Hey! You There!

Why is there a woman who works at Wal-mart who always wears a t-shirt (usally navy) and a headband with 15" gold and red ribbons hanging from it? And she goes about her life oblivious to the strangeness of this attire. Maybe she is. Maybe it's her flair. The first time I saw her I was confused. The second time amazed. The third time, flabbergasted. What and why?

Yesterday when Rashan and I were at Publix, the cashier says when giving me my change, "Do you want a 20 or do you want it broken down?" "Broken down is fine." "Okay how do you want it broken down? A 10 and 2 5s...?" "That's fine." "Or a 10 and five 1s...?" Mouth agape. (That's what she said! -- The Office) "A 10 and two 5s is fine." Wow... really? There's not a general rule for cashiers giving change? Or you can't just give me whatever unless I specify? And once I say that's fine, do you have to keep offering suggestions? Rashan said he had to walk away, then of course he offered suggestions for the next 5 minutes. I said $20 in quarters and he deemed that too easy. How about in nickels?

But the feather in the crazy cap? This song!
Hey! You there! I see you over there! HILARITY!! I couldn't stop laughing at the foolywang!!!!! Lololol. Really? So of course Rah and I had to talk about what that studio time was like after recording this song. "Man that was tight!" "Another hit!" "That's gon be the new club banger!" "All the girlies will be like, 'Hey! You there!'" "Ah yeah!" *snicker* And now I've just invited millions of groupies to tell me I just don't understand his genius. AWEEEEESOME! (This last part made me feel a bit like old crotchety Rashan not understanding the kids and their music these days. Lololol.) Hey! You there! ROTF!!!


Rashan Jamal said...

That song is ridiculous... Can I have 3 singles, 4 two dollar bills 2 Sacagewa Dollars, 14 dimes, 22 nickels and the rest in pennies?

Momisodes said...

Oh. My.

That song has me speechless.

ROFL at Rashan's Sacagawea's!!! :)

Adei von K said...

i didn't even bother listening to the song. can't have ig'nance stuck in my head.

ask for change in all gold dollar coins

Vdizzle said...

A cashier is just supposed to give the change normal. They aren't waitresses and thus should not care. But maybe they do it different at Publix.
Maybe they were bored.

Yeah, I couldn't even make it through that foolish song.

Aretha said...

I didn't listen to the song...I can, however, imagine how ridiculous it is. That young man really annoys me (I used my most crotchety voice to type that).

She was trying to cheat you out of a 5...she was trying to confuse you, lol.

Sparkling Red said...

Does this mean that headbands are making a comeback? Because I saw acid-wash jeans in American Apparel the other day, and nothing goes with an acid wash jean like an old-school headband.

Nobody not really... said...

You should've told her, "Nah. I'll take the $20 and two $5s." She may have let it go...

Tanyetta said...

I can't do the song. NOPE.

Cashiers freak me out. All the time!

the joy said...

HEY! i saw you yesterday!!! lmao i love this song!!! jammin!!!

um, jam, ima need you to shop somewhere else with all that change talk. was he new?

Anonymous said...

I have always believed that Walmart should move away from the khaki pants blue shirt uniform and should impose some penalties on all violators with (1) crazy accessories, (2) highwater pants, and (3) generally tight too tight pants.

But then who would be left to work here?

Sha Boogie said...

Uhm..the change? She went a bit far with 'doing her job well', lol.

And I'm ashamed *blush* to admit, that S.Boy comes up with some catchy stuff! Because I certainly sing swag on under my breath when i hear it, haha!

Jameil said...

rj... mess. and you know you like that song!

momisodes... i can't stop laughing @ that song! don't encourage him. lol.

adei... LISTEN TO IT!!

v... yeah i know. she was slow.

aretha... you should've listened! too funny. i think she was too slow to try to confuse me.

red... i love headbands. i'm not so much on that store tho. yuck. their clothes are so non-descript.

nobody... lol. she might have but then i would've felt bad.

tan... no?? lol. why do they freak you out?

joy! it's funny!! she was slow.

pseren... violators should SO be penalized except they work at wal-mart...

sha... she showed out! i knew you would sing it! lololol

RunningMom said...

I couldn't get past the first 25 seconds!

Opinionated Diva said...

As I read about the cashier's change suggestion I was already cursing in frustration. I mean seriously...i would have had to count to ten before answering her.