Monday Mindspacing Vol. 107

1) Please make people stop saying IJS. We KNOW you're saying it because well... YOU'RE saying it... on your fb page... or on twitter.  Your face is right next to it... We know it's you.
2) Group colloquialisms ring so false to me.  Folks, gang.  Please stop.  NO ONE talks like that.
3) Yo... 2 days after the wedding (or ever)... don't be coming to me #talmbout "Congrats... but too bad I wasn't invited."  That is mad tacky.
4) Please also don't post 'baby time' on my husband's fb wall. (HUSBAND! :))  Can we please be married for 4 WHOLE days first?  And don't any of you smart mouths go on there today saying that either.
5) You know how I find late bday greetings completely and totally out of order?  It's never too late to congratulate me on our wedding! :))))
6) I love one of my friends dearly.  But her staying at our house for hours one night last week is the reason I might not be sharing Rashan w/anyone else for the rest of the month.  Figure life out on your own.
7) If you must shorten the word 'vacation,' it's 'vacay,' not 'vaca.'
8) I got free samples when Stace was here and she said "Ugh. I don't want you to be SO domesticated already."  Like I'm a cat! Watching tv! Or only moms and wives get free samples!  She quickly changed her tune and stole my coupon for a free full-size product.  Hater.
9) I forgot to tell you guys I've turned into a freebie machine, huh?  I was thinking of doing a whole post on it but Bluegrass Savers is my favorite site.  Tons of links to free stuff DAILY.  So awesome.  Southern Savers is 2nd.  Another thing, sometimes if you tell a company you love their product, they'll send you a coupon for that product.  Nice!  If you have a coupon but the product isn't on sale in stores that week, wait.  It will probably go on sale in the next week or two, or before it expires, giving you an even bigger savings.  Works like a charm!
10) Wait but do all companies also think only moms want coupons and freebies? B/c I really don't want another site to make this mistake.  The worst?  Jif.  They make you fill out an entire survey from the POV of a "choosy mom."  What?? And why???  Please fix.
11) Did I tell you I don't believe in getting too much sleep?  I will wake up from 8 or more hours of sleep, eat breakfast, read blogs and take a nap.  Matter of fact, I do it almost every Saturday.
12) You can leave me off of all #teamnatural everything.  I don't think we need to be in a snobby cult because we don't have perms.  Furthermore, I didn't stop perming my hair for solidarity or any other reason than I was bored with it and wanted to try something different.
13) I don't wanna be one of those annoying women who can only talk about her husband but gimme a minute, MK?   My mom saw more of Rah's personality over the wedding weekend and she now likes him even more! :))))  My dad called Rah his new son & freaked him out.  LOL


Nerd Girl said...

1. Can I say IJS since I'm still an egg on twitter? No?
4. Foiled again....
5. Congratulations!
9. I'll be checking both out shortly - thanks!
10. Peanut butter - yum!
11. Yes ma'am! I can't wait 'til Lovegirl is old enough for me to do that again!!!
12. Aw, come on. I was going to get tshirts made and everything...
13. My father introduces all of his children-in-law as his son/daughters. It confuses people - a lot.

K. Rock said...

1. I haven't seen that one.
2. I use y'all all the time when I talk.
9. Couponing is a gateway drug.
12. Totally agree. At the natural hair show, this dude was trying to get me to chime in on his disdain for relaxed hair. I had to shut him down. To each his own playa!

Not So Anonymous said...

1. Amen sister!
7. Who does that??
11. LOL...I certainly believe in too much sleep. I was so tired on Saturday night, but I didn't want to go to sleep...so I went out again...sleep is sooo boring, Jameil!
12. A friend just added me to some natural hair fb group and I promptly removed myself. They are too much...all of them.

Trish said...

3. I agree, get over it!

4. Some folks have no tact at all.

5. Lol!

6. I have an unspoken limit time that guests are allowed to stay at my place.

7. I could use a vacay.....

13. It doesn't annoy me when you do it. One of my bffs, emphasizes every letter in HUSBAND when she refers to hers and that annoys ME!

Naima said...

#2. I say "folks" sometimes. I snicker at myself whenever I do.
#3. RUDE.
#7. Agreed. Whenever I see "vaca" I think cow. Because that's what it means...in Spanish.
#8. Bwahahahahaha!! Not Oli with the remote!!!
#9. Combining coupons & sales is one of my newfound joys. I like savings the monies.

Ladynay said...

IJS...it would have been nice to have been invited to the wedding, congrats tho'! LOL! What? You stated not to be a smarty about the other stuff ;)

My cheap side took note on number 9. For the moment I am going to act like I know what POV is.

Just about anytime is a good time for nap! I think the US should have a mandatory siesta time!

Sparkling Red said...

