Election Day

5:47a.m. Awakened by bladder. Star thinking. Too excited to sleep. It feels like Christmas.

5:59 Since I’m awake, might as well call my mom to make sure she’s up since she wanted to be at the polls at 6:30. No answer.

6:00 Start playing Sudoku.

6:25 Try to go back to sleep. Not working.

6:29 More Sudoku.

6:47 Okay sleep! For real this time!

8:47 Phone ringing. It’s fave roomie and way too early. I don’t have class this week. Ignore.

9:45 Alarm goes off. Time to get up but I refuse. Hit snooze.

9:50 Rah calls to say he’s voted. I go back to sleep.

10:45 Wake up, get ready to go vote! Grab passport, student ID, driver’s license, voter registration card (why is it such flimsy dirty-looking paper?), sample ballot (the ridiculously passive wording of the amendments had me doing serious research last night and good thing, too!), debit cards. All acceptable forms of ID when voting. I was NOT getting turned away!!

11:29 Walk into polling place. Woman looks at my passport like she’s never seen one before then asks for my license. You are wrong for that. You better be glad I had it. I shouldn’t have to and should report you to the board of elections. You don’t need 2 forms of ID. This isn’t the DMV.

11:33 See Barack Obama’s name under president on the ballot, start squealing, wiggling, cheezing, AND I get tears in my eyes. I felt every emotion at once. Well not every emotion. Excited and overwhelmed by the magnitude of this moment.

11:41 Done voting. No seriously. I was in and out in 12 minutes. It was almost a letdown. I had my laptop, a book for class, a pen, my agenda. I was READY! But I walked out with a HUGE Cheshire cat grin on my face. Lol.

11:48 Go to get oil changed and it takes longer to get up to the desk than it did to vote. They were crooks so I left minus an oil change.

12:22 Go home and do nothing. Wait. More Sudoku. Realize I lost my “I Voted” sticker. BAH! I think it’s in the car. I’ll have to see when I go out.

12:46 Knock at the door. It’s a canvasser asking if I voted and leaving a “Vote Obama Today” door hanger. It’s gorg! I’d seen them on other doors and was jealous I hadn’t gotten one. Yeah!

2:30 Decide to watch Syriana. It depresses me.

4:48 Rah calls. We’re both restless. I’m sure you all know the feeling. The polls need to hurry up and close!!!

4:59 Start working on my latest Final Cut project—the music interpretation I told you about.

5:22 Think again about going to sleep before I go to the Election Party but I’m too wound up. It starts at 7:30 but I think I’ll go at 8.

5:25 Thirsty. Need to do dishes and fold clothes. So restless I don’t actually WANT to do anything! It’s ridiculous. Listening to Mariah Carey. I also need to get something to bring to the election party. I’m thinking drinks again.

5:27 More Sudoku. Hush. I know I’m an addict.

6:00 RSVP for party… yeah I know I’m late. Still don’t know what I’m bringing… or how to get there. Need to get directions.

6:10 Try to wash dishes, sink not draining properly.

6:15 Report issue to apartment complex.

6:26 (Knowing you don’t care about all this crap but typing it anyway.) Counting down until the first polls close including here in Florida—7p.m.!!! Just over ½ an hour!

6:40 Start folding clothes. Ah procrastination. I also need to go to my attic to get luggage for the trip to ATL tomorrow. Wheee!!

6:42 Find Barack the Vote shirt!! Awesome!!! But it needs to be ironed. Bah. Normally I’d say whatev but this is just ridiculous.

6:47 Shirt ironed. Back to folding. Listening to Missy Elliot “Under Construction” because I wanted something hype and we used to listen to this cd before going out junior year at Hampton. It’s boring me now. RESTLESS!!! 12 minutes until polls close! Wheeee!! On to Danity Kane “Welcome to the Dollhouse.’

6:55 Done folding. 5 MINUTES UNTIL CLOSING TIME!!!!! LAST CALL FOR ALCO… Wait… lol.

7:04 Packing, uploading first batch of Election Day pics, about to head out to the party after I floss (literally, not figuratively lolol) and go to the grocery store.

9:00 At the party. I can't believe he won PA!!! I'll be blogging live. Florida too close to call. We're all planning to rock black gloves and dashikis tomorrow if he wins. I'm wearing my head wrap.


Open Grove Claudia said...

It's truly an amazing day! :)

The Goddess said...

A wonderfully exciting, historical moment.

the joy said...

Head wrap it is then eh?! BARACK!!!

Nobody not really... said...

I wanna see a pic of this headwrap!

Plus, how dare you say Under Construction bored you! You know that joint was classic! The one before it -- Miss E... So Addictive -- was better tho...

Opinionated Diva said...

You are a Sudoku playing fanatic!! lol

I'm annoyed with the woman who took a license over a passport. Ridiculous.

Still ECSTATIC that he won!!!!!!!!!!!!

Momisodes said...

Yesterday was truly amazing!

His speech moved me to tears.

I am so excited and woke today with a newfound hope.

Monie said...

I love MY President!

1969 said...

I guess you need to take a picture in your dashiki and headwrap.

Los Angelista said...

YES WE CAN!!! Whoo hoo!

Headwrap picture, please!

jameil1922 said...

claud & goddess... i know!!!

joy... and i did!!

nobody... coming up soon! it was boring me last night. i was so restless. it doesn't ordinarily. lol. of all the things to get crunk abt...

diva... i know!! and rah feeds my addiction... which may be what makes me keep him around. lol. me too!! what was her problem!?!??! ME TOOOO!!!

momisodes... I LOVED IT!! There were so many things last night that brought me to tears and that was def one of them. I woke up super excited, too!

Monie... mE TOO!!!

1969... YEAH DOG!!

liz... yeah!!!!!!!!