July Goals

*Note: If you read these goals before July 14th, I added new ones to July.

Phew! June was a shocker since I made these goals before Rah & I up and decided to get married! Hilarious. So here are my June goals.

June Update
1) Read 65 more books of the Bible to reach 961 including the completion of the books of I Chronicles & Acts.  Done.  I actually read fewer chapters than I could have.  I got sidetracked unnecessarily by wedding planning.  I love my progress, though!  I'll be finished with this goal by the end of October.  AWESOME!!!
2) Increase my weekly workouts to 4 times per week. Nope.  But I did get in 3 days a week.  Somehow my ankle still occasionally annoys me so I don't even think I did 4 workouts a single week last month.
3) Track my meals to ensure I'm eating better. I didn't do this but I did something almost as good.  I gave up fried foods.  My skin was a lot happier!  I still must have fries in my life so this can't continue but I'm pretty sure I can cut back.
4) Make and keep a budget.  Now I thought the wedding budget might be able to fit in this category but I don't think I paid enough attention to it to make it count.  We definitely came in at a good number for the wedding but I don't feel like it really counts as budgeting.
5) Read at least 4 books.  I read three and struggled through but didn't finish another.  I'm glad I got through three!!
6) Watch at least 5 movies on the AFI list. I watched 4. More than I remembered so I'm pleased with this progress.  At this rate I'll be done by the end of the year.

7) Complete at least two 30 Before 30 goalsI did one of my favorite ones... GET MARRIED!!  But I didn't do any others.  Bah.
8) Challenge myself sartorially.  Hm. I'm not sure how I planned to do this but it didn't happen.  I need help with this goal.  Maybe I need to do another 30 for 30.  Ooh!  July goal!  See below!

July Goals
1) Read 65 more books of the Bible to reach 1060.  I'm including the completion of the books of II Chronicles & Lamentations.
2) Continue getting at least 3 workouts per week.  Let's get it!
3) Make and keep a budget.  Guess how I'm already fixing this?  By actually writing a budget.  Boom.
4) Finish my films.  I'm working on several right now and I need to be freed from a rut.  If making this goal makes it happen, so shall it be done.
5) Read at least 3 books.  I'm reducing the goal this month because the books are much longer and/or more difficult.
6) Watch at least 4 movies on the AFI list.  The movies are much longer now as well but at this rate I'll be done before the end of the year!!!  WHEEEEEE!!
7) Complete at least two 30 Before 30 goals.  I.AM.RID.ING.A.ME.CHA.NI.CAL BULL THIS MONTH!!!  It's driving me NUTS that I haven't done it yet.
8) Challenge myself sartorially.  One of Kendi's 30 for 30 modifications is a 15 for 15, which I think will make me so much less crazy!  The one 30 for 30 I did nearly killed me!  I'm already not shopping other than gift cards I'm itching to spend.
9) Cook at least 3 new recipes each week.  It's been a while since I had a goal like this one so it's time!  Considering we're halfway through the month already, I may be a tad behind but as long as I get in 12 recipes this month, I'll be happy!


Not so Anonymous said...

I tried the 30 for 30 and couldn't get past day 7. I may have to try the 15 for 15. I'm discovering new styles that I like better for my body type and I want to explore...but that means buying new pieces and i don't want to spend that money.

You did great on your June Goals! Yay for the marriage goal...congrats again and again!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I totally want to ride a mechanical.bull! Bucket list! I've downloaded a Bible app to my Iphone which has helped me with my reading. The app has devotional and topical plans which I love. Right now I'm doing the 'Love and Marriage" bible plan.

Trish said...

I want to get in on July #2. I would also like to try #7 but I'm curious if I can try it at any establishments that wo't have the patrons side-eyeing me.

Monica and Whitney said...

Man, I need to go set some goals!

Ask the Duplex

Los Angelista said...

And now that I feel exhausted reading about everything you're planning on accomplishing this month, I want to ride a mechanical bull, too!

Jameil said...

nsa... I'm editing it to make the 15 for 15 just include clothes. I have plenty of shoes I don't wear already w/o ignoring my shoes. And it will make me less psycho. I don't want to long for my closet, I just want to use it more interestingly. Thanks for the congrats again & again! :)

sha... I WISH YOU WERE HERE!!! We would so ride that bull this month!!!! Yay for bible app! That's so cool! :)

trish... It's never too late to start working out! Why would you be side-eyed riding a bull? If they're there, they know the deal.

m&w... what's the hold up?

liz... lol Ride on sister!