Movies 2010, Weeks 44-48

Notice there was a week where I watched 0 films?  O_O  Do you also see how many films I watched in the last month? o_O

November 7-13, 2010
202) Coal Country. Documentary about the effect of mountain top removal coal mining on West Virginia communities.  Pretty good.  I liked that it showed both sides.  You know I can't stand being propagandized.  There was still a very clear agenda, though.  3.5 stars

November 21- 27, 2010
That's right, I watched 0 movies last week.
203) Someone Else. British film (I saw on Sundance) about a guy's dating woes.  Pretty interesting.  Predictable start but did not continue in that vein, which was fun.  Short.  It actually could've been a little longer... That will be the last time I ever say that.  LOL.  3.6 stars
204) Bright Leaves. Personal documentary about the filmmaker's search for his great-grandfather's legacy.  I didn't love it.  Lasted a little too long.  3.4 stars

November 28- December 4, 2010
205) How to Train Your Dragon. Kids movie... self-explanatory.  Dude... I have GOT to stop letting Rashan's mom pick my movies!  Every time she goes to see a kids movie and really likes it I put it on my queue.  Why???  I don't have any kids and don't want any right now.  Completely my fault.  It was fine.  Good for kids.  3.4 stars


Sparkling Red said...

Yeah, kids' movies are usually disappointing, I find. The only one I've liked lately is "Where the Wild Things Are". I'm not even sure if that counts, because it's probably too disturbing for actual children. It's more for adults' inner children to enjoy.

Not so Anonymous said...

What's the maximum stars a movie can recieve? Coal country sounds interesting, but I don't know if 3.5 is good or shaky.

Jameil said...

red... lolol! i've decided not to even see that one!

nsa... 5. 3.5 is just okay. I wouldn't protest if it was on but probably wouldn't pay that much attention.