Ogre Smash!!*

Easter Sunday morning I woke up with hate in my heart. Yes, I know that's wrong but I couldn't help it. Rashan couldn't sleep Saturday night-- lots of waking at random intervals, including one nightmare where he jolted awake talking about he couldn't breathe and he thought our DELICIOUS meal was the culprit. (Ti Amo tasting menu from which we culled all deliciousness: spanikopita with blue crab, sweetbreads with fried egg and housemade chips, pan seared scallops with bacon risotto cake, roasted quail with chorizo stuffing and lamb slider with housemade chips (this being my least fave as the turmeric aioli was too cold). YUMMMMMY!! I don't like scallops in general but had to admit these were pretty good. He wasn't feeling the spanikopita but we were in whole-hearted agreement about the overall deliciousness. We both really liked the dishes the other wasn't a fan of.) Bruh, that yumness? It wasn't that. You would've felt it earlier than 6 hours later. It was a nightmare. Then there was the time he woke up, heard me wake up and wanted to stare at me. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND GO BACK TO SLEEP!! If spoken to, I will absolutely sigh or suck my teeth and roll my eyes and roll right back over.

I felt like somebody's mama. I am THEEEE WORST!! when it comes to not getting adequate or consistent sleep. I will lash out at the closest person. So when my alarm went off at 9:45 am, and that one had just gotten back to sleep and seemed like he wouldn't be roused and was dozing quite peacefully, I poked him on his eyelid.

Yes I did. Not hard, but I poked him and his eyes popped open like, "What and why!?" and he said, "I didn't like that." I started laughing and said, "I knew you wouldn't. I didn't sleep well AT ALL last night thanks to you." He said, "I'm sorry. I didn't either." Me, "Yeah, I know. I was awake when you were." Oh yes, I was still in hater mode. Him, "You forgot about that 3 hour stretch where I was on the floor watching a dvd on your computer." "I heard you when you went down there and when you got up and..." I kept giving him the non-sleep itinerary. He apologized again and went back to sleep while I fielded his many many alarms. Dude, why do you have 3 alarms going off at 2 minute intervals? That is outrageous. So as he slept, slept on (did you say that like, float, float on?), I got out this 90-day daily devotional I bought at Wal-mart that mostly does NOT cut it for me. Too cutesy and too much about this woman's life instead of practical application for my life.

Then I hit up "My Utmost for His Highest" which is a 365 devotional and is AWESOME! Apparently April 29th did it for me so much last year that I starred that day. Can't wait! I'm gonna save it up! I also decided I'll read each passage when Rah calls me on the way to work weekday mornings. We can all use a little Jesus break in the am. I forgot to tell him this in the hours and hours we talked but no matter. While reading the devotionals I started to feel sorry for him for being the one who originally couldn't sleep and got even less than me. Poor thing. So Rah can thank Jesus for not getting eye-poked more than once. It should go like this, "Yo, God, thanks for my gorgeous and talented, loving girlfriend. One love." He made me breakfast (bacon, eggs and grits) and then.... went to get my Krispy Kremes!!!!! while I wrote my paper. I ate 3 in a row when they arrived. There were pictures taken but it's just me stuffing my face, looking quite the pig. I'll spare you the visuals! Lol.

Before Rah left (boooo! don't go!!), I fixed his eyebrows (lol! preempting a crazy question... no not pluck them! just smooth them down so they're not going in crazy directions!!! hilarious), then apologized remembering he doesn't love that so much, to which he replied, "I have a new thing I don't like." "What's that?" "Being poked in the eye." *snicker* ROTFL!!!

*This is what I want to yell when I wake up without sufficient sleep-- 7.54+, please.


1969 said...

You two are very cute...that is all.

Aretha said...

eye poke, lol. That's a good one. I'm cranky when I'm sleepy too.

Epsilonicus said...

My gf better not poke me in the eye while I am sleep. I throw punches in my sleep!!

Adei von K said...

girl, yes! those days my night owl bf would come over and not be able to sleep...?? oh hellll naw! everyone is going to be up when i'm up!

Rashan Jamal said...

the eyeball poke was terrible. Don't do that anymore. Its your fault for having me sleep on the wrong side. LOL

Nobody not really... said...

LMAO! Who pokes people in the eye?

Momisodes said...

I am so poking Dadisodes in the eye tonight when he wakes me up with his tossing and turning.

Bacon, eggs and grits.. and then Krispy Kremes?

That's love.

Sha Boogie said...

You are always eating the tastiest things!!! *drool*

I am totally a fan of the random pokes, lol.

Jameil said...

1969... thanks! :)

aretha... lol. i was looking at him all snuggled under the covers looking peaceful and i was not happy so i thought, "what could i do to that face to turn that smile upside down?" LOLOL!!

epsi... slow down there cowboy.

adei... poke him in the eye! lol

rah... hush up that noise. keep your insomnia to yourself and we'll be fine.

nobody... me! lol

momisodes... do it, do it!! lolol!! he really does love me! he's fab!

sha... lol. mmmmmmm!! and pause on random pokes! lol.