I really, really needed a few days where I had minimal responsibilities. Now that I've had those I feel ready to reconquer the world and vanquish those who get in my way. My official last due date for the semester is April 28th. We have a grant proposal due that day. We as in my thesis partner and I. My thesis partner is AWESOME!! We are a great team. We don't fight and communicated well. Plus he loves the technical side which I'm not so much a fan of and I love the directing/producing/script writing side. Wheeeee!! The week before that, April 21st, we have a short film or thesis preview tape due.

The week before that, as in next week, on April 15th, my 15-25 page paper is due. Yippee skippee, right? Luckily I'm really enjoying the research on this one. By the way, April Fools! Thanks so much for your congrats, though. That was really sweet and thoughtful! Emails, comments, etc. You guys are great. Anyway, I'm reading, Struggles for Representation: African American Documentary Film and Video and I'm alternating between loving it on one page and being absolutely vehemently in opposition to the views expressed on the next. It's crazy! I have about 9 other books my lovely book carrier, Rashan helped me transport back to my apartment from the library. So now I'm back in the throes of getting work done and trying not to get too behind on my film viewing which is such a hassle considering this book is more than 350 pages and the rest aren't exactly short, either. C'est la vie! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I knew it!! I see how you threw that little April Fools in there.

Sparkling Red said...

Ha! I'm no April Fool! OK, so maybe I didn't see that post until just now, but still. You didn't fool me! (Although I would have totally been fooled if I read it. I was taken in by everyone's hoaxes that day.)

Opinionated Diva said...

*snickering @ you not fooling anyone*

Sounds like a LOT going on...good luck with everything. That paper sounds like it's going to be loads of fun...hope you already started.

Aretha said...

I like how you just threw the April fools in the midst of that post. Good thing you have no skimmers here, lol.

You have a busy month ahead...good luck! Are you graduating this semester?

Jameil said...

pserendipity... you only knew it b/c rashan plays tricks on y'all all the time. if it wasn't for him, i could've had you all.

red... lol. i wish you'd come here!

diva... are you done? just b/c you knew doesn't mean everyone else does.

aretha... lol. i was hoping to catch a skimmer. i have another year.

Adei von K said...

somebody is Brit-ish now... lol

that sentence you sent me was AWESOME! Can that be the whole paper???

Rashan Jamal said...

wait, so we aren't getting married? YOU LIED TO ME!!!!

Jameil said...

adei... yay! you noticed! lol. i've been watching too many films with british accents in them. and no it can't be the whole paper! lol

rj... behave!!! lololol