Monday Mindspacing Vol. 81

1) I think I'm done subscribing to food mags.  Some months I love EVERYTHING in them, others I like one recipe.  After the month, they're all online anyway.  What's the point?  Especially since I don't have/don't take the time to read them anymore.
2) I forgot to tell you in the tales of Mississippi my family in the country.  My aunt got high-speed internet a few months ago... I promise you I love my family in the country.  They're some of my favorite people... but I don't understand their lives (probably any more than they understand mine).
a) Example: horses got loose scaring everyone driving (the could run out into the road)... I was so flabbergasted I couldn't even explain how outside the realm of my reality this is...
b) They were amazed that work/school is 9 minutes away.  Everything there is 30 minutes or more away.  Their "neighbors" are miles away.
3) One of my vicarious cats, Charlotte helped wrap presents for Christmas.  How sweet!
4) I hooked this couple up 2 years ago and now they're engaged! Wheeee!!  I'm so excited for them!  I LOVE them together!!  So I didn't really hook them up but I invited her to a party she didn't know about and he was there and the rest is history!  But they still credit me with them meeting!  Awwww!
5) I really missed being with my mommy for Christmas.  We will stick to the original plan henceforth: Thanksgiving with his fam, Christmas with mine.
6) It SNOWED in Savannah while I was here!!!  Just flurries but for several hours!  Nothing stuck but it was amazing! It's supposed to be 70 Saturday.  Couldn't we have had THAT weather???  If we'd stayed in Winston-Salem, we'd have had a white Christmas.  I was a little bummed we didn't.
7) How about just the five confirmed people showed up for dinner. . . He had told his mom I was freaking out about the number of people.  She said cook for the people we know about.  Don't worry about all those other people.  When I asked Rashan why she would mention the other people, he said, "That's my mom."  Like that's how she does things.  O_O  --_--
8) One student gave me a mentorship award from her sorority.  Another asked me to write a letter of recommendation!  Awwwww!!  Professor post forthcoming!
9) I got some new rain boots and I LOVE THEM!!
10) Tell me some of your goals for 2011 so I can steal them!  :)
11) I actually watched movies last week and forgot to post them... oops!  Next week!  The last of 2010!
12) We still have no plans for new year's... I really don't care.  I know I've mentioned this before but January 1st is a weird day to me.  Why does it symbolize new beginnings?  I get it on a basic level but it makes me too philosophical and y'all know how much I hate that.  I used to get really excited about it and love watching the numbers change from 11:59 to 12:00 and the ball drop but now with so much technology, it turns 12:00 at 8 different times.  That is certainly no fun.
13) I had some DELICIOUS oysters yesterday!  My word!!
14) I miss Christmas. :(


Naima said...

#2a & b. *blinks hard*
#3. That Charlotte, so helpful. Hahahahaha!! Could she look any more crazy in that picture??
#7. Wow...
#8. Awwwwwwwwwwww!! *beams*
#9. Pictures!!
#12. Yeah, I'd be just fine without plans. Plus, it'll be cold here. Can't we just stay in?
#14. Me too :o(

Adei von K said...

2. Not trying to be funny, but which internet company came way out there and was digging wires?
... loose.horses.

3. I loved how Naima posted that one pic of her in deep thought talkin bout "I'm only wrapping ONE gift." and then BAM! We see her wrapping! LMMFAO!

5. Aww, for missing mommy :-(
4. Awww, get it! Jam playing cupid! That's so awesome! I like that they thank you for their meeting, awwwww!
And TWO YEARS is all it took... *hmph*

7. That is so strange. 5-20 people? Don't ever give me a range like that... for ANYTHING!

We need a pic of the rain boots!! Why are rain boots so fabulous?! For no reason! LOL!

Ladynay said...

The pic of the cat. Too cute.

Why don't you to switch every year. Turkey at his, Christmas at your one year then turkey at yours and Christmas at his the next?

Awwwwww, you must be at the wedding if you are given the credit for the set up.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Which ones do you have subs too? I know RR but who else? I think I like the recipes in Sout.hern Li.ving
2. a. Bwhahaha!
b.that's what is so scary to me about the country. No one can hear you scream! Aww hecks naw!
3. Oh Gawd! quit it with the cats Ewwwww! LOLOLOL!
4. For real??? That is so sweet!
5.Awww! I could see that being sad. Sounds like you have the solution tho!
7. I would have DIED! because I know I would have made food for 25! Geez!
8. That's GREAT!! Get it! Get it!
*dougies for Jameil*
9. What kind?? From where?? Let's see!
10. Post forthcoming!
12.No plans yet?? Boooo! Mine appear to be changing from church to partying. O_o such a mess! I can't with you about 1/1
13.Ewww! Were they at least fried??
14. Oddly I am SO glad Christmas is over. It was good, but I'm glad it's OVER!!!

Anonymous said...

That's is the cutest picture EVER!

Sha Boogie said...

I would totally miss my mommy for Christmas too :((

Boston had a BLIZZARD. Did you read that? Yes--a BLIZZARD. Nothing less than 8-16 inches any and everywhere. Snow squalls, state of emergency declared.. madness I say!

I have one single goal this year that is driving all my other baby goals. Homeowner. Bam!

Anonymous said...

ARGH!!!! I'll have you know that I screamed when I opened this post. Your "cougar" scared the living ish outta me. But, you're my girl, so I quickly covered the screen with my hand while trying to find the link to the comments. Hmph! And now I'm too shaken up to comment. *lol*

Sparkling Red said...

Aw, your vicarious kitteh is adorable! I love that paper too. Happy Owl-idays. Classic!

Jameil said...

2ab) ME TOO.
3) LOLOL. She's so awesome!
7) I know...
8) :)
9) Coming!
12) Yes! Let's do it!
14) Come back, Christmas!!

Adei... 2) LOLOLOL! Shut up!
5) :(
4) I know! And oooooh! Burn!
7) RIGHT!?!?
The boots are forthcoming!

lady... I know! We made the decision to do Thanksgiving with his fam and Christmas with mine last year. We'll be sticking to that plan henceforth. I totally want to be at their So. Fla. wedding!!

gp... 1) RR & Food Network Mag (which I actually kind of love but they stopped coming in Oct w/o warning)
3) I won't! My vicarious cats are too awesome!!
4) I know! :)
5) We do!
7) If his mom hadn't told me not to, I would have.
8) Thanks!
9) Marc by Marc Jacobs! I want 8 more!
10) Gimme now!
12) Heathen.
13) NOPE! Raw! But I love fried, too!

Hnb... yay!

sha... :(
That blizzard is too much for me!! Yay homeowner!! I can't wait for that post! Build the suspense!!!

mrstdj... LOLOLOL!! I'm glad you recovered!

red... LOL! I love her! And I've never even met her!!

{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After said...

Lol. Gotta love country family members! My dad's family in Kansas City all think we're crazy out here in California. My aunt was mortified that I had a baby registry online. I now know why she doesn't have a computer.

Her words: "You know the interwebs are only for killers and perverts and celebrities, girl! Someone gon' use that registry to find out where you live and come kill you and steal that baby!"

Part of my response: "My address isn't listed on the registry...not even the store has my address."

Her answer: "Girl, killers are crafty!"

Lol. Love it.

And P.S., that wrapping paper is adorable!

Jameil said...

JeLisa... ROTFL!! THAT IS CLEARLY ONE OF THE FUNNIEST REACTIONS!! You know me and Rashan met online and some of the reactions = CLASSIC!!!