Crazy Movie Lady 12

April 5-11, 2009
192. State and Main. It kept me engaged. William H. Macy (who I really liked), Alec Baldwin and SJP in a film about the making of a fictitious film. Amusing at times. At least I didn't want to stop watching it.
193. Tell No One. AWESOME French film about a doctor suspected of his wife's murder 8 years ago. When he finds out anonymously that she's still alive, he's supposed to tell no and he has to find out what happened. More than 2 hours but a thriller and it kept me engaged. Loved it.
194. Charlie Wilson's War. Tom Hanks is a great actor. Julia Roberts's southern accent didn't hold for all words. (I noticed this as a southerner and it bothers me just a little.) I liked Philip Seymour Hoffman's character, as well. I liked this movie.
195. The Fall of Fujimori. Documentary about the son of Japanese immigrants who became President of Peru and resigned amid cries of corruption among other things. Great character profile with lots of drama. Suspense was built nicely if overplayed at times.
196. Small Town G.ay Bar. Documentary about a g.ay bar in a small Mississippi town which also included the history of g.ay bars in northern Mississippi. Way too many false endings. The over-reliance on fade to blacks made you feel like the movie ended 4 or 5 times before it actually did, maybe more. I felt the same sympathy for the characters as I usually do in movies with angsting g.ay characters who just want to be allowed to live their lives, but the film began to get redundant after about 40-50 minutes even as it tried to weave in the history. I guess part of my issue stemmed from the misnomer aspect of the title. I felt like the movie was going to focus on the main bar with maybe following some of the customers and owner and it did but then it veered off track.
197. Torn Curtain. Hitchcock film about espionage beyond the Iron Curtain starring Julie Andrews and Paul Newman. Painfully slow and too long. Good ending.
198. The Lady Vanishes. Another Hitchcock, this one about an old woman's mysterious disappearance on a train and the lengths a couple goes to to find her. I liked it better than Torn Curtain but there were some extremely cheesy, hijinks-type things in this film. Not the best Hitchcock.
199. Happy, Texas. Funny indie film about two escaped convicts who manage to stay on the run because of mistaken identity as gay lovers. I found it because of William H. Macy and it amused me. I giggled throughout.
200. Capote. Fabulous film about the American writer, Truman Capote. I liked it a lot.
201. Goodfellas. For those of you who know me, this will shock you. I wasn't impressed. I knew there was a reason I avoided this movie for YEARS-- nearly a decade. Not my style. I was in it for the first hour and a half or so but with 42 minutes left I was like, "Enough already!"
202. Transamerica. Pretty bad. Really slow script. But the hype about Felicity Huffman is right. She was magnificent in this film. Just as awkward as the trans woman I know with the same bad clothing. And the makeup artist did a great job of making her look like someone who was transforming.
202. Number 17. Hitchcock film about a diamond necklace theft plot. So so. Some good action sequences.

*I also watched one of my faves, Brown Sugar, for the first time in literally months-- more than 4, ACK!!-- which is likely the first time in a long time I've gone w/o watching it.


Sparkling Red said...

I don't think I've seen any of those movies. Goodfellas... maybe seen it over my guy's shoulder, but I wouldn't stop and watch it. Mob movies have no attraction for me whatsoever. I haven't even see the Godfather - how d'you like them apples?

Jameil said...

I haven't seen the Godfather, either! Lol. My classmates forced me to watch Goodfellas and Rah wants me to watch the Godfather, II.

Aretha said...

You are flying through these movies! I too love Brown Sugar, but my fave of the black love stories is LOVE JONES!!!! that's the hottness :)

Rashan Jamal said...

So this was LGBT week for you, huh? Tell No One was great, I also liked Fall of Fujimori.

I knew you wouldn't like Goodfellas, but I hoped you would.

Jameil said...

aretha... at a slower pace than i'm supposed to be but i'm getting it done and hopefully i'll have plenty of time in the summer to catch up!

rj... oh hush up and behave. 4/10. didn't like goodfellas. i'm not so much on the mafia movies.