Monday Mindspacing Vol. 108

1) Please never call lake waterfront property "the beach."  The beach requires an ocean.  MIDWESTERNERS.  And don't come in here with your technicalities.  That is not a beach.
2) OMG!  I think tall women are AWESOME!!  I always wanted to be a tall woman. (I want to be 5'10 like Cindy Crawford. NAME THAT MOVIE!!!)  My grandma was 5'11 before she started shrinking.  Now she's like 5'9.  It's hilarious that she shrunk and still towers over me.  Her sisters are mostly giants, too.  Her tallest sister is 6'1.  The shortest is 5'7.
3) My favorite places to change my name? The ones that require no paperwork and therefore allow me to do it online.  That would be Harris Teeter, Lowes, Facebook & Netflix.  No I haven't tackled any of the big ones.
4) Why is every fashion blogger having epiphanies these days?  And telling us all about them in angsty posts?  Just live your lives, dears.  Your readers will still ebb and flow.  I've ebbed with many of them because I indeed was just reading it for the fashion.  When it becomes about something else, I'm often less interested.  But you should still blog about whatever you want.  Tupac cares, if don't nobody else care.
5) It bothers me to see a perfectly beautiful piece of antique furniture painted.  White seems to be the most common current trend but really any color can make my jaw drop.  I'm not saying I haven't seen some great transformations.  But I've also seen some that if I were a tad more dramatic would make me weep copious tears.
6) I don't like these muted or pastel nail polish colors that are all the rage right now.  Makes sense.  I don't like muted or pastel clothing either.  Neutral?  I can get with.  Pastels?  No.  I see pastels and think, "Why'd you drain all the color out of it??"
7) Tried the pretzel M&Ms and pass.  They don't taste like pretzel.  They almost taste like peanut M&Ms/regular M&Ms.  Very strange.
8) There are so many words I'm used to typing that when I start typing anything like it, my hands automatically type that word instead of the word I'm looking for.  Example: I went to type 'strange' for no. 7 and just now and my hand automatically wrote stranger.  Why do I write stranger more than strange?  So weird.
9) Sometimes it takes a moment of self-awareness to realize how odd I can be. Another example: do I really have vicarious cats??? Cats that I claim as my own via THE INTERNET??? And have never met??? ...
10) Rashan and I are such word nerds.  He was looking over my shoulder as I typed on fb and said, "I knew you were gonna say lexicon! Yes!"  This is how we entertain ourselves.  Knowing the 50 cent word (as my dad would say) the other will use.  LOL
11) I've had a burst of teaching inspiration in the last few days and it is AWESOME!!  I love it! :)
12) I promise I had no parts of caring about whether or not Jay & B were married when that whole thing went down.  Now I totally get even more than I did at the time.  Nunya business.  What me and my husband or not husband have going on has nothing to do with you.  YES!  (Unless I decide to become a blogger and tell you about my relationship from the beginning until forever...)
13) I'm really shocked by my zen attitude toward having a wedding band only right now!  Who is this person???


Not so Anonymous said...

1. Those people who have never been to a beach...booo.
2. I'm 5'7 and used to think I was the tallest woman in the world. I still typically feel like I'm the tallest person (man or woman) in a room even though I rarely am these days.
4. Yay Tupac reference.
5. I hate when things are spray painted. Probably because my mother called herself refurbishing antique all the time when I was young...we kept spray paint on deck.
6. I love them...especially the palest of pale pinks.

Nerd Girl said...

2. I wish I were 6 feet.
3. I wish we had a Harris Teeter. I don't know what it is, but it's fun to say.
6. Patel nail polish - quelle horreur!
7. Please mail me the rest. Love them!

Anonymous said...

movie? Clueless

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I feel your name change pain-- you see it took me two years to do it (legally) lol!

I will switch my height with yours any day! Once I hit 5'11 I had to start buying all my jeans & pants online. Do you want that life?!

Trish said...


2. I am taller than 90% of my office and I'm about 5'7.

5. I like antiques as well, my parents turned me on to them.

10. Haha!

11. I wish my marketing professor had a burst, she is working my nerves.


Ladynay said...

