Movies 2011, Weeks 24-26

*I originally forgot a movie so I added it-- Number 107.

June 19- 26, 2011
103) King Kong. 1933 version of the hilariously campy film about a giant ape who falls in love with a girl then takes over New York City.  Amusing but I doubt I'd watch it again. 3 stars
104) The Prize Winner Defiance Ohio. An Ohio housewife with 10 children uses her wit and creativity to help bring in enough food for her family.  This film stars Julianne Moore and Harrelson Ford as a struggling husband and wife.  She makes you smile throughout the tension.  Impressive writing and acting.  Enjoy life to the fullest no matter what.  Great takeaway.  So good.  I loved it!  And I know my mom would, too! 4.4 stars
105) Biutiful. 2010 Spanish film starring Javier Bardem in an Oscar-nominated role.  I have really got to learn that if an actor/actress is nominated for his/her performance and the film itself gets no other nods, I don't need to see it.  Wandering.  I kept wondering what was the point of this film.  Yes, he's dying of terminal cancer and leaving two young children behind but and....?  If you like movies to just be and want to drop into someone's life for a few months (over the course of 2.5 hours), then maybe you'll like this.  Otherwise, skip it.  You can see Javier being all smoldery elsewhere.  3 stars

June 27- July 2, 2011
I GOT MARRIED THIS WEEK!!! :)  And in true Jam/Rah fashion, the first film of our married life was unintentionally a documentary!
106) Hot Coffee. Documentary about lawsuits and tort (harm) reform.  Very black and white.  You are either completely for erasing so called frivolous lawsuits or completely against it to the point that you will refuse to even SAY tort reform.  It just looked ridiculous and unbelievable.  The music was pretty awful.  But I can say I learned something and it did inspire a bit of outrage so not all bad.  3.4 stars

July 3-9, 2011
107) She's Out of My League. A nerdy guy finds himself being pursued by a perfect 10 to the shock of all of their friends.  Surprisingly entertaining.  But you have to get back the lame profanity-laced early moments.  3.4 stars
108) Never Let Me Go. Depressing movie about children raised in a group home.  That's extremely vague and in no way reveals anything about what makes this film unique.  Really well-acted by leads Carey Mulligan & Andrew Garfield.  Much less so from Kiera Knightley.  She never ever does it for me.  She felt wooden anyway but even more so next to the other two.  3.9 stars
109) Blue Valentine. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling star as a couple once in love now struggling to make their marriage work.  Um.  I really don't see why she was nominated in this role.  There was a scene where I stopped and said, "Is she believable or do you know she's acting?"  And the answer was the latter.  Pass.  2.4 stars


Trish said...

103) Yes, it is, I saw it too!!

I'll have to check out #104. I stared watching a movie from 1946 called "I married a Witch" on Hulu. I have to finish the rest but the so far I've liked what I've seen.

Jameil said...

Trish... lol I was surprised to like Prize Winner as much as I did.