Get it Together, Florida!!!

What is the deal???  For the last week it's been disgustingly cold.  And not Florida cold.  I'm talking 25 Tuesday night, 33 last night, 40 tomorrow night, then 34 again on Friday night.  WHY!!?!?

The last couple of days it's also been in the low 50's during the day.  Again.  Why?  What is the point in living in Florida if not to reap the obvious misnomer, "The Sunshine State?" NONE!  I chose you, UF, because you are in a warm state far from the frigid locale of Pittsburgh where Canada leaves the door open (my fave weather guy loves to say that and I'd yell back, "Tell Canada to shut the door!") and the wind chill drops below 0.  During the day.


Yesterday one of my professors asked, "Did you bring this cold weather down with you? Because this is maybe January or February weather.  Not November."  I replied, "I was wondering and lamenting the same thing!"

Then I talked to Stace's dad last night.  He said, "When are you coming to visit?" I said, "When you can get me some warm weather."  His reply?  "It's your fault. We're sending you back to Pittsburgh." *GASP!* QUEL HORREUR and perish the thought!  *crosses self*

Today I grab my Hampton sweatshirt to layer over my tank and tee.  Why is it 66 and I'm sweating BEFORE the kickboxing class I'm waiting for?  FLORIDA!!!! My nose is a faucet from the changes and YOU ARE GETTING ON MY NERVES!!!  GO BACK TO HIGHS IN THE 70s, LOWS IN THE 50s, NOW!!!!  Ugh.


Rashan Jamal said...

Yeah, I want some sun next time I come visit. I was trippin how it was just as cold there this week as it is in the A.

BTW...It is your fault. You made it cold in Florida!!!

Adei von K said...


Don't forget he's sending the state troopers to escort you back to PA!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

on a serious note:

you did bring the cold.

laughing808 said...

66 is better than than the 48 here in DC

Los Angelista said...

I'm jealous. I'm so over hot weather. It feels like winter is never gonna come out here. But I wouldn't have ever expected it would be THAT cold in Florida. Hmm... global warming?

Momisodes said...

I'm sorry. Cold in Florida is no fun.

I think it's been crazy cold in a few places. We're having a bit of February temps here, too. Highs are 35-ish and lows are in the teens :(

Vdizzle said...

I'm loving "where Canada leaves the door open" it's getting into the 30s here tonight and we are 40 minutes from the gulf of Mexico! You can't get no deeper south! What is up!?!?

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea - that weather doesn't seem all that great. Sorry about that.

Be sure to wear a sweater! LOL

CNEL said...

Yea that has to suck goes against the top 10 list of reasons you relocate to warmth.

jameil1922 said...

rj... best of luck to you on that one and nO I DIDN'T!!

adei... did he really??? he's doin me dirt! and again, NUH UH!!

laughing808... that's to be expected in dc in november. not in florida.

liz... i don't want it hot! i don't want it cold, tho! i don't know who's to blame but they need to 1) fix, 2) it, 3) FIX IT!!

momisodes... right?? that's horrid! cold is bad for business!! no matter what you do!

v... lol. idk but it must end!!

dtw... face.

cnel... seriously!