Movies 2010, Weeks 15 & 16

April 25- May 1, 2010
Wow... I really only watched one movie this week!  Lol. Not including my classmates' films. 
104) The Glass Menagerie. Tennessee Williams play starring Katharine Hepburn & Sam Waterson.  Interesting... definitely a play.  It ended but didn't conclude.  Know what I mean?  I can't say I wasn't somewhat interested but it just sort of stopped.  3.5 stars

May 2- 8, 2010
A little better this week, huh?  Stace's birthday and Miami meant 0 movies toward the end.  Ah well!  Happy Mother's Day!
105) Lover Come Back. Doris Day & Rock Hudson (*fans self*) star in this 1961 film about an ad exec, the woman who hates him and the intersection of their lives over a product that doesn't yet exist.  There was also a secretary role for Alice from the Brady Bunch.  Silly.  Each of the gags went on too long.  But I did rather enjoy the end.  3.4 stars
106) What's Up Doc? Barbra Streisand & Ryan O'Neal star in a Peter Bogdanovich opposites attract caper about a bag mix-up.  Amusing.  Still silly with one particularly long chase sequence but most of it really works.  3.6 stars
107) Married in America 2. Another Michael Apted's series, this one self-explanatory.  Pretty well-edited but at more than 2 hours, it's too long.  There's enough of this sort of stuff on television now that you're too used to getting this sort of information in small doses.  I hadn't seen the first part & the best part about these series is that it's unnecessary.   3.3 stars
108) OT: Our Town. Documentary about the first play put on at a Compton school in more than 20 years. Really nice job of weaving their lives and the play together.  You were immediately with these kids.  It started to lose some momentum around the title card Act III but things picked back up again.  Very fun to watch these kids put on a play.  3.7 stars
109) Hot Tub Time Machine.  Silly John Cusack movie about these guys with sucky lives who get in an accidental hot tub time machine.  Yes, I knew it'd be silly going in.  I was amused at times.  The end is really what brought it down for me.  Talk about jumping the shark.  3.4 stars

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