This Saturday I slept for TEN hours and then had a nap! It's pretty much always a good time for a nap in my world.

I avoid free stuff unless it is being handed out on the street by uniformed sampler-people. I don't want to give anyone my personal demographics, especially contact information. Perhaps I am a wee bit paranoid about my privacy.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Why do you make me want to comment and post everything you just said you hated? LOL! Like, I want to write #TEAMNATURAL and tell you how great my VACA week was...haha!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.LOLOL at this!
2. Yes they do! Californians want everybody to be apart of the group. Real talk! So c'mon folks join the gang for lunch! LOLOL!
3. Much like my sister's wedding it will not stop. I think I discussed all the hate we received after she did NOT invite family members and friends to hers. Shoo my mother's former pastor's wife almost caught a beat down messing with my mother about it!
4. HUSBAND! :)) Aww! It's tacky about the baby but that's what folks do. See I used folks! lol
5. Well CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again.
6. Don't you know since you're married now "ya'll" are the authority on relationships, and all life's problems!
7. Surely that was a typo! They just forgot the y.
8 Bwhahahahahahahaha! LOLOL! that cat!
9. Yes do a post! I need to know how to get free stuff!
11. Girl!!!!!!!!!! How about this is my favorite thing! I LOVE sleep so much I made up a cheer. Wanna hear it? here it go...2468..just kidding.
12. I'm almost offended by this team natural stuff. There was a giveaway on twitter for team-natural only. Really? #team relaxer says chillax! There's enough room for all of us in the beauty world. We're all just trying to look cute and have healthy hair Right?
13. You only get a pass because you spoke about him before you got married. Your love and adoration is not just suddenly sprung on us it was there before. If the latter were the case I would have my "that's so fake face on" :)

Monica and Whitney said...

That cat is hilarious!

Ask the Duplex

Jameil said...

ng... 1) NO!
4) -_-
5) :))))
9) You're welcome!
10) mmmm
12) Corner!

K... 1) It works my NERVES!!
2) Y'all totally doesn't count. I use y'all all the time.
9) Tis true!
12) LOLOL! Dudes are the worst w/that. Like we would clown you if you processed your hair but you want to tell women what to do with theirs? Boy go somewhere.

nsa... 1) LOL
7) I've seen it on fb multiple times. Terrible.
11) LOLOL Sleep is fun and delightful!
12) LOLOL! I love it!

Trish... 3) For real.
4) Nope!
6) Ordinarily we spend far more time than this together. This was actually on the short end of our time together in the history of our friendship so it wasn't a stretch but for the fact that we're newlyweds... who had a 2.4 day minimoon/honeymoon and he's working a lot right now.
7) i just want to go somewhere fun!
13) :))) & LOL

nai... 2) LOLOL
3) SO rude.
8) LOLOL I love that picture!!

Lady... you gon get enough of messin w/me!! you is!! point of view. take notes cheap side! naps are the best and I wholeheartedly support national siestas!

red... naps are the BEST!! one day i'm sure i might think about being less privacy paranoid. I certainly go through fits of it... but not enough to lose the samples!

sha... because you are ornery!! that's not me. THAT'S YOU!! Just hateful!!! TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR COW WEEK!!

GP... 2) Oh goodness... I'm so not ready.
3) LOL Ah well. I will just quickly and quietly excise those who must repeatedly tell me of their displeasure. Did you say mother's former pastor's wife? That's a lot of degrees of separation. I understand that people want to share in your happy times but if we haven't spoken in more than a decade, you're likely automatically removed from the guest list.
4) and you absolved them from it. which is worse.
5) THANKS!! :)
6) Apparently! We've already received a request for advice 'as a married couple'.... ??????? We'd been married less than a weeks. We are experts on nothing but how to get married in less than 30 days. And even that is a stretch.
7) So wasn't. Seen it too many times.
8) LOL Love that cat!
9) IDK if I have anything beyond what I shared here.
11) LOL Sleep is the bomb.com!
12) OMG don't be offended. It's ridiculous. Do you like your hair? Then I'm happy for you. This is how I feel about everyone. If you don't like it, change it. But do it because YOU want to.
13) Lol well thanks for the pass.

M&W... I know! My vicarious cat.

Anonymous said...

Really? The cat was necessary??? Girl, you're gonna make me scared to keep coming to your page.

2. LOL! I use those terms all the time!
5. I don't mind late greetings at all. Keep em coming! CONGRATULATIONS JAMEIL!!!
9. I sign up for a few freebies but not too many. I love that firefox remembers my address and such, making it easy to complete pages.
12. Say that AGAIN! I'm not militant, I don't burn incense and I'm not going back to Africa. I simply like my hair short and the barber shop is quick.

Anonymous said...

I will not stop staying this, nor will I make others stop. :)