I've been grindin all day and LOVIN IT! I worked 6 straight hours on all sorts of stuff. So accomplished! Ow!

I should be churning out at least 200 pages of reading a week for my classes, with a large chunk of that residing with my Documentary History course and the subsequent paper as the result. (If you notice my writing becoming more lofty, it's my attempt to keep an academic air as a direct necessity of producing a quality product.) So far I have 3.5 pages out of 15-20 (Cheers! I'm a 3rd of the way done!), 2 sources out of at least 6 and most importantly, a much clearer idea of my topic. I started with the early years of the National Film B.oard of C.anada and have migrated to J.ohn Gr.ierson and the early years of the NFB and now to that and his sphere of influence on the modern documentary film. Me likey. See? Lofty. Lol.

Rashan gave me a ridiculous amount of music to distract me when I left his apartment on Sunday. I have the latest albums from John Legend (like a lot), Raphael Saadiq (oddly 1950s... not reminiscent of that era, but straight up like an album from then. I was so thrown off that I've yet to decide if I like it though I like music from that time. It's odd.), Robin Thicke (like a LOT), Donny Klang (eh... hits and misses as I'm not 16), Ne-Yo, Jazmine Sullivan and the Foreign Exchange. I KNOW! "Luckily" I have 2 more 5-hour drives ahead of me when I go to Atlanta and back for Thanksgiving. My friend Brandi's family is going to be there and we're invited! Yay! I love her fam. So fun. I'll also bring some stuff along when Stace and I go to Tally. GO PIRATES!!

I also still have to work on my music interpretation piece. There have been some annoying setbacks but I hope to have a rough cut by the end of tomorrow.

I want to go to the beach. I know that's random but that's what I want.

I also would like the burrito that I have in there to warm itself up and come on in here to mama. I had tempeh yesterday for the first time which is oddly big in this city. It tasted fine but the way people rave over it I was very like and? What's the big deal but I can say I had vegetarian food yesterday. I was super healthy... after scarfing down 2 hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts... I had the 3rd for breakfast today. I woke up at 5 yesterday morning and went to sleep at 10. yeah... I did NOT make it to step practice. But I'll be there today. I should work on my music interpretation but right now I'm more into my paper... odd... But I like showing my smartitude and I'd like to be more than halfway through by the time I leave for Thanksgiving and I still have to get my historical short started, music interpretation finished, historical portfolio started and finished, meet with one of my professors, begin my visual treatment for my historical and also work on the script. Oh and let's not forget study for my November 24th comprehensive exam for my production class. Work is fun. Lol. I would be ready to shoot myself if I had to work. The 2nd years and alum call it boot camp for a reason. This semester is insane. There's only one class where my A is in jeopardy and could turn into a B but I'm still determined.

I need to work out. Badly. And eat better. School is simultaneously ruining and improving my life. Lol. My I'ma need not to gain the master's 15. Anyway off to step practice. Holla!


Darius T. Williams said...

Ha...krispy kremes are very healthy! How u diggin that new John Legend? I'm still trying to get into it - but I'm loving raphael saddiq.

Vdizzle said...

Maybe I'm just an old soul, but I LOVE Saadiq.

And I with you on the beach, but a nice beach with clear, blue water.

Anonymous said...

Tempeh I love... do you all have a Veggie Grill... I am by no means vegetarian but I do love my veggie grill plus they have sweet sweet potato fries... The new Foreign exchange album has been on constant rotation in my ipod since it came out ... love it... and I love the new Saadiq!!! Hells yeah on being productive... I'm just countin down ... its holiday time! Look at you almost through your first semester, you betta go!

Opinionated Diva said...

From what I just read about this "Tempeh", I'm not sure I'd like it. Actually I'm kind of side eye'g the whole description of it...it sounds bland.

3.5 pages out of 15 is not a third of the way done...you sure you in college for real yo?! LOL

Don't let the A turn into a B...you're half Jameil, half amazing...make it work!

jameil1922 said...

dtw... chile healthy in what world??? lololol. i like the john legend. still working on raphael. actually haven't given it another try b/c there's so much else. i really like the robin thicke the best out of all of them.

v... oh you old soul you. for real? i was thinking a beach with brown water and lots of trash.

ms. cali... nope, no veggie grill to my knowledge tho i think it would be popular here. you know cali is ahead of the curve on those sorts of things. i'm not so much a fan of sweet potato fries.

diva... it's def. not bland but like all things must be cooked properly. Did I say 1/3? I meant 1/5. Hush hater.

Monie said...

It's weird, Jam...I read your posts like super fast cause in my head that's how you talk. LMAO! Good job on handling your school business!