Monday Mindspacing Vol. 79

1) I know a girl with short hair who talks about it all the time.  She gets it cut and colored and styled... and I never notice a difference.  Ever.  When she talks about it, I find myself staring at her head trying to figure out just one thing different about it.  I got nothin...
2) I'm in Mississippi this week to see Grandma... and I'm also going to meet Nerd Girl & Pserendipity!!  I'm so excited!!
3) I hate when people say "authentic Mexican" food.  It's so snobby.  Yep.  Me.  The food snob.  I just said that.  If I say that, you should stop.
4) Why have I still not had food in WS I like?  The latest disappointment is a breakfast spot called ScreamingRooster.  Really hard toast.  Ham, swiss & gouda omelet tasted mostly of swiss.  Just the slightest amount of filling and a ton of egg.  Unwashed, manhandled grapes as garnish.  I expect fruit garnishes to be edible.  This most certainly was not.   If you want to tell me about your amazing local meat, you should care more about the execution of the food.  Snap.
5) And I probably should never eat with you if you would ever say, "It's just breakfast."  JUST!?!  Breakfast is a very important meal (some would say THE most important) and too easy to make delicious.  A diner can make a delicious breakfast. Get your life together.
6) Your mom.
7) Sometimes I have to make myself go to bed.  The days I don't I end up staying up until 5 a.m.  That's no good.
8) Why do people have to be so "deep"?  And by deep I mean cryptic.  From twitter to facebook to blogger.  I'm not talking about one day the spirit hits you.  I'm talking about every time you open your mouth or at least once a week you have to be on some RevRun stuff.  "An apple is not an orange and neither is a tomato.  All round, all shades of red, but all distinctly different."  :?  Just say what you mean.  NOBODY's that deep.
9) Please stop getting so bent out of shape over these fb things.  If people want to tell each other stuff via numbers, just let them.
10) I lost 4 teeth in February of my first grade year.  Just thought you wanted to know that.
11) I don't understand why people who don't like Christmas have to steal everyone else's joy.  Keep that grinchness to yourself.  It's like sharing your negativity any other time of year but worse BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!  Who tries to kill Christmas?!?!  Go hibernate until February, please.  (I'm still coming down from my Christmas high in January.)  Did you know December 26th and August 24th are the two worst days of the year?  They are.  #themoreyouknow
12) I hate when someone who trusts my fashion opinion buys something excitedly and can't wait to show me.  When it's ugly I have to be all tactful because... you already bought it.  What do you want my opinion for now?
13) I am a vicarious cat owner.  What does that mean?  Tweeters but not bloggers, the enfianced Bakima (half of them is a delightful commenter), own eight FIVE cats between the two of them!  Methinks that's plenty of cat to share!  So I nurture those kitties via twitpics and fb.  I e-love those cats I've never met!  Sasha, Paris, Oliver, Nigel and the best, most ferocious, rambunctious, "DIS MINE-inest" kitty in the world, CHARLOTTE!!!  She likes to help out around the house.  She helps pick out clothes, wash them, type, tweet.  She even answers the phone.  Thanks Char!


Not so Anonymous said...

1. I have a hard time noticing when white women just got their hair done at the salon. It always looks the same, unless the color and cut are different.
2. Yay for a grandma visit!
7. I've been having to do that lately...I try to be in bed by 9pm and asleep by 930...I'm been struggling with that lately, though.
8. Bwahaha...chile please.
10. ummm....okay, lol.
11. I really can't stand christmas haters. I don't trust those kinds of people either...real talk.
13. Yuck and yuck.

