Birthday List!!!

It's no secret that I love my birthday!!!!!!!!!!  And since it's coming up in less than a month (AUGUST 23RD!!), I figured I should do a list!  Yay!!!  I love unwrapping things so I think one awesome gift, an experience (see: 1, 2, 6, 11), a restaurant and a great day with Rashan would make it one of the best birthdays ever!!  29 HERE I COME!!

1) A helicopter ride...
2) A vineyard tour...
3) SHOES!!! Size 7.5, please.  I love these from Coach.
4) Jewelry... like diamond studs.
5) An awesome meal in a cute, delicious restaurant! (A must and a guarantee!)
6) Ride a mechanical bull!!!
7) Something from my Amazon.com (books) registry.  And/or something from my Crate & Barrel registry.  LOVE!  From C&B in particular, dishes, flatware, some of those kitchen gadgets/knicknacks (these spoon straws!!!! I can't even explain why j'adore them so... I might buy them for myself before my birthday!).
8) This watch.
9) STATIONERY!! I've decided on using my first maiden and our last name on stationery because just first and last name isn't long enough for me right now.  It looks too weird.  (But I have to think way too hard to write my signature right now.)  I love this one.  And this one in azure or eggplant.
10) This bag.
11) Hot air balloon ride :)
12) To spend a great day with Rashan!!!!!


Nicole said...

Happy less than a month from your birthday! It's never too early to start wishing someone a happy birthday, right. Actually, maybe it is but so what! Happy early birthday! :-)

K. Rock said...

You're gonna be 29? I thought you were much younger than that. I dont know why I thought you were like 25 or something.

I am going to get you a gift off your list! I pick...number 12. Imma set it up where he takes you out to do something for your birthday! It will be a great day! You can thank me later (or now).

Anonymous said...

I'm feelin that bag!

Ladynay said...

Helicopter and hot air balloon? You like being up in the sky huh? LOL!

Trish said...

1. I always wanted to but the sound from them is so loud from the ground I cannot imagine sitting in one!
4. I was just telling BeBe that I am planning to get a nice pair.
7. I need to get a couple of books for my trip, I had no idea that ALL Borders were closing.
10. Nice and really reasonable price!
11. I priced some, there is a place that is literally two minutes from my sister's apartment.
12. I know this one will definitely happen :-)

Elaine said...

eee!!! happy almost birthday!!!!

The Goddess said...

Love the bag and the watch. I remember it taking me so long to be able to sign my name after getting married. It took some getting used to.

Hope you get everything on your list then some.

Jameil said...

Nicole... I used to think yes but now, THANK YOU!!! :)

k... I thought you were older than you are. Mostly b/c you've been married forever & have 3 kids. Did you set up that thing w/Rah yet? I'll wait.

j... me, too!

lady... i do!

trish... 1) LOL I used to work at a tv station. I so should've gone while I worked there! They give you headphones!
4) Love shoes!
7) Yeah but their sales are still terrible. Mostly 20% off. What?? Not enough. I can't help you move this stuff until it's 60% off.
10) Si!
11) Cool!
12) ME TOO!! :)

Elaine... thanks!

tg... name signing is so ridiculously common, too! lol what a lovely wish for me! merci! :)

GorgeousPuddin said...

AWESOME! AWESOME! list! Sounds like you will have the best B-day EVER! :))