Movies 2011, Week 28

July 17-23, 2011
I'll count this as a good movie week though I didn't love the movies I saw.  I got enjoyment out of film consumption! :)
115) Horrible Bosses. Jason Bateman and Jason Sudekis star in this film about three friends who make a pact to kill each others' bosses.  Cameos from Jennifer Anniston and Jamie Foxx make for some amusing moments.  Better than I expected.  Quite funny at times.  Slow start, loved the end.  3.6 stars
116) The Kids Grow Up. Documentary by Doug Block about his teenage daughter going to college and how her life has been growing up with a filmmaker father.  Kind of veers toward self-indulgent as family films can do.  A study of how to tackle some of the issues I hope to avoid in my own family film-- how do you make it interesting and relevant beyond your family?  I can't say I really enjoyed this.  I might have if it was shorter.  3 stars
117) Super 8. JJ Abrams (Lost creator) directs this film about a group of kids who catch something on their super 8 camera while shooting a film for a festival.  Every time the kids were on screen?  Awesome and fun.  The adults managed to make it much less so.  I also didn't like the mushy scenes.  Rashan liked it.  I was less enthusiastic.  3.4 stars
118) Nashville. OMG this is a boring movie.  It meanders on and on and on with its 24 characters, centered around Lily Tomlin.  Worst of all it was TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG!!!!!!!!!!!  You HAVE to be doing other things to be able to stomach it.  2.2 stars


Adei von K said...

Oh, Horrible Bosses...

i did not like how everything got neat/convenient at the end; I don't like Gregory's part

I thought scenes with Jamie's part were drawn out. the whole explanation of how he got his name? too much.

I think someone else should've played collin ferrell's part... i wasn't buying him as that character... maybe charlie sheen or someone from the actual brat pack? oooh, seth green! he would be a perfect sniveling boss' son!

Jen, wow. and Kevin made me laugh.

I did love the 3 main characters! Jason, Jason, and Charlie cracked me up, ESP Charlie! I liked him from Always Sunny in [Philly]. Their interactions were too funny, lolol

GorgeousPuddin said...

I was supposed to go see Horrible Bosses this weekend it looks very funny! I'll probably still go. I'll wait for Super 8 on Netflix

Nicole said...

I loved loved loved Super 8. You're right though. The best parts of the movie involved the kids. Luckily, most of the movie focused on them. And the kids' acting was fantastic, especially that creepily good Fanning girl. What are they feeding those Fanning kids?

Jameil said...

adei... lol. the end was actually my favorite part. were you taking notes? i forgot you don't watch movies. this is probably the first one you've seen in a month hence the detail. i was like waaaa??? esp. b/c you were using real names instead of character names. jamie mostly amused me and i also liked the 3 mains.

gp... sounds good!

nicole... very glad the movie was mostly kids! that fanning girl was OFF THE CHAIN!!! Her first scene on the super 8?? WHOA. Blew me away!!!