K. Rock said...

1. I am not one of the most observant people either. I am always missing changes about people.
2. Awesome! Hope we get to see some pics.
3. Authentic Mexican food is by AUTHENTIC Mexicans. Not fake ones. Get with it.
6. Whatchu say about my momma?
8. I agree. I can't do the deep thing. I even get mad at myself when i am feeling deep. "K. Rock snap out of it!" I say. Sometimes it works and sometimes...the road winds toward the sunset on the evening of my life. *sigh*

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.The same style over and over? I know someone like that. I just want to say PLEASE get another style. Curl it to the left or right wrap it do something.
2.Yaay! Grandma I know she is so excited to see you and get her package. Ooo blog meetups what fun!!!
3. Umm food snob Really??
4-5. That sounds so horrible! I love a delicious breakfast. Get it together WS! It's just breakfast the horror!
6. Now you know I have all types of questions??????
7.Me too! I had to make myself just last night and I had a 10am appt. #Fail!
8.Bwhahahahaha. I couldn't think over a deep quote!
9. I don't get it.
10. O_o How in the world??
11. Oh I know. Keep it to yourself Grinches. LOVE Christmas I can NOT wait to get my gifts! Oh and give gifts!LOL!
12. I CAN'T!
13. Oh I'm itching and sneezing just thinking about it! Ewwww cats!

Sha Boogie said...

Can we please put all of the cryptic FB'ers on an island somewhere? Thanks. Hubby and I have a mutual friend that posts and speaks in Cryptic-tongue! What? What the heck are you talking about, woman? English please! Geesh. And I am the person that likes 'authentic mexican food', hmph. lol

Nerd Girl said...

2. Woot woot! See you tomorrow!
3. Once again, we part ways here. Most of the stuff passed off as Mexican really, truly is not. And that offends my sensibilities!
5. I lurve breakfast. Favorite meal ever. Which
7. No comprende!
8. LOL! You're the second person to address this in as many days. I'll be back with a deep quote later...
9. I know, right? How you gonna be mad 'cause people are socializing on FB?!? I couldn't believe how many of my friends were pissed at the numbers game. Come on now people!
10. As long as you don't lose any this February, it's all good.

Naima said...

#5. I can eat breakfast at any point of the day, and when I do, it BETTER be good!!
#6. What you say 'bout my mama??
#8. Annoying. Extremely.
#13. Charlotte appreciates the shout out! She got spayed today, so she's all pitiful and drugged up and groggy. She's going to have to take a bit of a break from her household chores for a while :o(

Sparkling Red said...

There's nothing pleasing about hard toast. :-p

I am jealous - I don't even have vicarious cats anymore!

Adei von K said...



Why is there a Charlotte in kindergarten who reminds me of Charlotte Bakima? Same coloring, same "slightly off but doesn't see anything wrong with it" behavior... HILARIOUS!

Is #6 addressed to anyone in particular?? Whose mom????

I do notice nuances in hair. Black and white women. I don't know why.

Grandma B!! "Ole Stacey Cat!" You know we'd be up ki-ki-ing right now!

Jameil said...

nsa... 1) i hate you!! lolol
2) yeah... but not. our grandmas are apparently nothing alike.
7) Tsk tsk!
8) LOL

K... 1) LOL. I'm observant and I still can't see that you moved that half inch piece 6 cms left!!
2) Course!
3) But is it good???
8) LOLOLOL!!!!!!

gp... 1) LOLOL. I'm that person. My hair almost always looks the same.
2) She was marginally excited... as excited as she gets... O_o for grandma.
3) Me?
4 &5) Such a mess
6) Why? LOL
7) GO TO BED!!!
8) I can roll my eyes over it! LOLOL
9) B/c you're not on fb. People start fussing about these things people tell each other in statuses.
10) LOL. You don't need all those teeth! I'm snaggle-toothed mug!
11) You said what you meant the first time!!!
12) Why not?

Sha... LOLOLOLOL. Island like on Lost! Nooooo not you too!!

nerd... 2) Yay!
3) LOL! You Californians are THE WORST ONES!!!!
7) Focus!
8) LOL!! DON'T DO IT!!
9) Right?!?!
10) LOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Y'all will love me w/ or w/o teefus!

Naima... 5) RIGHT?!!?!
8) SO MUCH!!
13) AWWWWW! CHAR HUGS! I hope she's back in axn ASAP!!

red... for serious!! vicarious cats ARE THE BEST!!!

adei... LOL. Char is so bout it!!! P ain't here!!! ROTFL!!!! Not same coloring!!
You put a slightly lighter blond streak a half Paris inch to the left? No. Can't tell a difference. I so wish you were there to take the edge off of her!!!