Semi-Wordless Wednesday: GoBama!!

How could you REALLY be wordless today? Though I'm truly all over the map with my emotions. I never thought this day would come so soon. As my mom and I cried on the phone together last night she told me she NEVER thought she would see this day. Wow... deep. I'm going to call my grandmother with my computer in front of me so I can document her thoughts on this historic moment. I feel so proud of America today for voting him into office, especially those ordinarily blue states. Go OH, PA, NM, FL and VA!!!! I've never felt like I elected a president because the last 2 elections the person I voted for lost AND the democrat lost my state. Of all the presidents to help elect, this one! Wow! And with my home state and the state I'm living in? AWESOME!!!! Here are some pics I took at the election party last night.

NY Daily News website
Chicago Tribune
My personal fave: ABC News.  Made me cry again. (Not like I've been discriminate with my tears in the last 24 hours but still... lol. Yes, the water works have come again today.)
Cupid Shuffle for victory. (I'm Jameil and I did not approve this activity lol.  I thought about participating but was too caught up in the emotions of the moment for tomfoolery.  I was thinking about it more seriously at that moment.)
Intent on the returns before the announcement of victory (blogger is annoying me trying to rearrange pics so just pretend like these following pics are near the beginning and pre-victory).

 Fox News recognizing the truth around 10 last night!  I took this one for posterity and proof!


Anonymous said...

I cried last night. My first reaction was shock. Utter shock. Then the joy and tears kicked in.

Darius T. Williams said...

Yes - definitely a victory!

The Goddess said...

I'm such a crybaby, but even if I wasn't I cant imagine anyone NOT being brought to tears over OUR new President. Yesterday was an amazing day and I'm SO looking forward to January.

Anonymous said...

balled like a baby... and the water works continued into today... Its like a dream ... glowin like no other! So beautiful and I still feel like that doesnt do it justice!!!

the joy said...


Rashan Jamal said...


jameil1922 said...

espi... EXACTLY.

dtw... word!

goddess... right!??!

cali... girl i'm still a hot mess 2 days later. Beaming with joy as I walk around lol.

joy... yeah boy!!

rj... ah yeah!!!!