You Are So Old

Words Rashan hears daily. Several times a day. Last night, though. He's 8 years older than me and growing older every day. Next week he will be 34. That's almost 40. And 40 is almost 50 which is more than halfway through your life so he's almost John McCain. In our old discussions, I think last night took the cake. As usual he was rapping about something and I jokingly asked, "Do you remember when television stopped. When there was no more programming?"
Him: Yes.
Me: Shut up.
Him: What?
Me: No you don't.
Him: Yes I do. They played the national anthem at 2 and then the tv was black.
Me: What?! You're joking, right? You REMEMBER THAT!?!?
Him: Yes. I didn't always have cable.
Me: (thinking) You can't make it better like that.
Me: (aloud) You are so old.


Sha Boogie said...

My boo always uses me being younger as a reason for things..'well, you dont get it because your younger than me' Boy, stop! lol

Adei von K said...

*jaw dropped*

WHOA!!!!!!!! I only hear people my parents age talking about that!!!! or in that Lenny Williams song, "I used to watch television till telivision went off"


La said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! I tease bob all the time about our age difference. It's fun. And par for the course. And legitimate fodder for when they remember things like when this, lol.

the joy said...

Lol he called himself old on my blog. Yeah, sounds about right.

Adei I thought of Lenny Williams too!

Opinionated Diva said...

lol...so of course I remember this too...and when you didn't have a remote and when you changed your channel with a pair of pliers...and the floor model TVs had a record player on top.

I'm suddenly tired...going out to get some geritol.

Rashan Jamal said...

Really? John McCain?? LOL

That song they were talking about is the one I was listening to... Lenny Williams...

You youngsters might recognize that song as the beat that Kanye sampled for Twista's Overnight Celebrity.

7 years 9 months... that's different than 8 years. LOL

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm 26 and yes, I remember when television stopped - lol.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Wow, he's almost forty and UNMARRIED... hmm.... ;)

Momisodes said...

Oh man. I remember that, too.

And I had a black and white TV with bunny ears.

Pardon me while I check my membership to AARP. :)

magnoliapeach said...

Is that considered old????

Dang, Am I old?! LOL!!!

dejanae said...

yall are a trip

dejanae said...

and he is an old bastard
make sure he's takin his heart medication

1969 said...

I remember that too. They would show the anthem and then shut it down, fade to black. LOL

laughing808 said...

ok, that conversation made me laugh.......LOL

Monie said...

*dying laughing* John McCain, though?!!!!


Pro said...

If Rashan is 34 and the equivalent to McCain and I'm 35 who does that make me? Don't. Even. Answer. That.

On another note, I think that's a great range for a dating man woman relationship. Beyonce and Jay are 12 years difference.

jameil1922 said...

sha... lol. you're a relic of what he used to be.

adei... right??! and that was indeed the song. lol.

la... hahahahaha. it's always like, "no really..." lol

joy... that would be b/c he is!

diva... OLD. you're lucky you didn't get electrocuted. gone get that geritol.

rj... yes. you're now jm. no you didn't say youngsters. who taught you how to use a computer? i knew you were gonna bring out the 7y9mo thing. oldun.

dtw... liar.

ogc... so over your campaign!!! STOP IT!!

momisodes... lol. i have actually seen a b&w tv and am not offended but pretty sure your AARP membership kicked in automatically already. lol.

mp... yes. and yes. any further questions?

deja... and cholesterol. i keep up with the old man drugs via the NYT for him and send him emails.

1969... wow... old!

laughing... lol. me too after the shock wore off.

monie... lololololol. yes.

pro... cindy mcc... oh wait. you said don't answer. you know b is really in her 30s right? 8 years is a great range? idk. i think that's the oldest i would ever go. i usually aim for 5 years.

Ms. Cee said...

I'm 24 and I remember.