Halloween 2008 and Update

I don't feel like turning any of these pictures sideways so here ya go. I was invited to a costume party at the last minute on Friday. I was SO EXCITED!! But I didn't feel like leaving the house for a costume so I was a rockstar, natch. I did really really want a wig but decided to just blow out and flat iron my afro to largenessocity. Yes, in that last picture, I'm wearing a horn on my head. Hmmm... looks like I'll just have to post those later since blogger hateth on me.

Rah and I love to go to brunch on Sundays. Fantabulastic. Today we went to Cabana Cove. I had portobello and swiss and swiss omelette with a toasted croissant (odd... never had one of those before. Still yummy but I think I prefer non-toasted), bacon and mimosas. He had a Havana breakfast sandwich (as you can imagine Cuban food is very popular here) with eggs and ham on pressed Cuban bread. We were both quite pleased. Oh and they came with rosemary dill potatoes. Yum. Our best place for brunch yet tho was Emiliano's. Delish. We've also been to Leonardo's and 101 Downtown. I'm going to take Stace to 101 if she ever comes back b/c it's such a swanky cute place.

Fave movie I've seen recently? Amelie. LOVED! TTYL kiddos.


Opinionated Diva said...

Ugh...blogger is such a hater! I wanna see the rocker pics.

The brunch sounds heavenly. I just finished eating so for once, I'm not hungry after reading about you describe your meal.

Momisodes said...

Bummer! I wanted to see pics, too :(

I'm drooling over that Havana sandwich. Oh how I miss Cuban bread!

Amelie is one of my favorite flicks :)

La said...

AHH! Cuban brunch is the best.

And now I am officially starving, lol.

I wish there were more authentic Cuban restaurants around, but notsomuch. I will just have to live vicariously through you. I will have the rosemary dill potatoes please, lol

Rashan Jamal said...

You HAVE to get those pictures posted one day.

How did we hit so many brunch spots? I can say that I've never had brunch before I met you, and now I have it all the time...

Adei von K said...

oooooooooooh! your brekky sounds BOMB!!!! OMG, i so have to go get some croissants now!!