It's ON!!!!

I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but I gave up Krispy Kreme doughnuts and soda for Lent. I broke both of those while in Atlanta. Rashan took me to the World of Coca-Cola [where I tried all 60 varieties all over the world (if you're going to slip, you may as well fall)] and Flip for burgers which had to be finished with a Krispy Kreme (KK) milkshake (studded with bits of Krispy Kreme doughnuts). Ever want a bad influence, call Rah and he'll hook you up. Except he probably won't ever call you back. I don't have that issue of course but you will because you're not me. Lol.

Those two times were the only ones, though, where I've slipped this entire Lenten period. I have definitely had opportunities to cheat by getting a regular old doughnut and I thought about it but abstained. Aren't you proud? Me, too! I'm so fab. BUT Easter is Sunday and me and KK have a date. You're not invited. It's just me and KK. I might even sit in the store and act up. I'm talking about eyes closed in HEAVEN at the taste. Savoring each bite for the first doughnut and just shoving the next 2 in my mouth. I will sit in that store or in front of it until the hot light comes on if I have to. Oh yes, it's that serious. The soda was really just an add on. I don't drink soda like that but when the hot light is on, it's ME at the KK. Only when the hot light is on and not every time.

After 3 years in Pittsburgh with at best sporadic KK (the one near me opened and closed within a year-- SHAME-- and I had to go 45 minutes away from my house, 20 mins from my job for some KK, which at one point prompted the fat tour -- excerpt from 1/23/08: "suddenly I had to have some. YUM!!! But they're so out of the way here that you have to PLAN to go to them. So I said to myself, "Self! It's my Friday; let's do a fat tour!! Go to the fattening places and eat fattening food!" Mmmmmm. First I got my case of Honey Brown. Then I headed to out of the way KK for my half a dozen glazed donuts (polished 2 of those bad boys off in the car), then out of the way SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had neither of these in many many months. They just added Sonic to Pittsburgh in the last few months and I hadn't been yet. Cheeseburger, tater tots and limeade!!!!! YAY!!" I even took pictures...)... I am a fiend. I can admit it.

I introed one of my classmates to the hot KK early in the semester. It was her first ever hot KK. Yes... I know... that is a sin and she should repent BUT she was a convert! (I also got Rah on those hot KKs. Yeah I deal hot KKs like drugs, so what?) Yessssssssssss. Converts are the best. People who ignore the draw of KK or say they're too sweet, *GASP! SHUT THINE MOUTH!!* are the worst. And Dunkin Donuts fans? Not even worth talking about. KK! What up, yo! Me and you on Sunday. *wink*


DaniColoredGlasses said...

So...am I greedy because the post made my mouth water? Nevermind I can answer that in my own mind (sigh). Happy Easter all around!

Anonymous said...

So you're the hot KK pusha, huh? Are there people wandering around Florida walking up to you scratching their elbows with their eyes darting talking about "you got one? lemme get that hot doughnut....."

Aretha said...

I love the Hot Now sign...but I think it's the devil. I can never resist it. I will actually make a u-turn in the road if it's on..lol.

Enjoy your Easter Date with those delicious little pieces of dough. :)

Ladynay said...

See now I wanna go see if the red sign is lit up! LOL!

Ummmmm you and Rah SUCK for the April Fools day joke! I saw it on his blog and had to come here and get the details on how it went down!!!

Again....YALL SUCK! LOL!

Sha Boogie said...

Mmmmmm....hot kk's! delish. I had my very first hot KK while at Hampton, yummo! Sonic? Hmmm...not such a big fan, but I will totally be your groupie on the KK tour ;)

Rashan Jamal said...

LMAO @ this post. I sure won't call them back

That milkshake was bangin, but don't put the Coke museum on me. That was you and your LS.

I have an image of you in your easter dress and church hat going to get some KK.

Adei von K said...

"I have an image of you in your easter dress and church hat going to get some KK."


So KK is your for really real boo, huh??? This post was too funny!

Momisodes said...

I miss KK back in California. They don't have any stores here. Sounds like you didn't do too bad this lent.

I gave up caffeine and chocolate this year.

And on Saturday, me and a seriously large chocolate Easter bunny have a date...with some coffee :)

Jameil said...

dani... everyone feels that way when they read my posts about food. you are normal. happy easter!

psern... oh yeah girl. i got that good KK over here.

aretha... it is HEAVEN!! oh hot now sign how do i love thee? let me count the ways. i crane my neck looking for the sign b/c the KK is a little out of the way as in i rarely am over in that direction. and i will!!!

lady... go check! lol. you didn't like our joke? awww... that's not nice! play nice, lady!

sha... sha... mmmmmm. hot kk is the business!! sonic seems to be not so much for everyone but the person who can defy a hot kk? somethin ain't right about them. i mean bless their lil heart! i got a groupie! woot woot!!

rj... you didn't stop me! i don't have a spring church hat. are you saying i need to buy one? lol.

adei... lol. kk is my BABY! AY!!

Jameil said...

momisodes... you snuck in. easter will be GREAT!! poor you! no KK?? that's sad!

Vdizzle said...

Wow. I just gave up dealing with stupid people for lent.

Not as much incentive to fall off the wagon. Lol.

1969 said...

I am very proud of you for holding out (well till you had that milkshake). LOL

Remind me to stay away from your KK pushing ways till after bikini season. :)

Ms. Behaving said...

I have yet to try a KK donut but shhhhh...you didn't hear that from me.

Jameil said...

v... you can't do that. you still have to see them and that's a treat! you're supposed to be making a sacrifice! behave and do better next year!

1969... thanks! at least i only had 1/2 of it. kk... you know you want it! lol

ms... you know you want one, girl. make sure it's hot.