So how tall are you? You most likely put it in a post at some point, I just don't remember.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Stop messing with people!LOL! Umm the beach...SWOON!!
2. Interesting...both of my sisters are taller than me 5'7 and um yeah...I like other tall people. My sisters go IN on my shortness TOO much!
3. Sounds fun!
4. I barely have time to keep up with y'all let alone the fashion bloggers...but now I MUST go see what you're talking about! LOL! To be honest it's an epiphany time! Dead@Tupac caring!!
5. Really? I love the transformations...not so much white, but the things they do with black paint is awesome!
6. NOT surprised at all Missoni hater!! I'm loving the blue even more because I saw it against brown skin and it was AMAZE! AMAZE! AMAZE! Did I say AMAZE?? YEP!
7.They must be made on the same conveyor belt or something. I like that pretzel, chocolate, caramel bar. Yum!
8. That...is weird!
9. Bwhahahaha! That's funny! How are you with cats in real life? Would you ever own one?
10. That's cute! Now we know a commonality y'all have.
11.Good for you!! That is AWESOME!!
12. Normally I'm on top of useless entertainment news but I have no clue what you are talking about! Must.Google.Now.
13.It's still new and wonderful... have you been stone shopping??

Los Angelista said...

1) C'mon, if you're on 35th Street Beach in the Chi, that's the beach. But, no, it pales in comparison to Venice!
2) I wish I was 5'8". I used to be 5'7" but now I think I'm down like a half inch.
3) Name changing is a pain. That's part of the reason I never did it. I just couldn't deal.
5) I just saw some horribly painted stuff at a garage sale. UGH!
12) Jay and B - if they give me a dollar I might care!

Sparkling Red said...

I don't think that you and I have had a serious disagreement, until today. Take it from Merriam-Webster.com: Beach: a shore of a body of water covered by sand, gravel, or larger rock fragments. My Lake Ontario waterfront is beachy, and that is that!

Now I will agree with you on pastels. Pastels are only appropriate for babies.

Anonymous said...

7. I'll fight NerdGirl for the rest of the bag! *lol* I love 'em too!
9. Deep, deep sigh
12. I was curious about J and B. I can admit it.

Jameil said...

nsa... 1) EXACTLY!!
4) LOL
6) Pink is actually the only one I can get with.

ng... 2) As opposed to...
3) LOL It's a grocery store and one of my faves!
6) Seriously..
7) LOL I have a coupon... that I won't be using. Lemme see when it expires.

j... yep

sha... lol. it's so annoying! slash weird. i'm now content w/my height but no, i don't want that life!!

trish... 1) ME TOO!!
2) WOW!
5) Fab!
11) LOLOL! This right here... I still get on my students' nerves.

lady... 5'1 (and 1/4)

gp... 1) What I do?
3) Does it? Uh... no.
4) Everyone has to epiphanize (I made that word up) at once? Please make it stop.
5) Oh gosh! Black is worse than white to me!
6) I don't even know what Missoni is to hate it. Blue??? Light blue??? Yuck.
7) What bar?
8) I know.
9) I like cats in real life most of the time. (Sometimes they're unfriendly.) I couldn't own one though because I don't want to constantly find them in/on my stuff especially kitchen-related. I would flip out.
10) LOL I'm sure you know many more than one.
11) :)
12) From like 3 years ago....
13) He knows what I want. No need for stone shopping.

liz... 1) Nope!
5) SMH
12) LOLOL They'd have to give me a whole lot more than a dollar.

red... LOLOL!!! I said don't come over here with your technicalities!! NOT A BEACH!!! I don't care how landlocked you are!! Hilarious. I'm still not convinced I'll even make my babies wear pastels.

mrstdj... 7) LOL They don't taste any different to me.
9) LOL I almost ALMOST put another picture up but decided to be nice.
12) I never care about celebs. Maybe a baby but only in a yay, you had a baby, I'm happy for you! way. I don't really care what they name it. And I don't need to discuss it.