hoffman and John Voight star as a scheming cripple and his fake cowboy stud companion.  Most ineffective filmwhore ever.  LOL  I expected to hate this since Rashan had long ago expressed his disgust for it.  I didn't.  It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen but it certainly held my attention which is more than I can say for many many films.  3.7 stars
129) Page One: Inside the New York Times.  Documentary about the New York Times.  Cool inside look at a newsroom.  Problems in story line arose when the directors tried to weave in too many disparate points of views and story lines.  It was still riveting.  It raised so many questions and issues, I felt like I could teach an entire course using pieces of this film.  My mind was RACING!  And full of ideas!  I enjoyed it.  3.9 stars
130) Harper. Paul Newman and Lauren Bacall star in this film about a detective hired to find a missing rich man.  I liked many of the twists and turns but I didn't love some of the details and drawn out scenes.  Still, a decent watch.  3.4 stars


Nicole said...

I love that you watch so many movies. I too loves me some movies.

Jameil said...

I know! Your movie reviews definitely drive me to see more movies! I'm like, "I'm a filmmaker! I should be seeing more movies!" I wish there were more indie theaters near me but I'm grateful for the one. At least there's that!

sayitlikethis said...

Lincoln Lawyer was good but the book was AWESOME!! I read the book first because I didn't have access to the movie.

I love old films. TCM is one of my favorite channels.

Jameil said...

say... i love a good book! and as i was watching it, i thought, i bet the book is even better!! i have to wait on that one, tho b/c the film is too fresh in my head. TCM is awesome!!

Misst124 said...

I know I'm late but I LOVED Midnight in Paris! I'll be visiting Paris over the Christmas holidays. This movie made me soooooooooooo anxious!

Jameil said...

LOL. Right?! I was like, I gotta get back to Paris!!