Lazy?! That was a lot of work!!

Rashan posted this facebook status: Rashan thinks the thumbs up is lazy facebook feedback.

And you know what happened to me, right? I took it as a challenge. I can't help myself. I get these ideas and I have to run with them. Especially since he's not feeling well and I think a dose of Jameil is just what he needs. Poor thing.

My response: And I will now give a thumbs up to every status you have.

I started with that status and meant going forward I'd thumbs up every status. We had had this conversation before but it was even funnier seeing him actually mention it on FB, complete with some people's only comment to that post being a thumbs up. I WISH I had that level of restraint. Blogging has nearly ruined my ability to stay mum. It's ridiculous. Usually on fb I can keep it to lurking with people I would not know anything about if said site didn't exist. (BTW I've had to deny 3 or 4 people in the last couple of days because I barely remember their names from middle or h.s. I (sometimes) hate to be mean but that's gonna be a no. I'm seriously contemplating deleting a whole mess of people I knew before college because this is getting claustrophic. I don't need to know about your life when I didn't care when I saw you daily 10 years ago. I've already hidden status updates of at least 10 people. Even more creepy and horrid? That 2 of my mom's actual friends joined and friended me. Ugh. Restricted status. RESTRICTED!!! I told my mom she was not to follow suit even though she can look at any picture of mine!! No mas!! (Side note: She asked me the other day if I was on "tweeter." Lol. Too cute. Yes, mom. Over a year now.) Annnnnd scene.)

I ended up giving the thumbs up to Rah's quizzes, statuses and netflix ratings dating back to April 4th. That may not sound like a lot, but trust me, for an old man who prides himself on being antisocial, it's a lot. I can't wait to hear about his expression when he sees the 95 fb emails and that they're all from me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!

Something I'd forgotten and found again? Rashan's Cajun Name is Clovis Comeaux. Pretty sure I need to call him that henceforth and forever more. Thanks FB name generator! I love you, Clovis!!!


DaniColoredGlasses said...

Clovis Comeaux? Seriously? oh my...that is horrifically splendid and you absolutely have to use it. He should have a magazine subscription in that name and/or use it to make a dinner reservation. Really, what can be better than seeing it in print...? Hearing it over a speaker.

Sparkling Red said...

When you set out to make a point, you don't hold back, do you? I like the Thumbs Up. Sometimes that's really all you want to say: I like this! End of feedback.

Rashan Jamal said...

so glad I changed my email notifications. I woulda been like "what the???'

Don't be calling me Clovis!!!

Sha Boogie said...

You are SO nuts, lol!!


Tanyetta said...

You are too funny! I'm sure that's why he LOVES you too :)

Anonymous said...

How do you hide status? You mean that I don't have to look at everybody's status if I don't want to? Really????

Adei von K said...


please make a reservation with that name, i BEGGGGGGG you.

Why you such a donkey?? (insert real word I want to use but can't use cause i'm a laaaaaaaaady)

my mom asked if I'm on "twee-tah". this was (surprisingly) a while back, when it was just just starting to hit the airwaves but we, of course, were already on it

Adei von K said...


i've gone thru and deleted hella folks.

Momisodes said...

I love the way you think. I DEFINITELY need to edit my restricted FB list.

I have to second the suggestion of making reservations under that name :D

Anonymous said...

Clovis Comeaux is hilarious. You have to refer to him as that for now on lol.

The thumbs up is cool with me. Most people give me one and a comment! Thats because I am extra special!

1969 said...

I like the thumbs up. Why do I have to leave a whole comment because you listed your top five actresses?

Tell CLovis...sometimes a thumbs up is all you need.

Jameil said...

dani & stace and the rest of y'all who think i'm gonna answer to clovis party of 2, think again!!!

red... sure don't! lol. that is all i want to say sometimes, too.

clovis... aw man!

sha... hahahaha. jam right!

tanyetta.. of course it is!

pseren... hover next to the top right corner and a little hide tab pops up. you really don't have to see them. ain't it fab?

adei... lol. a lady wouldn't call someone a donkey either. i'm about to delete some, too.

momisodes... lol. i'm about to edit some more, too!

epsi... lol. i'm down w/it.

1969... i think clovis has received the message. lol