Sir... No

I was in the grocery store about a week ago on the phone with Rashan, as usual. I walked in and what do I see? A large guy helping another large man into a motorized wheelchair, both staring at me. My internal monologue is, "Head up, as usual avoid eye contact and keep it moving." I head to the produce section and I'm okay, work it up to the meats and there's wheelchair man staring at me as I pick out some sausage. Sir... please.

I scurry away to another aisle and hear the mechanical whirring of this chair as I try to make a speedy getaway. Not happening. "Excuse me! Can I talk to you for a minute?" To Rah, "Ugh. Hold on." To the man, "Yes?" Why did you teach me manners mom??? And why is there no one else in this store?? "Do you like to go to concerts and go out?" "Oh no thank you." "You don't?" "No." Not with you. "Oh well I was gone give you some fliers to the Gucci Mane concert I'm promoting in a couple of weeks." Sir... again... No. "Oh no thank you." For real, bruh? Gucci Mane? You aisle stalked me for Gucci Mane? Mess.


Vdizzle said...

Well you know you and Rah look like ya'll be into some hood stuff. LOL!!

Olette said...

Gucci Mane is pure ignorance. I would have been offended that he would think I would like such mess!

Momisodes said...

How very, very bizarre.

ninamm said...

But why were you running? LOL That was funny.

Rashan Jamal said...

tell them what happened at the Gucci Mane concert since you know that you went and did the stanky leg all night. LOL

Adei von K said...

"the mechanical whirring of this chair"



you know when you told me this on the phone, you actually made the noise!



and I was going to give you some fliers?!?! WORD?!?!?!?!

he tried your life.

The real question is: where will you be able to showcase the new stanky leg move you've been practicing?

Jameil said...

v... nah you're thinking about you and the marshall. and rah wasn't actually w/me.

olette... right!?

momisodes... even worse if you heard his music.

ninamm... welcome! i couldn't help it! i wasn't literally running but i knew he was going to say something i wasn't interested in. he was looking at me like a pork chop.

rj... did stace hijack your computer tho? if i went so did you and you were the stanky leg coach.

adei... you taught rj how to coach in the stanky leg b/c it used to be called the adei leg but they knew people wouldn't know that your name was synonymous w/stank in Ga. that whirring announced his horrid arrival. like i want some adei (stank) fliers. puh lease.

Sparkling Red said...

That's creepy. I don't like being approached by strangers. Although I'm a harmless-looking person so I tend to get approached a lot. Fortuanately most people are just lost and wanting directions to someplace.

shani-o said...

Oh, how I wish I could say such an experience was unfamiliar to me.

the joy said...

see my wheels stupid, and my chair stupid, my street team stupid, yeah its gucci gucci... it seemed apropo.

btw did you write out "i like ripped paper" and photo it? i dont know if anyone else asked...

Tanyetta said...

He gave a new meaning to being ROLLED up on by someone! LOL

Claudia said...

Wow. My mind is a whirling of thoughts, judgements and comments....

but mostly, I'm all giggly that you and Rah are still doing well. Makes me so happy.

How much more school do you have?

Opinionated Diva said...

lololol...that was so bizarly funny!!!

I'm crackin up at you scurrying down aisles to get away and him z0zooming his li'l chair up to find you! LOL!

You know he's keeping an eye for you...for next time!

Opinionated Diva said...

omg @ your response to Adei...LMAO!!!!

Jameil said...

red... i can't stand being approached by strangers!! i usually have a very "don't talk to me" look on my face so it doesn't happen too much but sometimes my parents' face shine through on me. this is VERY bad b/c EVERYONE talks to both of them. it's insane. esp. b/c they talk back. to be so outgoing i can be very unfriendly. i don't mind giving directions, but people are rarely looking for that when they talk to me.

shani... lol! me too!!

joy... lolol. you're the worst!! i did write it and photograph it on my bed.

tan... lol. you're horrible!

claud... aww! thanks! 1 more year after april 28th.

diva... lol! at least it was blog fodder. i was SO scurrying! makes me not want to ever go again! i don't think she even saw it! lol. but i was CRACKING UP writing that.

1969 said...

WOW just wow.

And what were you wearing that made it look like you'd enjoy a fine evening of Gucci Mane?? LOL

Sha Boogie said...

LOL!! not only the stalking..but in a motorized wheel chair!!


Jameil said...

1969... you know i don't dress like a hoochie so i'm trying to figure out what other than my young face and black skin misrepresented me to him!! lol. mess!!

sha... me too!!